Download RingCentral Meeting Videos – Here is the Ultimate Guide You Should Know

Download RingCentral Meeting Videos – Here is the Ultimate Guide You Should Know

RingCentral is an online way to communicate with team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone. If some participants have asked for a leave of absence, how do you download RingCentral Meeting videos for reference later? Is it possible to download videos as a participant account? Just learn more details about downloading RingCentral Meeting videos with different accounts from the article.

Download RingCentral Meeting Video

Part 1: The Ultimate Guide to Download RingCentral Meeting Videos

How to Download RingCentral Meeting Videos as Host

Similar to recording Google Meet, RingCentral provides a simple method to capture the meetings automatically when you host a RingCentral meeting. You can find the Record button on your In-Meetings Dashboard. Just learn more details about how to record and download RingCentral Meeting videos as a Host.

Step 1Once you have launched the RingCentral, you can go to the Meetings menu. Choose the Meetings Settings option on the Admin Portal section. You can click the Recording tab to enable the Local recording or even the Automatic recording according to your requirement.

Start Recording RingCentral Meetings

Step 2If you have already captured the desired videos, you can navigate to the Video menu from the left-hand navigation bar. Click the Local recordings tab at the top left, you can refresh the list and click the Open folder with recording icon to check the RingCentral Meeting videos.

Check RingCentral Meetings

Step 3After that, you can hover your cursor over your recordings for RingCentral meetings, then click the Download button at the far right to download the recording RingCentral Meeting. Then you can share the videos with other participants accordingly.

Download RingCentral Meetings

Is It Possible to Download RingCentral Meetings as a Participant?

No. Even if you have assigned another participant as a moderator and leave the meeting, the recording will pass on to the moderator. But the recording will be saved under the video tab of the original host. The moderator still has to log in to the account of the host to download RingCentral Meeting videos.

Part 2: Best Alternative to Download RingCentral Meeting as Participant

The hosting account have all the meetings that cannot share with other participants. What should you do if you need to download RingCentral Meetings videos as a participant?

Tipard Screen Capture is the solution. It is a versatile screen recorder to capture all onscreen activities, including team messaging, video presentation, and more others from RingCentral Meetings even if you are a participant. Moreover, you can also edit and share the recorded videos within the program.

  • 1. Capture team messaging and video presentation of RingCentral Meetings.
  • 2. Tweak the video format, frame rate, and even destination folder for output.
  • 3. Add annotations, texts, shapes, arrows, and callouts during the recording.
  • 4. Preview and edit the recorded videos before downloading or sharing.

Step 1Once you have downloaded the Tipard Screen Capture, you can launch the program on your computer. You can join the RingCentral Meetings via a browser. Moreover, you can also schedule the recording with the Task Schedule option for the online meeting.


Step 2Choose the Video Recorder option to customize the recording area of the RingCentral meetings. Turn on the Microphone option to capture your voice, and the System Sound option to record voice of both other participants and yours. Moreover, you can also add the webcam footage of the RingCentral Meetings.

adjust Recording RingCentral

Step 3Click the REC button to start recording RingCentral Meetings videos. During the process, you can add some comments with arrows, callouts, texts, and more other elements. Once you captured the desired file, you can click the Stop button to save the video.

Download RingCentral Meetings Participant

Step 4After that, you can preview the recorded meetings within the program. It also enables you to trim the desired part with the start point and the endpoint. You can click the Save button to download the RingCentral Meetings video or share it on social media websites.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Download RingCentral Meeting

1. How to join a RingCentral meeting?

Go to the official website of RingCentral meeting and enter the meeting ID or a personal link name to join a meeting. Download the video conferencing app and enter the meeting code, you can join a RingCentral meeting on your computer or smartphone accordingly.

2. How can I find the downloaded RingCentral meeting videos?

If you record and download a meeting with the RingCentral default setting, you may find it on the/Users/username/Documents/RingCentralMeetings folder. With Screen Capture, you can find the saved RingCentral meeting videos in the folder you set. Of course, you can search the meeting videos with the name and the format of them on your computer.

3. Can I change the location of the saved RingCentral meeting videos?

Yes. You can change the location of the saved video in the Setting menu. Click the recording field and click the Change File Location button. Choose the location you want to change the downloaded RingCentral Meetings on your computer.

4. What is the major difference between RingCentral videos and RingCentral meetings?

RingCentral Video combines one-click video meetings with built-in team messaging. In contrast to RingCentral meeting, which is an online video conferencing, you can create teams for internal and external groups, share agendas, and send files for extra context before a meeting starts.


The article shares the methods to download RingCentral Meeting videos. When you are a host of the online videoconference, you can simply turn on the auto-record feature and download the video to others. But the participant account cannot download the videos, even if the host assigned the account as the moderator.

To download RingCentral meeting recordings, Tipard Screen Capture can help you exactly. Click the Free download button to get the RingCentral meeting recorder to download RingCentral Meetings as a participant now.

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