How to Recover Password for Locked iTunes

Recover Password for Locked iTunes

When you lose the password for the Apple account, you have to access the files of iTunes immediately. You should recover password for locked iTunes first, which might take too long to retrieve iTunes password for you. Tipard iOS Data Recovery is the iTunes password recovery to access iTunes easily.

How to get my Apple password

If you forget Apple store password, you can get reset instruction from Apple. You will have a recovery email for iTunes, and then you can confirm the account. If you have set up security questions, you also need to answer the questions first.

  • 1. Launch the browser to access to "".
  • 2. Tap the "Enter your Apple ID" to recover password of iTunes.
  • 3. Tap the "Next" button.
  • 4. Choose the "Reset by Email" or "Answer Security Questions" to reset the password of iTunes.

How to reset password for iTunes easily

If the security questions were set many years ago, which should be a difficult problem to get your Apple password. It also takes a period of time to wait for the iTunes password recovery.

A. Use third party iTunes password Recovery

Some Apps provides different encryption methods to restore iTunes password. You can download the 3rd party program, such as Jihosoft iTunes back to sync iPad with iTunes.

B. Transfer iTunes files without password

Actually there is another way to transfer files without iTunes. Even if iTunes not working, Tipard iOS Data Recovery is able to retrieve the deleted files as well as the iTunes files without password.

How to access iTunes files without iTunes password Recovery

Step 1

Connect device to the program

Install the latest version of Tipard iPhone Data Recovery, launch the program to iPhone with the USB Connector. The program will be recognized as the screenshot.

Step 2

Scan iTunes file without password recovery

Choose the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode, you can retrieve the files from iTunes without retrieving the password of iTunes first.

Step 3

Download file without iTunes password recovery

You can preview and search for the iTunes, once you find the files from iTunes, you can download the files without iTunes password recovery easily.

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  • When you need to get iPhone data from iTunes without password, instead of using some iTunes password recovery program to transfer files from iTunes.
  • You can also use Tipard iOS Data Recovery to access the iTunes files easily without restore the iTunes password first.
  • Support iPhone, iPad, iPod and the latest iOS 9.