How to Convert MOV to MP3 and Convert MP3 to MOV with Images

How to Convert MOV to MP3 and Convert MP3 to MOV with Images

The main reason for you to convert MOV to MP3 is due to compatibility purposes, for you can listen to the audio content on an audio device. However, once you convert MOV to MP3, it becomes compressed due to the compression this file format contains. Therefore, you deserve a powerful editor to keep the original audio quality.

On the contrary, you may want to convert MP3 to MOV with images to create a video matching your MP3 file. How can you find the right way to do that? Don't worry; this article provides you with the trusted MOV to MP3 & MP3 to MOV converters that are worth your consideration. Continue to read below for further information.

Convert MOV and MP3

Part 1. MOV vs MP3 - Compare MOV and MP3

Before we explore the great ways to convert both MOV and MP3 inversely, let us comprehensively compare the two with the table below.

What is MOV Format

MOV is a default movie file format extension of Apple QuickTime. Furthermore, this format uses a MPEG-4 container to store video, audio, and text through different tracks. It is occasionally referred to as the iMovie video due to its native design, which is playable on all Apple devices, including Google Drive. This makes it limited to Apple devices and unavailable on other media players.

What is MP3 Format

MP3, on the other hand, is the universal format for audio files. It stores music, songs, and recordings in a much smaller file size, unlike the other audio formats. As a universal format, an MP3 file can be played on all media players and devices. Meanwhile, when it comes to the quality, an audio file within the MP3 container varies due to the bit rate that was used in its compression.

Features MOV MP3
File Type Video Audio
Usage For storing, sharing, and editing video. For audio playback and storing.
Quality Store high-quality videos with their audio. It has a lossy compression, so the audio quality is compromised.
Size It can be large due to the video content. Small.

Part 2. Easily Convert Between MP3 and MOV

Here's the crowd's favorite when it comes to converting files, the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. It is a generous MOV to MP3 & MP3 to MOV converter that provides you with great tools added to its conversion feature, such as clipping, filters, 3D Maker, etc. You can easily convert MOV to MP3 with high sound quality or transfer MP3 to QuickTime with images.

Furthermore, this software doesn't only support MOV to MP3 or MP3 to MOV, but it also supports the 500 plus more. You can work on your numerous files at once, making you transform in just a matter of time.

Key Features

  • • Convert MOV to MP3 with the highest sound quality.
  • • Add video or images to transfer MP3 to MOV easily.
  • • Clip audio tracks after you transfer MOV to MP3 format.
  • • Add watermarks after you convert MP3 to MOV with images.

How to Convert MOV Video to MP3 Audio Losslessly

Step 1Install the software on your computer using the Download buttons above. Once done, launch it and begin to import the MOV files by clicking the Add Files button on the top left side of its interface under the Converter menu.

Add Mov

Step 2After that, click the Format button. On the prompted window, go to the Audio section and choose the MP3 option among the given formats. You can also improve the sound quality here.

Choose Mp3 Format

Step 3As simple as that, you can now click the Convert All button on the top right side. The conversion from MOV to MP3 will then start. You only need to wait for seconds, then check the converted file.

Mov To Mp3

How to Convert MP3 to MOV with Image/Video

Step 1You still need to click the Add Files button. But you should add your image or video content first. You can also add a GIF to convert GIF to MOV. Then, click the dropdown button in the Audio section. Click the Add Audio Track button to import your MP3 files.

Add Mp3 Tracks

Step 2Click the Format button and then choose the Audio section. Click the MOV button. Then you can click the Convert All button to transfer MP3 to MOV with video content.

transfer MP4 To Mov

Part 3. 2 Best Ways to Convert MOV to MP3

1. VLC Media Player

VLC is a media player that has been around the corner for almost 20 years now. As time passed by, it was innovated to have extra tools where a video converter was included. For example, you can play media files or rip DVD with VLC. And now, VLC enables you to convert MOV to MP3. Many other popular media formats are also supported. However, as universal as it may seem, VLC’s conversion feature is not for everybody, especially for beginners. It requires extra settings to convert MOV to MP3 on Mac and Windows successfully.

Key Features

  • • It extracts audio content from any MOV and other numerous video formats.
  • • It comes with a Youtube Downloader.
  • • Infused with a graphic equalizer.

How to Use VLC in File Conversion

Step 1Launch the media player on your computer and proceed to click the Media button. Then on the options prompted, click the Convert/Save button.

VLC Convert Save Opation

Step 2After that, hit the Add button in the new window to upload the MOV file you need to convert, then click the Convert/Save button at the bottom to proceed.

Step 3In the next window, find an MP3 container in the Profile section. Next is to click the Browse button to set the file destination and end it by clicking the Start button of this MOV to MP3 converter.

VLC Convert MOV MP3

2. CloudConvert

If you want an online converter to work on your MOV videos and MP3 files, then you may want to use this CloudConvert. Aside from that, this converter also caters to various files such as eBooks, archives, images, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. With this Cloud Convert, you can alter some variety of your file's characteristics, such as their sizes and resolutions. Moreover, it can also be used to ZIP compress the files you work on by simply dragging and dropping them to combine. Henceforth, you can convert the MOV to MP3 on Mac and Windows with this converter using common browsers.

Key Features

  • • Convert various media files and documents for free.
  • • Wide importation selections include Google Drive, URL, Dropbox, OneDrive, and computer.
  • • Audio editing options.

How to Use CloudConvert

Step 1Using your browser, visit the main page of CloudConvert, and click the Select File button to upload your MOV file directly from your computer. Otherwise, click the dropdown button to grab the file from various storage.

Cloud Convert Import File

Step 2Once the file is uploaded, go to the Convert To portion to choose the MP3 format from the choices in the Audio section.

Step 3Finally, click the Convert button of this MOV to MP3 converter, and wait for the process to finish. Once done, download the output to obtain it.

Cloud Convert Convert File

Part 4. Trusted Ways to Convert MP3 to MOV

Let’s now proceed to the trusted converters that you can rely upon when converting back the MP3 files to MOV formats.

1. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a software that can help you convert MP3 audio to video MOV files. It is the best tool to be used, at least by tech-savvy users. Furthermore, it is a tool that supports nearly all common audio, photo, and video formats for its conversion function. FFmpeg lets you extract and edit a video's audio or soundtrack while simultaneously letting you convert the audio back to the video or convert MP3 to MOV. However, it doesn't have the regular GUI.

Key Features

  • • Convert video to audio & audio to video professionally.
  • • Convert the entire file or even a specific part of a file.
  • • Trim, crop, combine, rotate, and resize media files.
  • • Decode and encode duplication.

Step 1Download and install FFmpeg on your computer device first and foremost. You may find the installation demanding, but that is all needed to succeed in running it.

Step 2Once launched, click the Windows plus R keys on your keyboard, and hit the OK option to run the command panel.

Step 3Start making commands by clicking the space enter, then the enter cd, followed by the space bar. After that, locate the file storage of your MOV video. Please use this command line, ffmpeg -i -vn output_movie.mp3. What’s more, you can use FFmpeg to reverse videos.

FFmpeg convert MP3 MOV

2. Adobe Premiere

It's not difficult to convert MP3 to MOV with images or video content. Also, Premiere is very feasible when you want to do that. Many simple converters don't support video editing features, which can't help you transfer MP3 to QuickTime or other video types. Please check the steps below to learn how to convert MP3 to MOV in Premiere easily.

Step 1Open Premiere and create a project. You don't need to care about any preset of the project because you can also crop your video in Premiere when editing. Also, it's not a big deal to convert MP3 to MOV with that. Then, click the File button in the top left corner, and then click the Import button to add your MP3 and image or video files.


Step 1Your files are added, and you should drag those files to the worktable of Premiere. It will automatically put different types of files in the right tracks. You can also drag the ends of each file to sync the audio track with the video track.


Step 1Click the File button in the top left corner, and then the Export and Media buttons. On the Export panel, you should click the dropdown button of Format. You should choose QuickTime, and then click the Export button in the bottom right corner to convert MP3 to QuickTime.


Part 5. FAQs about Converting MOV to MP3 and Vice Versa

Is QuickTime the best way to convert MOV to MP3 on Mac?

The QuickTime player can transform a MOV video to MP3 via exportation into an audio file. However, if you are looking for the best converter on Mac, QuickTime is not on top since it is not a dedicated converter but a media player. The best way to convert media files on Mac is by using a power converter like Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

Which is better, MOV or MP3?

If you are referring to sound quality, MOV is far better than MP3.

Can I retain the video content once I convert the MOV to MP3?

No. The MP3 format is a container that can only hold audio contents such as music and recordings and will not retain the video content of MOV.


Reading this article will lead you to meet the trusted converting tools to convert MOV to MP3 files or MP3 to MOV with image or video content. All of the tools above have easy-to-follow procedures for converting, except for FFmpeg, which experts should use. Hence, if you are a beginner who doesn't want to undergo the difficult procedure but wants a professional output, then use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

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