Best Techniques to Convert ISO to Blu-ray Successfully

Best Techniques to Convert ISO to Blu-ray Successfully

You've come to the right post if you want to learn how to quickly burn ISO to Blu-ray. Some people want a backup of their files, so the data won't disappear easily. For additional information, you cannot only keep a certain file to flash drives, hard drives, and more. You can also use Blu-ray discs. The market is flooded with Blu-ray ISO-burning software products. But, certain uncommon ones allow ISO to Blu-ray disc conversion. If you want to discover numerous methods to burn your ISO file to Blu-ray quickly, give your time to this article. We will offer various ways to burn your files using the burning programs on Windows and Mac. So, don't waste time and start engaging yourself on this post.

How to Burn ISO to Blu-ray

Part 1. Things to Do Before Burning ISO to Blu-ray

Here are the things that you need to do and prepare before burning ISO to Blu-ray.

1. ISO File

Ensure that your ISO file is already on your computer. Also, its folder is clean and has no unnecessary files.

2. Burning Software

If your goal is to burn files, then burning software is necessary. There is numerous downloadable software you can use. There is also a built-in program if you don't want to download it. Burning software is a significant factor in getting the desired result.

3. Blu-ray Disc

You must prepare a blank Blu-ray disc. It is one of the most crucial materials you need to succeed. Plus, you must ensure that the disc is in a good state. It must not have scratches, dirt, or damage, or the computer won't read the disk. Moreover, make sure that a Blu-ray disc is already installed.

4. External Drive

An external drive is also essential when burning an ISO file to Blu-ray. It is important, especially to users who don't have a built-in drive on their computers or laptops. You can put the disc on the drive for the burning process.

Part 2. Solutions to Burn ISO to Blu-ray on Windows

Burn ISO to Blu-ray Using Tipard Blu-ray Copy

As we observed, it is rare to see excellent methods to burn ISO files to Blu-ray on the web. It makes the users disappointed and unhappy. But, in this section, we will give anything you can't find in other references. To burn ISO to Blu-ray successfully, you will need the help of Tipard Blu-ray Copy. It can offer an easy-to-understand burning procedure. Furthermore, there are more features you can enjoy from the program. You can backup any Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, or Blu-ray ISO file in its entirety with Whole Disc without the ability to select a chapter or main movie. Copying a movie's primary plot, title, or chapter is significantly more straightforward than the main movie. Also, you can choose the audio track and subtitle you want to duplicate, omitting the others to optimize the Blu-ray capacity. Use the Write Data mode to copy the Blu-ray folder. Backups of Blu-ray content will playback at the exact resolution as the original. See additional key features below to discover more about Tipard Blu-ray Copy. Afterward, you can check the procedure for burning ISO to Blu-ray.

Key Features:

  • • 4 copying options are available for Blu-ray Folder/ISO files: Whole Disc, Main Movie, Clone, and Write Data.
  • • Copy 3D 50/25 Blu-ray to a 2D 50/25 disc to have 3D Blu-ray content backed up.
  • • It offers a fast-burning procedure.
  • • Name the disc by naming the Volume Label.

Step 1Click the Download button below to access Tipard Blu-ray Copy instantly. Then, go forward to the installation process. When the installation is done, run the program on your computer.

Step 2Then, from the main interface, select the Full Disc menu. Then, navigate to the Source option to browse the ISO file. Then, go to the Target option and select the Save as BD folder. In addition, you can label your disc by going to the Volume Label menu. Select also your desired Target Size.

Full Disc Menu

Step 3After that, click the Start option on the bottom-left corner of the interface. This way, the burning process will start. Then, when the process is done, click OK.

Start Option OK

Burn ISO to Blu-ray Using Windows Disc Image Burner

If you don't want to download third-party software for burning ISO to Blu-ray, use Windows Disc Image Burner. This Blu-ray burner is available on Windows 10 and 11. It allows you to burn your ISO to Blu-ray effectively and instantly. Another good thing about the software is that it is simple to operate. It is perfect for beginners who don't have enough ideas about burning various files. In addition, its burning process is fast. It will only take a few minutes before the process is finished. But, this built-in program has drawbacks. Windows Disc Image Burner is only accessible to Windows. So, if you are a Mac user, it is suggested to use another ISO to Blu-ray burner.

Step 1Open your File folder and navigate to the ISO file. After that, click the See more option or the three dots. Then, select the Burn option.

Select Burn Option

Step 2Another window will pop up after clicking the Burn option. Then, the burning process will start. After a few minutes, the Status will inform you if the burning process is successful.

Another Windows Burn

Part 3. How to Convert ISO to Blu-ray on Mac

You can use the Finder as the default way to burn an ISO file to Blu-ray on Mac. With this method, you won't need to install third-party software. Also, burning ISO to Blu-ray is simple here. It only takes a simple click to finish the burning procedure. So, even a beginner can burn files easier and quicker. To burn ISO to Blu-ray, check the steps below.

Step 1Launch the Finder on your Mac. After that, navigate and browse your ISO image file.

Step 2Then, right-click the ISO file. When the options appear, select the Burn Disk Image “file name” to the disc button. Ensure you have already inserted a blank Blu-ray disc into the optical drive. Then, click the Burn option to start the burning process.

Mac Default

Step 3Wait until the burning process ends. A notification will show up when the burning process is done.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Burn ISO to Blu-ray

Does Windows 11/10 disc image burner burn ISO to DVD?

Yes. It allows you to burn ISO and create DVDs from ISO. However, you can't use a built-in burner if you still use an outdated Windows version like Windows 7.

What is the best ISO burner for Windows or Mac?

For Windows, it is suggested to use Tipard Blu-ray Copy. It can help you burn ISO files to Blu-ray effortlessly. On Mac, you can right-click the ISO file and select Burn Disk Image “file name” to the disc.

How many discs do you need for burning?

If you plan to burn large numbers of files, then you will need more than one disc. It depends on how large the data or sizes you have.


After reading the article, it will be easy to burn ISO to Blu-ray effectively. You can use the helpful burning software above to burn ISO to Blu-ray instantly. In addition, if you don't have enough experience in burning ISO files, use Tipard Blu-ray Copy. It is easy to use and has a burning process.

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