How to Download Non-Copyrighted Music for Free

Download Non-Copyrighted Music for Free

YouTube just rejected the upload video file again because of terms of use violation? You can check whether the music or content is copyrighted. Once YouTube detects the protected music, you have to replace and download non-copyright music instead. The article provides the top 8 non-copyright music sites and the method to download files with ease. When you have any query about the non-copyright music, you can find everything you want from the article.

What is Non-Copyrighted Music?

According to the Copyright Act of the United States and the other International agreements, all the music files are protected by copyright from the moment it is created. The non-copyright music is the music that the legal copyright has expired or has been permitted by the musician or rights owner.

  • 1. Most of the copyright laws allow the copyright to lapse 75 to 100 years after the death of the artists or the musicians. When you wanna download non-copyright music of the type, it should be at least date back to 1940s or earlier.
  • 2. Another type of the non-copyright music is deliberately produced for some special purpose. The type of non-copyrighted music is suitable for the background music, which is the most frequently used music files for video files.

Non-Copyright music is also known as the loyalty free music. The type of loyalty free music is available without usage fee, which makes the other users more convenient to use the files.

How to Free Download Non Copyrighted Music

Some non-copyright music websites provides the free download service. But others still asking for licensing fee or forbidden to download non-copyrighted music. You can download Tipard Screen Capture to download the desired files with few clicks.

  • Step 1
    Install Non-copyright music downloader
  • Just download and install the latest version of Tipard Screen Capture from the official website. And then you can launch the program and open the link of the non-copyrighted music.
  • Tipard Screen Capture
  • Step 2
    Set up Audio Source of Music Recorder
  • Once you launch the program, you can select the audio source of the program as system audio. And then the computer will record non-copyrighted music in the original quality.
  • Set up Audio Source of Music Recorder
  • Step 3
    Download non-copyrighted music
  • And then you can click the REC button to download non-copyrighted music. Once you finish recording, you can click the same button to get and save the desired files.
  • Download non-copyrighted music
  • After that you can listen to the music before exporting the music to the desired format. The program is able to save the file MP3, AAC, M4A or WMA by clicking the Settings button. You can use the music for any type of the project file later. If you have any query to download non-copyrighted music, you can feel free to share your information with us in the comments.

Top 8 Non Copyrighted Music Websites

When you have the basic knowledge about the non-copyrighted music, you can also check the best websites that you can download them for further use. The section provides the best 10 websites that download loyalty free music for background.

1. Incompetech

Incompetech has a large collection of royalty free music files. The non-copyrighted music website provides full search for you to access every piece in the category. Just enter the genre, feel, tempo or length in order to search and download the non-copyrighted music. Of course, you can also view the full collection or list by name or types of the files. Different from the other websites, Incompetech has a special ISRC category name sorted by creation name.


2. Bensound

Bensound is a royalty free music website with a nice interface and easy process. There are different types of non-copyright music in various genres, moods or artists. When you want to download non-copyright music, you only need to click the black DOWNLOAD button to get the desired music with ease. It should one of the most frequently used websites to get loyalty free music for YouTube and other media projects.


3. DanoSongs

DanoSongs is a non-copyright music website hosted by Dan-O. He is a singer and songwriter to make some loyalty free instrumental music. You can get less than 70 songs from a single page. Just click the MP3 button to download the music for your media file. You can enjoy the downloaded non-copyrighted music for free. But before publishing your project, you should denote US$10.00 per song or buy the package from the website accordingly.


4. ccMixer

ccMixer is a community music site where you can find the music files under the Creative Commons license. You can listen to the music, remix the file, download non-copyrighted music and even a cappellas and many other tracks. The non-copyright music website collaborate with 45000 musicians around the world, which you can discover free music for games, videos, podcasts and so on.


5. Free Soundtrack music

Just as the name of the non-copyright music website, you can download royalty free tracks for films, YouTube videos, games or other multimedia productions. Free Soundtrack music is a web service where composers and producers post their music for the purpose of synchronization licensing. You can feel free to use the recordings labeled as FREE without any extra payments for the non-copyrighted music.

Free Soundtrack music

6. Audionautix

Audionautix is another online non-copyrighted music website as DanoSongs. Jason Shaw created all the music collection, which is released under Creative Commons License 3.0. Once you provide a link to this website or credit with the website, you are free to use the music. When you need to download the non-copyright music, you can click the download link to save the music in different types within few seconds.


7. Purple Planet

Different from the other free royalty free music websites, Purple Planet provides both non-copyright music as well as the copyright one. If you need to upload files with the background music, you have to place the credit precisely as above in the text describing your video. Another restriction is the non-copyrighted files can only be used for websites, blog or vlogs. But if you want to save to TV or radio, you should ask permission from the website.

Purple Planet

8. Moby Gratis

Moby has a large selection of over 150 tracks from Moby Gratis' huge catalog of music available to license for free. Besides the ordinary non-copyrighted music, you can download the music from well-known artists without paying licensing fee. There is only one requirement to download the royalty free music, you have to fill in the necessary information required in the website account. And then you will receive a response to your application within the next 24 hours.

Moby Gratis
May 08, 2017 11:10

How to Download Non-Copyrighted Music for Free