What can You Do if iTunes Home Sharing not Working (Problem Solved)

Tunes Home Sharing not Working

Have you ever been frustrated when iTunes home sharing not working? Just find the solutions when iTunes has stopped working or iTunes not opening. If iTunes still not works well, you can use Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate to transfer data of iPhone.

Solutions to solve problems if iTunes not working

When you open iTunes or Game center, you might find the error messages "Cannot connect to iTunes Store". Just find the detail procedure to fix the problem when iTunes home sharing not working.

  • 1. Disable or enable iTunes Parental Control to allow access to iTunes, and then you might activate the program if iTunes does not work.
  • 2. Another problem that iTunes not working might relates to Internet. Reset the Wi-Fi router again to make sure Internet environment is not the problem.
  • 3. The Date-change workaround might be a problem that you might forget. Go to Settings > General > Data & Time to Turn on Set Automatically option.
  • 4. If above solution still cannot make iTunes works, you can reinstall iTunes program or turn off Firewall to find whether iTunes does not works.

How to fix the problem if iTunes not working

It will be much more complicated when iTunes not working on Windows operation system. How do you find an all-in-one solution to transfer iPhone data when iTunes not working or cannot connect to iTunes Store?

Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best tool to sync iPhone data to other devices without iTunes. You can backup iPhone contacts and transfer text messages from iPhone to computer easily with the program.

How to solve the problem if iTunes is not working with Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate

Step 1

Connect iPhone to Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate

You can download and install the latest version of iPhone Transfer Ultimate, launch the program and connect iPhone or other device to the computer.

Connect iPhone
Step 2

Transfer files when iTunes not working

You can click buttons of the bottoms to transfer all the iPhone data when iTunes does not work. You can choose the files selectively to transfer the files you want.

Choose Files
When you confirm the detail, you need to click the "Recover" button to export the data when the iTunes is not available. It should be the best and easiest method to solve the problem when iTunes does not work.
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  • Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is able to transfer data from iDevices to other devices easily when iTunes home sharing does not work.
  • It should be the initial program that your iTunes is not working. Just download the trial version of Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate to learn more about the program.
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What can You Do if iTunes Home Sharing not Working (Problem Solved)