How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone Easily


When you have grown tried of Android phone, you might get a new iPhone of Apple. While the differences between the operation systems hack the way to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone, you should learn the easy method to copy the important text messages from Android phone to iPhone from the article.

It might be easy to transfer contacts from Android to Gmail as well as other data files. But for the business text messages, you might difficult to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with iCloud and other Android backup software. Just find the default method provided by iOS application as below first.

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Part 1: How to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS app

Before you move messages from Android to iPhone, just make sure Wi-Fi is connected and enough power for transferring SMS of Android to iPhone. As for the method, it might erase the iPhone data, you should use other methods if you do not want to erase the data when you copy SMS from Android to iPhone.

  • 1. Once you set up the new iOS device, you can look for the "Apps & Data screen". And then tap Move Data from Android.
  • 2. Open the Move to iPhone app and tap the "Continue" button. Tap the "Agree" button to continue. And then click the "Next" of the Find your Code screen.
  • 3. After that check your iPhone, tap the "Continue" on the screen called Move from Android. Then you can receive a ten-digital code.
  • 4. Enter the code on your Android phone in order to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone. Then wait for the Transfer screen.
  • 5. Select the backup files of iCloud to restore contacts from iPhone to new iPhone. The new iPhone will restore again.
  • 6. Tap the "Done" button on the Android after copying SMS from Android to iPhone finishes. You can continue on iPhone to set everything up.

When you launch the new iPhone, you should make sure all the messages are transferred from Android to iPhone. If it does not work, you need to have another try to transfer the messages again manually or use a third party tool.

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Part 2: How to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with Phone Transfer

In order to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with ease, the powerful Tipard Phone Transfer is highly recommended. It only takes few clicks to copy the text messages from Android tablets to iPhone or other iOS device. Just learn the detail procedure as belelow.

  • 1. Download and install the latest version of Tipard Phone Transfer on your computer. Launch the program and connect both devices with USB cable with the program.
  • 2. Set source device as the Android phone and iPhone as the target device when you need to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.
  • 3. Select the type of format as the text messages to transfer Android phone to iPhone. You can also choose the other options as well.
  • 4. After that you can copy the SMS files from Android to iPhone with ease now. Finally you can find the messages in your iPhone now.
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The hot software should be the easiest tool to move SMS files and other files between Android and iPhone. For the method does not need technical background, when you transfer the data between Android and iPhone, you can check the result, save the files easily and safely. The program support multiple formats of Android devices, transfer the files in an easy and safe way, it should always be the initial choice to go with your Android devices.

April 17, 2016 19:00
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