How to Backup and Organize iPhone Photos to Computer

Bakup Photos to iCloud

When you need to backup iPhone photos, you might have already chosen to backup photo to iCloud. It is difficult to view the stored photos in iCloud, which you might not able to find the photos in iCloud. Tipard Data Recovery is able to preview the backup photos streams in iCloud.

Part 1: Why aren't my photos on iCloud

Actually iCloud is not backing all the photos up for you, you can find the photos are not backed up for the following occasions.

1. The 5GB limitation for backing up photo in Cloud, make sure it is not beyond the limitation.

2. Photo Stream only backs up the latest 1000 photos in iCloud.

3. Photo Stream will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Part 2: Best method to backup photos to iCloud

And you can also find the video files are not backed up as well, do you need a program that can backup photos to iCloud with ease and also enable you to preview these photos? Tipard Data Recovery is the one that you cannot miss.

Tipard Data Recovery can access iCloud backup easily, you can see what is in iCloud and manually change the iCloud backup. The program also provides two other methods to make up for the iCloud disadvantages.

Part 3: How to preview the backup photos to iCloud

When you preview the backup photos to iCloud, you can also manage the photos and other files before you download iCloud backup. Download and install Tipard iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1

Connect iPhone to the program

You can launch the program and connect the iPhone to computer. The program will recognize iPhone automatically as the screenshot.

Step 2

Select an iCloud backup

When you scan the iPhone, you can find all the iPhone photos that you can recover or download. Just manage the files before you download iPhone photos.

Step 3

View the backup photo in iCloud

View the backup photos in iCloud when the program finished scanning. You can also select the photos you want to save on computer.

iPhone Data Recovery
  • Preview backup photo to iCloud
  • Adjust photos and download backup photos from iCloud to computer
  • Recover deleted SMS/contacts/photos etc. from iPhone
  • Highly compatible with iOS 9.3
  • Support all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod
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How to Backup and Organize iPhone Photos to Computer