How Can I Unlock an iPhone Backup without Password

iPhone Backup Password

To protect backup of iPhone, you can use password protection for iPhone backups. You can encrypt iPhone backup to iTunes, but what can you do if you cannot remember iPhone backup password? Tipard iOS Data Recovery should be the best tool to unlock an iPhone backup without password.

How to unlock iPhone backup with password forgot

1. Try the same password for iTunes store first, which should be the password to restore iPhone backup.

2. You can use 0000 as the iPhone backup password. Usually the default password is 0000.

3. Choose the frequently used password to check whether it is the password for iPhone back.

4. If you are using Mac, you can use the Keychain method. For Windows, you have to use iTunes store only.

When you tried all the solution provided but still in vain, you have to restore and setup the phone as new one? No, you can use Tipard iOS Data Recovery to unlock iPhone backup with password forgot.

How to access iPhone backup without password recovery

Tipard iOS Data Recovery provides multiple methods to access iPhone backup if you cannot remember password for the iPhone backup files or iTunes not working.

1. Retrieve the iPhone backup from iTunes. You can access iPhone backup directly without any encryption. You can preview the files before you recover any file.

2. Restore the iCloud backup iPhone files. The program is able to scan the iPhone backup from iCloud backed up files without password.

3. Recover the deleted iPhone files directly. If you deleted some files by accident, you can recover the files with the program.

How to access iPhone backup without password

Step 1

Connect iPhone with the program

When you download and install the latest version of Tipard iOS Data Recovery, you can connect iPhone to the program with USB connector.

Step 2

Choose iPhone backups from channels

You can choose the different channels to retrieve the iPhone backups without encryption. You can combine the files retrieved from different channels to rebuild your iTunes library.

1. Cannot remember iPhone backup password for iTunes

Choose the mode to scan the iPhone to download the backup files. You can access iPhone backup without encryption.


2. Unlock iPhone backup password of iCloud

When you need to unlock iPhone backup password of iCloud, you can also enter iCloud to manage the iPhone backup files.


3. Access deleted iPhone backup

If you cannot find the files from iPhone backup, which might be deleted by accident, you can also retrieve files from iPhone directly.

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iPhone Data Recovery
  • Tipard iOS Data Recovery is able to restore iPhone backup without password or encryption. The program empowers you to retrieve iPhone backup from iTunes, iCloud or deleted accidently. It should be the initial program to get files when you cannot remember iPhone backup password.
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How Can I Unlock an iPhone Backup without Password