Top 6 Songr Alternatives To Hunt Download Music And Video


Songr is an excellent application to search and download music in MP3 formats. The web-based application is famous for using more than ten thematic search engines at the same time. And then you do not need to use P2P or BitTorrent anymore. When you are not satisfied with the free Songr, you can find some alternative websites the same as Songr. You can learn more detail about it and 6 like websites that you can hunt download music and video files.

Songr Review

The latest version Songr 2.0 has a clean and simple interface. Just search for the songs with the handy search box to get the desired files, you can get the desired music for free. On the in addition to the side, you can disentangle your hunt down MP3s without installation. What is more, it will stream playback of the chose tunes or the choice to download them onto your computer. There are two major drawbacks for Songr, one is the multiple Ads in the online audio downloader. The other one is lacking of the capacity to continue intruded on downloads and you can't pick singular capacities.

1. Vibe Cloud

Vive Cloud

Vibe Cloud is one of my favorite applications that save thousands of audio files for distribution via Vibe Cloud's network. The Songr alternative hosts all the tracks in the cloud stream songs online, you can access them from any device you like with few clicks. The program also provides a HTML5 online player that works fast on desktop and mobile devices. Another splendid feature of Vibe Cloud is that the program saves the files under a Creative Common license, which means you can download any song and listen on your device without any contracts.

2. MP3Skulls


MP3Skull is another web-based music and video downloader. The online service provides the most popular English music, Portuguese music, Bollywood music and tracks together with Punjabi albums. Besides the songs you can find in Songr, you can also access to some MP4 mobile movies and video clips. It was the most popular MP3 downloader previously, but due to the lawsuit and punishments, MP3Skulls has been legally shut down and the domain transferred, another version has already popped up. You might not find some illegal music from the replaced website any more, but there are still lots of excellent lyrics provide to you for free.


Libre community is a mixture of music super fans and artists. The music on the Songr alternative is free licensed for you to stream, download and remix. The can optionally store the users' listening habits using information sent to the site's server from the user's audio player via scrobbling. Once you register the service, you can also discover the new music or listen to a selection of the community's favorite tracks on the community station. When you want to get the latest news from, you can also get the notices from services from Twitter and GUN social as well.

4. Jamendo


Jamendo is another online music community under Creative Community license. There are more than 470,000 music tracks in MP3 or OGG formats of the website. Jamendo is well designed and easy to get to grips with desired formats. You can access the music in MP3 formats via a HTTP link, OGG or a P2P file-sharing network, such as Bit Torrent. And the streaming audio is also available in 96kbps. Choose the desired music via streaming audio or download as many albums or individual tracks as you want from the Songr alternative with ease. But there is a major drawback that not all music is free.



MP3 is a favorite online website to find music files from a large selection of music library. When you want to download the music files, you can get the items even without signing to the website. There is a few playlists where you can get the music files within few clicks similar as the ones in Songr website. And you can also find the latest songs from the daily update of It's just disappointing that some of the product is there but it's so hidden and convoluted that you can't really access the music files without getting a headache.

6. BeeMP3


BeeMP3 is a website dedicated to catalog and manage audio that has been official published online. As the alternative of Songr, you can have more than a hundred thousand free MP3 downloads all over the Internet. Just enter the name of the songs, you can easily get the files from BeeMP3 within few clicks. BeeMP3 recommends you new hits every week and lists the greatest tracks from popular to indie, hiphop, across all styles etc. Besides the above files, you can also search the guitar, piano, live features of one's favorite songs. You can enjoy a nice experience for getting the desired files.

Best Alternative to Record Music from Online Streaming Sites

When you cannot find a way to download the songs from the above web-based streaming sites. Tipard Screen Capture should be the alternative solution for Songr. The program not only captures audio and video files in the original quality, but also records your own voice from microphone as MP3 files.

  • 1. Record video and capture screen in high quality. What is more, you can also customize the area size of the video screen.
  • 2. Accept both system audio and microphone voice, you can choose the audio source or corresponding audio device.
  • 3. Extract the desired part by setting capture time and cursor, especially when you get a MP3 from a large video file.
  • 4. Once you finish recording, you can preview your video before you save the files to the desired location.

How to Record Music from Songr

In order to record music from Songr, you search the desired audio by entering it to the search box first. And then follow the steps to record music from Songr with the following process. When you cannot find the song from the website, you can use Tipard Screen Capture from any online streaming sites as well as from DVD of your computer.

Step 1

Once you find the desired song, you can click the Play button to make sure the file is what you desired.

Screen Capture
Step 2

Set the audio source or microphone. Just select one of them or both of them according to your requirements.

Record Audio
Step 3

And then click REC once you confirm every detail about the settings before record the audio files from Songr.

Step 4

After that you can export the files in MP3, which is compatible with most of the devices.

When you want to record the video files as well, you can also choose the capture size of your screen as well. Tipard Screen Capture always record screen in high quality. If you have any query about the Songr and the alternative programs, you can feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments.

Top 6 Songr Alternatives To Hunt Download Music And Video