A Detailed Review of Prominent Blu-ray Recording Software and Devices

A Detailed Review of Prominent Blu-ray Recording Software and Devices

Would you like to discover an efficient Blu-ray disc recorder? If so, you wouldn't want to miss the information this article will provide. Blu-ray disks can contain various media files, like movies, TV shows, etc. They are known for having high-quality content, so many prefer using them to make the watching experience more enjoyable. But wouldn't it be better to save Blu-ray's high-quality content on your computer? Or save videos to a writable Blu-ray disc?

If you agree, stick with us and uncover the leading recorders to help you record or save a video on a Blu-ray disk. Besides having the privilege to save it on your device, your video recording can also serve as a backup if the Blu-ray disk encounters issues like corruption or physical damage. Moreover, you will also be able to access it anytime on almost any of your devices since the output can be saved in different formats supported on several devices.

Blu-ray Recorders

Part 1: Top 3 Blu-ray Recorders with HDMI Input

A Blu-ray recorder with HDMI input records a video or audio from an HDMI source, like a cable, digital camera, gaming console, or a streaming device. Then, the recorder directly encodes it into a supported format to save it on the connected Blu-ray disk. Thus, you can purchase the suggested recording devices below to record and save videos from an HDMI source to a writable Blu-ray disk. They have also been proven effective, so feel free to check them out.

Top 1. Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB

Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB is among the most popular and in-demand recorders for Blu-ray in-store. It has extensive features perfect for users wanting the best version of their Blu-ray recordings. With its 1TB hard drive, you can record live TV or other HDMI sources for up to 518 hours of movies, TV shows, etc. Meanwhile, this recorder supports 4K Upscaling, allowing you to enjoy high-definition content with enhanced image quality. Also, it has multiple external inputs besides HDMI, including USB, SD card slots, and more, for playing and recording media.

Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB

Top 2. Sony BDZ-EW2000

Meanwhile, Sony has been producing different models of recorders over the years, and the Sony BDZ-EW2000 is one of them. Like the previous Blu-ray recording devices, this can also record TV programs, movies, and more to put them onto a writable Blu-ray disk. But although it has an HDMI input, you may find it more limited since it doesn't have card slots. Besides HDMI, you can only connect a USB. Don't worry, though. It still offers many advantages since it supports various Blu-ray disc types and has a high-definition recording function.

Sony BDZ-EW2000

Top 3. Funai HDR-B2735

Another recording device for Blu-ray that has proven its worth for being at the top is Funai HDR-B2735. It is a DVD and Blu-ray recorder with flexible features produced by a Japanese company. It has HDMI and USB inputs, allowing users to record and play media files on several streaming devices. But if we compare it to the prior recorders, this device's advantage is its ability to edit. Moreover, it is compatible with many disk formats, making it easier to access.

Funai HDR-B2735

Part 2: Top 4 Blu-ray Recorder Software

Besides recording devices, computer programs are also available. Installing them allows users to capture Blu-ray content. You simply have to insert and play the disc on your computer, then use the suggested recorders below to capture them. This way, you can save the media file it contains to a suitable format and play it on your computer or other devices.

Top 1. Tipard Screen Capture

Among all the tested Blu-ray disk recorders, Tipard Screen Capture is the program that has proven its way to the top. It can easily record videos and audio on a computer screen in the best possible or original quality. Whether you plan on recording a video, audio, gameplay, etc., from the Blu-ray, this recorder can help you effortlessly. Besides, it supports microphone and system sound; thus, you include only the specific audio you like. It even has microphone enhancement and noise cancellation features, making the sound cleaner and easier to understand.

Moreover, Tipard Screen Capture allows you to customize the recording area if you don't prefer to include the entire screen in the recording. Then, the recorded video or audio will immediately be previewed, showing an Advanced Trimmer and other options to manage the video or audio recording further. Also, you can save it in MP4 format or WMV, depending on your preference. But this recorder's greatness doesn't end there. Its ability to record a window, webcam, phone screen, and more further proves this program deserves the top spot.

Screen Captur

Top 2. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is the second Blu-ray recording software you must check out. It is also quite well-known because of its efficiency, so you can rely on it to record your Blu-ray disk's content. Like Tipard Screen Capture, it also offers numerous advantages. It supports webcam capture and lets you draw on recordings in real-time. Aside from that, you can enjoy its noise reduction feature, scrolling screenshots, and more. But unlike the previous program, it is limited to recording only a computer screen and doesn't have the advantage of recording on a phone.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Top 3. Free Cam

Meanwhile, Free Cam is a recording software offering simple functions if you only want a basic recorder for your Blu-ray content. Like the others, it allows users to adjust the recording area's size accordingly. It also doesn't force a watermark on the videos you record, even though it's free. Furthermore, the recording session has no time limit, letting you capture the Blu-ray video on your computer screen in high quality for as long as you want. However, Free Cam doesn't support webcam recordings; you can only save the output in WMV format.

Free Cam

Top 4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is also a popular recorder for Blu-ray and other content. It is available on macOS, Linux, and Windows 10 and 11, offering numerous recording features. This software saves your Blu-ray video recordings in MP4, MOV, LV, MKV, HLS, or TS format. You only have to choose the most suitable one to play on your devices. However, some users find its interface cluttered, increasing the learning curve, especially since it has technical options.

OBS Studio

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Part 3: FAQs about Blu-ray Recorders

Can I edit video recordings on a Blu-ray disc recorder?

Yes, you can if the recorder you use supports it. For instance, Tipard Screen Capture supports Advanced Trimmer, allowing you to trim and enhance video recordings on Blu-ray. Hence, pick the suitable recording software or device for your Blu-ray needs to achieve your goals.

What Blu-ray discs can I use on a recording device?

Recording devices for Blu-ray usually support multiple types of Blu-ray discs. It includes rewritable (BD-RE) discs and recordable (BD-R), which come in various storage capacities.

Can I record from streaming services using a Blu-ray recorder?

Yes, you can if the Blu-ray recorder supports it. For example is the Tipard Screen Capture. It doesn’t only record Blu-ray content. It also records nearly all content on the computer, including the ones from your files, websites, and streaming services.


Recording and saving media files from and to Blu-ray discs have become more convenient and efficient, thanks to Blu-ray recording software and devices. That said, know that the suggestions given in this article are people's most trusted, so don't hesitate to try them out and optimize their recording functions.

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