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Where to get free music download websites, with latest songs and classic audios? If you do not have proper MP3 free download website, you cab spend few minutes on this music sharing guide. There are many legal music download sites you can choose among. Like Soundowl.com music share and download platform and etc. Just read and pick from.

Websites to Download the Latest Music for Free

Many users recommend the following music download sites, because of their large music sources and easy download. If you cannot find your target MP3 song downloading, turning to another one may get different answers.

1. Soundowl.com


Soundowl is a platform for artists, producers and listeners to enjoy music. Everyone can upload songs and download in free way. Therefore, all audios in Soundowl.com MP3 download area means artists have approved Soundowl to share their work in free way. In another word, Soundowl MP3 music download site is legal, without interpret anyone's integrate properties. You can discover which genre you prefer and try many playlists in different styles. Moreover, Soundowl.com search music feature allows people to upload personal work to own audience. And you can get pertinent comments to customize your music create work.

2. Prostopleer


Being the online music player, Prostopleer has a simple music download interface. You can see one search box, world top lists with 5 different periods, news and upload area. Let us analysis the online audio free download platform special consists. You can search music name directly, or by tapping Advanced search icon below to search certain tags. As for World Tip lists, you can view top 15 songs per week, 3 months, 6 months, per a year and all the time. The download icon is clear on the every right end of your music. Moreover, you can view file sizes and download speeds too. The upload area allows people post less than 20MB music to share. These are something new compares with Soundowl unblocked status.

3. Download Songs Download

Download Songs Download

Once you open DownloadSongsDownload.com, you need to search certain songs and then to get into research result and upcoming songs recommend. The upcoming songs are creative and worth for people to try. After you find the correct answer, you can add it to player or playlist, as well as download for free. You can also view latest MP3 songs researches below to know what popular is at present. By choosing Explore menu, there are certain latest songs playlists updates you can enjoy.

4. Iwave.io


Iwave.io provides MP3 and FLAC music download service, in fats speed and lossless quality. It is pretty good like Soundowl music. With daily updates, Iwave.io can catch popular elements more accurately. Moreover, Iwave.io promise that users can get huge database of legal music downloads. And downloaded music can work on all media players. There are 3 main music share and download aspects in Iwave,io, which are best sellers, today's top and just added. You can locate yourself by different methods Iwave.io provides.

5. My Free MP3

My Free MP3

My Free MP3 has menus of artists, charts and genres. It is a way for people to get music search result quickly. The first time you tap them, you can see the ad page, just close it and return back to Soundowl music similar download site. The popular recommends of artists and genres are on the right pane. And the search box and top music download are on the left pane. You can share and download MP3 music, with advertisements page appear again. You can view lyrics, size and bitrate beside download option. What's more, My Free MP3 has developed mobile phone version for easy taking too.

6. Mp3Bear


Mp3Bear is the music collector, with over 24.3 million music files indexed. It means Mp3Bear does not own any songs, all you get comes from other music sharing websites. Mp3Bear is just a transit depot for music downloader. You can view how many times one song has been downloaded by viewing the accurate number on the right side. When you click into one audio, do not tap video player and download icon below your song. The correct way is to choose music source on the left pane, it is pretty small, so just be patient. Mp3Bear has one more advanced setting than Soundowl MP3 download site, which is Mp3bear Radio. You can enjoy some hot charts on your mobile phone too.

7. MP3jack


MP3jack enables people to extract audio from YouTube URL by extracting. It is quite a good way to convert video to audio effectively. In some degree, you can get ride of free music download sites by using YouTube link conversion. There is something sweet by MP3jack. You can view whether your music search result is official or not. MP3jack will tag every audio with green Verified Audio words is if is safe to download. If you choose others, you can get music too, though some extra audio will mix it. It is also another good point better than Soundowl.com music download program.

8. BeeMP3


BeeMP3 seems to kind of childish, compares with Soundowl audio offering and other similar websites. Through BeeMP3 music downloader, all you can get is online official supported. BeeMP3 supports people search by artists or songs. And you can also see top 20 artists below, like Adele, Taylor Swift, as well as top 20 songs. If you pay little attention on the MP3 audio free download software, you can see the artist listing, by A to z, and 0 to 9. To own this music, just tap the fast download icon with CD icon below your player. That is the whole process to download Soundowl similar music in BeeMP3.

Tipard Screen Capture - Audio Recorder in High Quality

But if you cannot find latest music in all free music sharing and downloading websites, what will you do? Will you give up? Or you can try a new creative way, by using Tipard Screen Capture. Actually, you can use Tipard Screen Capture not only to record desktop videos, but also audios from online streaming videos. You can capture all audios in detail of 100% quality guarantee. Moreover, the output audio format can be MP3, AAC, M4A and WMA. Therefore, you do not need to convert audio format to fit certain media player requirements.

TP Screen Capture

How to Record Audio from Streaming Video

Tipard Screen Capture offers two audio sources, by system audio or microphone. You can use plugin devices to record your voice if necessary. In addition, your recorded audio will not contain any noise.

  • Step 1. Run Tipard Screen Capture and turn your page to Record Audio page.
  • Step 2. Choose whether to turn on System Audio or Microphone under Select Recording Inputs.
  • Step 3. You can turn on webcam to record yourself or not, then click REC red icon to start recordation.
  • Step 4. Tap Rec icon again to stop, and then choose output format to download music unable to download from Soundowl similar program.

It is also available to record video songs instead of pure audios. No matter how you operate, Tipard Screen Capture can do a really good job on media recording on Windows.

April 27, 2017 8:09
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Where to Download Music Online for Free – Websites You Can Go