Top 10 Websites Similar to Vidtomp3


Vidtomp3 is one of online convertors allows internet users to download and convert online videos to MP3 files. The biggest advantage is easy-to-use. All you have to do is paste page link contains video or audio in URL box and click on Download button. Then you can enjoy the MP3 files on your computer offline. Another advantage is it supports wide range of video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, iFilm, MegaVideo, Dailymotion and so on. If you open the whole list, you will surprise it could support so many video sites. However, there are some negative reviews related to security concerns. So I will introduce some similar websites.

1. Tipard Screen Capture

Tipard Screen Capture is one of the best audio recording programs. The most powerful feature of Screen Capture is to capture online videos or audios and save the output as MP3 in the highest quality. It should be the most versatile Vidtomp3 alternative program.

Tipard Screen Capture
  • 1. It is an easy-to-use recording program.
  • 2. Screen Capture is compatible with Windows XP/7/8 and Windows 10.
  • 3. This audio recorder supports to capture system audio and sound from microphone.
  • 4. Users could control the recording with pause button.
  • 5. The sound wave section will show the length of the audio in real time.


Convert2Mp3 is an online video converter. Similar to Vidtomp3, Convert2Mp3 supports to convert online videos to MP3 files and save to computer. Convert2Mp3 permits users to download video clips from majority of video databases and sharing sites. This video converter is also a video and audio collection, so you can search your favorite videos on Convert2Mp3 straightforwardly. It is not only a MP3 converter, but also a video downloader. Convert2Mp3 has the ability to convert online video clips to MP3 and download to hard drive legally.


3. is a dedicated YouTube video converter website and Vidtomp3 similar website. With YouTube-mp3, internet users could find most favorite YouTube videos and convert them to MP3. YouTube-mp3 could provide the fastest experience, when you convert YouTube videos to MP3. There is no obstacle to convert YouTube videos with YouTube-mp3. It even does not ask users to register before conversion. And it is a lawful MP3 converter, so you can enjoy its conversion service without any concerns.

4. is another online video converter and Vidtomp3 similar website. It provides the service to transform online video clips or audios to MP3 or AAC files. Internet users could use it to convert any YouTube video fluently. And you can decide to transform the video clips to AAC or MP3. That is important to professionals, for AAC is a higher quality audio format. This audio format is more suitable to edit later. The transform process is very easy. What you have to do is to enter the link into URL box and decide the output format.


As its name said, will transform any online video clips and audios to MP3 and download to computers. It not only supports majority video websites, like YouTube, but also supports most sound databases, such as SoundCloud. You can find all the websites supported in Supported Websites page. If you are an ad blocker, you have to disable ad block application.

Otherwise, will not work. Although this Vidtomp3 similar website only supports to convert online media files to MP3; you can enjoy a higher speed.

6. is versatile online converter. It not only supports to transform online video clips to MP3 files, but also has the ability to upload media files from computer and convert them to MP3. So many users utilize as personal media converter. could read majority video websites' URL and convert it to MP3. This Vidtomp3 similar website provides an extension for Google Chrome, so Chrome users could transform media files within Chrome directly.

7. permits users to transform online video clips to MP3 files and save them to digital devices. This Vidtomp3 similar website provides a fast and smooth experience. Once you enter the link into URL box and click on Download MP3 button, YouTubeInMP3 will complete the transformation and download process. Although YouTubeInMP3 only allows user to convert online media files to MP3, it offers three options, including low quality, standard quality and high quality. And YouTubeInMP3 promises the output MP3 files are compatible with all digital devices.


Flvto is a dedicated YouTube converter and downloader. Internet users could use Flvto to convert video clips and music to MP3 and download to computers. This Vidtomp3 similar website will show you the most popular YouTube videos and audios in home page, so you can search your favorite media and convert them directly within Flvto. On the other hand, Flvto also supports to transform YouTube video clips to MP4 and AVI. That means it is a video converter as well. Many YouTube users have installed Flvto add-on within Chrome and Firefox. It is another way to utilize Flvto to convert and download YouTube videos.


9. is a powerful online converter and YouTube downloader. Compare to other Vidtomp3 similar websites, Dirpy integrate more customization features. After paste the link into URL box, Dirpy will take you to settings page. You can decide the name, start point, end point and quality of the output. And Dirpy supports to record YouTube videos to FLV or MP4 and download to personal computers. If you want to recommend your friends to download the same file, Dirpy will provide link to you.

10. is another versatile online converter. It supports to transform the videos from most video websites, including YouTube, Vimeo and more. The biggest advantage of this Vidtomp3 alternative is extensive output formats. It is not only a MP3 converter, but also a video recorder. So you can transform online videos to MP3 or record videos to MP4, AVI and other video formats. After transformation, will save the outputs to your computer.


Based on the introduction above, there are many websites and tools similar to Vidtomp3. If you worry about the security issues about it, you can try these alternative tools to get the desired files for you easily. According to test and review, these websites are all legal. So you can use them without any concerns according to the different features of these programs. On the other hand, Tipard Screen Capture is also a smart decision, for it is more stable and versatile. And the program is able to download the video files without Internet connection. It should always be a choice as the alternative when you want to get something special offline. In order to get the desired files, you can share more detail about your opinion in the comments with us.

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Top 10 Websites Similar to Vidtomp3