How to Download Your or Others' Twitch Video Clips

How to Download Your or Others' Twitch Video Clips

Today, Twitch has become one of the most popular video stream platforms. Unlike YouTube, it is prevalent among game players. Many players are known to stay live for hours on end, which can make it hard for viewers to re-watch those bizarre or unexpected moments. Fortunately, the platform provides a clip feature. It allows audiences to take short snippets from stream and then access them via separate URL. Here is a concrete guide to help you download Twitch video clips in various situations.

Download Twitch Clips

Part 1: How to Download Clips on Twitch without Extra Tool

Unlike YouTube, Twitch is a live stream platform. To download Twitch clips, you have to create them by your own. You can do it on both computer and mobile devices.

How to Create a Clip on Twitch on Desktop

Step 1Visit Twitch in your browser or open the application, and log in your account.


Step 2Find and open the stream that you want to download on Twitch. Click the clip icon at the bottom right corner. Then a new window will appear.

Edit a Clip on Twitch

Step 3Move the slider to get the clip. Twitch allows you to create a clip up to 1 minute. Enter a title and click the Publish button. Then you will get the URL of the clip. Remember it or copy it to your clipboard.

Last Step to Create a Clip

How to Make a Twitch Clip on Mobile

Step 1Open your Twitch mobile app and find the desired stream.

Step 2Tap the stream and press the clip icon at the top of the media player.

Create a Clip on Twitch App

Step 3After that you will also be taken to the editor screen. Here you can trim the clip and add a title. Then tap the Publish button to get the video address.

Where to Find Old Twitch Clip

Step 1Go to the Twitch app on your desktop, sign in your account, click the Avatar icon at the top right corner, and go to the creator dashboard.

Find Clip you Createed

Step 2Select the Content tab from the left side and choose Clips. Then you will get all Twitch video clips that you saved. Click the Share icon and you will get the URL of the old clip.

How to Download a Clip on Twitch

Step 1Open your Chrome or Firefox browser. Paste the Twitch clip URL into the address bar and press Enter key to open it.

Step 2Right-click on the Twitch video clip to download, and choose Inspect or similar option to open the source code page. Press Ctrl + F and search for .mp4. The link is the real address of the clip.

Inspect Chrome

Step 3Create a new tab and open the link. It will trigger the clip to automatically start downloading.

Twitch Clip Download

Part 2: Best Way to Download Others Twitch Clips

There are several downsides to download a Twitch video clip without extra software. Firstly, the success rate is low. Plus, you can only save a clip less than one minute. Moreover, the procedure is a bit complicated for beginners or non-tech savvy. Tipard Screen Capture, on the other hand, is able to download Twitch clips directly. You can also add your face and voice to the clip in real time. After downloading, you can watch it with the built-in media player. It provides video editing tools as well.

Main Features of the Best Twitch Clip Downloader

  • 1. Download a video clip from Twitch directly.
  • 2. No watermark, ads, or length limit.
  • 3. Enhance video quality automatically.

How to Download a Video Clip from Twitch

Step 1Install Twitch downloader

Launch the best Twitch clip downloader once you install it on your computer. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. Choose Video Recorder to open the main interface. Click the Gear icon to open the Preferences and customize Output, Hotkeys and other options. Click OK to confirm it after setting. Open the Twitch application or webpage and find the clip to download.


Step 2Download a clip

Locate the Display section and make sure to toggle it on, and then set the recording region based on the Twitch player. Turn on the System Sound option and adjust the volume. The Webcam option is used to capture your face while downloading the Twitch clip. The Microphone option can add your voice to the Twitch video. You can decide whether to enable or disable them based on your situation.

Once the Twitch video starts, click on the REC button to begin recording it. There is no limit on video length, so you can record until the end.


Step 3Preview and save Twitch clip

During downloading, you can also edit the video and take screenshots with the tools on the toolbar. When you want to stop it, click on the Stop button. Then the preview window will pop up. Play the Twitch video clip with the built-in media player and click the Save button if you are satisfied with it.

Twitch Video

Part 3: How to Download a Twitch Clip Online

Many people also use online sources to download Twitch clips. In this part, we use a website called Clipr as the example to show you to workflow. Clipr is a website designed for pull Twitch video clips, so it is pretty easy to use.

Step 1Firstly, create a Twitch clip on computer or mobile device following the guide in part 1. Then copy the URL.

Step 2Open your web browser and visit Paste the URL into the box and click the GET DOWNLOAD LINK button.


Step 3After analyzing the video address, you will get the video file list. Pick the proper resolution and click to download the Twitch clip to your computer. Or right-click on the video file and select save link as to download it.

Note: This online Twitch downloader also provides an extension for Chrome and Firefox. It will add the download button to your Twitch clips.

Part 4: FAQs about Downloading Twitch Clip

How long do Twitch clips last?

When creating a clip on Twitch, you can make a video up to 1 minute. Plus, you can trim the clip and make it shorter. If you use a third-party tool to make clips on Twitch, there is no duration limit.

Why I cannot make clips on Twitch?

To protect the creators and prevent from harassment, Twitch has premiered a new feature which allows creators to limit clip creation to specific groups of viewers. If you do not have the permission, you cannot make Twitch clips.

Where to find my Twitch clips?

Once you make a Twitch clip, it will be saved to Twitch server but not your computer. You can find the clip in the dashboard on Twitch app or website.


Now, you should understand the clip feature on Twitch and how to download clips from Twitch. As a popular video stream platform, there are oceans of contents on Twitch. However, you cannot find the download option. Alternatively, you can make clips and share them directly. Tipard Screen Capture can help you download Twitch videos even you cannot make clips. Moreover, it is pretty easy to use. Apart from recording Twich clips, it also lets you record Omegle videos, download YouTube videos, and more. More questions? Please feel free to contact us by leaving your message below.

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