VideoByte: The Full Review and Leading Alternative

VideoByte: The Full Review and Leading Alternative

Do you feel anxious that after the Blu-ray discs break, you won't be able to access the information or data you put on them? The solution will be to convert them into digital files and back them up on your computer. To do that, utilize a third-party program such as VideoByte Blu-ray Copy.

Before utilizing it, familiarity with the software's functionality, dependability, and other details is advised. Before using and buying the instrument online, it's necessary to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Scroll down to view the complete review of VideoByte Blu-ray Copy in this page.

Videobyte Blu Ray Copy Review

Part 1: Main Features of VideoByte Blu-ray Copy

Blu-ray discs can be digitally stored on your computer and copied with VideoByte Blu-ray Copy. The primary features you may encounter when using this software make it so popular. You can use it to build ISO images from Blu-ray discs in addition to using it for Blu-ray backups. It is designed to process the files even further.

Moreover, this program can be used to experience a compressor for Blu-ray copies. Blu-ray material can be compressed with VideoByte Blu-ray Copy without noticeable quality loss. If so, keeping them on your computer can take up less room on your storage device.

Part 2: Detailed Review of VideoByte Blu-ray Copy

This VideoByte review will start with the first thing you do before you can use it, which is the downloading process. A strong internet connection is required when executing the mentioned procedure. 86 program-associated files will be followed after downloading the software file. A slow Wi-Fi or other internet connection may be the cause if the process is unsuccessful. Moreover, the software will consume too much of the computer storage space.

User-friendly and Simple Interface

Let's review the interface of the tool and how user-friendly it is. The initial interface of VideoByte Blu-ray Copy is well organized and has labels. You will know where to locate the tools because they are located where they are assigned features. In addition, their functions are related to the names posted on the software.

Interface of Videobyte Blu Ray Copy

Unique Features for Scanning Blu-ray

The uniqueness of the software comes from the built-in feature, which allows it to load Blu-ray sources automatically after launch. You have the choice to ignore or allow the feature by choosing the Yes or No options. In addition, VideoByte Blu-ray Copy contains various customization options for your Blu-ray files. It enables you to add titles, subtitles, audio tracks, and more. The fast conversion speed is also supported for copying your Blu-ray disc files into digital formats.

Access Automatic Source Loading

Supported Mode of Copying Blu-ray

Within the Blu-ray files copy procedures, you can use 4 features for the mode of procedures. The features are full Disc, Main Movie, Clone, and Write Data. These copying modes can be accessed on the left, and their functions are known on the screen. Moreover, the technical support of the software can be contacted easily because the tool has a portal linked to their link. The Help feature at the top of the main interface will be the way.

Select Supported Copy Mode

Performance and Pricing

The price of the VideoByte Blu-ray Copy is high. The thing is that you can only access the software on one PC, regardless of the plan you purchase. If so, using it on your other computer is impossible. This rule is inconvenient if your PC has been broken and you need to use the tool. In addition, the performance of the software varies according to the plan you also purchase. The higher the cost, the higher the probability of experiencing a smooth copying process. In addition, the software is only available on the Windows operating system.

Videobyte Blu Ray Copy Pricing

Part 3: The Best Alternative to VideoByte Blu-ray Copy

Various Blu-ray copy software exists on the internet. If so, you may wonder which is the best alternative to VideoByte Blu-ray Copy. Without further ado, you have to know more about Tipard Blu-ray Copy. It is one of the leading software programs that can be used to copy or back up your Blu-ray discs on your computer.

Is VideoByte safe? Yes. But the software mentioned above is much safer than you expect. Tipard Blu-ray Copy offers a secure copying procedure for your Blu-ray discs because it will never modify or delete them after the process. If so, there's nothing to worry about the Blu-ray files because the tool will preserve their original form. Like the previous software, it has a feature that automatically loads Blu-ray sources depending on your preferences.

Load Sources Automatically

It enables you to perform 4 modes before you copy the Blu-ray discs into digital formats. It includes the Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone, and Write Data features. Each has an associated additional tool you may use for the process. Additionally, this tool can help you quickly navigate the procedure because it supports shortcut key commands. The app's closing procedure is one of them, where pressing the Alt + F4 is the way.

Enable One Copy Mode

Lastly, the tool enables you to decide how many copies the tool will provide for your Blu-ray disc files. This function only applies to the Full Disc feature once you use it. Also, it allows you to select the Blu-ray discs' source and target destination.

Select Target Copies

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Part 4: FAQs about VideoByte Blu-ray Copy

Is there a trial version of VideoByte Blu-ray Copy available?

Yes. VideoByte Blu-ray Copy offers a free version, wherein you can experience some of its features without buying it. Most of the tools are basic, like importing the Blu-ray discs, editing them, and more. In addition, the software's free trial version lasts only 24 hours. Redownloading the tool is one of the ways we get the free version of the tool again. However, this technique does not work with the mentioned tool.

Does VideoByte Blu-ray Copy offer technical support?

Yes. Videobye offers technical support from their support team. All issues and problems you encounter with their software will be addressed as soon as they receive your concern. However, the response will depend on how much concern the technical support team is receiving. Approximately 12 to 24 hours is the waiting time interval.

Can VideoByte Blu-ray Copy create backups of Blu-ray discs with scratched or damaged surfaces?

The success rate of the backup process varies on the severity of the scratches or damages on the Blu-ray discs. VideoByte can copy the stored files on the Blu-ray discs if the scratches are minor. On the other hand, if the discs contain too many scratches, the process will be lower than you expected.


As you can see, this post explains how VideoByte Blu-ray Copy is very versatile and user-friendly. The article's main goal is to determine the software's pros and cons. Did you find something unhelpful and inconvenient to you are the mentioned software? If that's the case, use its alternative, Tipard Blu-ray Copy. It contains other features that the VideoByte Blu-ray Copy does not have.

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