Reset/Change iCloud Password When You Forgot iCloud Password

Forgot iCloud Password

We set different passwords to kinds of accounts. For safety reasons, most of us have frequently change passwords, so it's very common for nowadays people to forget them sometimes. When you want to log into iCloud on your iPhone/iPad/iPod or iCloud control panel for Windows or Mac, iCloud password is needed. It will protect and make encryption for your private data and information on iCloud, including photos, contacts and so on. What if you unfortunately forgot iCloud password? You must want to recover the forgotten iCloud password. This article provides several effective ways to help you change or reset the forgotten iCloud passcode when you forgot iCloud password.

Part 1. How to reset or change iCloud password

Part 2. How to create a new iCloud account

Part 3. Change iCloud password when you don't forget iCloud password

Part 1. How to reset or change iCloud password

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Three methods are provided in this part to help you change or reset your forgotten iCloud password. Whichever method you are going to use, you need to visit, enter your Apple ID, and click "Continue".

Method 1. Get an email authentication to reset iCloud password

Get An Email to Reset iCloud Password

1. Then you will enter the "Reset Password" page. Two reset options are provided for you. We will choose the first one and get ready to get an email for iCloud password recovery.

Get Apple Reset Email

2. An Recovery Email by Apple will be sent your iCloud email address. Follow the prompts to reset your iCloud password.

Method 2. Answer security questions to change iCloud password

Security Questions were originally set well to protect the iCloud account. You can choose to answer these questions and get proved to change iCloud password.

Answer Security Questions to Reset iCloud Password

1 Check "Answer Security Questions" option.

Birth Date

2. Enter the birth date, and click "Continue". Answer the security questions you've set before.

3. Then you can reset your iCloud password.

Method 3. Reset iCloud password using two-step verification

Two-step verification for iCloud password recovery is another method. Many people have enabled this procedure for better iCloud account security. If you've activated this protection, Apple will prompt you that your Apple ID is protected with two-verification when you forgot iCloud password.

Use Two-step Verification to Reset iCloud Password

1. Enter the Recovery Key provided when you enabled two-step verification.

2. Choose one iOS device you trust. Apple will then send a verification code to your trusted device.

3. Type the verification code and reset iCloud password.

Part 2. How to create a new iCloud account

What if your case is not belong to these situations referred above? What should do if you really forget the iCloud account ID/email address, security answers and never set two-step verification? I'm afraid that you have to create another iCloud account instead of iCloud password recovery. This part is prepared on how to create a new iCloud account.

1. Navigate to "Settings" on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, scroll down the screen and tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Tap "Add Account" > Add "iCloud" account.

Add New iCloud Account

2. Click "Create a new Apple ID". Enter your data of birth. Click "Next". And then input your first name and last name.

Add iCloud Account Information

3. Get a free iCloud email address and choose to create a new iCloud email address. Select either "Use my current email address" or "Get a free iCloud email address". If you select "Get a free iCloud email address" you will be able to create it in the "Email" input field below.

iCloud Email Address

4. This email will be used as the new Apple ID. Set and verify the password. Set security questions and answers. Review the Important Note and hit "Agree" button.

Create A New iCloud Account

Part 3. Change iCloud password when you don't forget iCloud password

If you don't forget iCloud password, how can you change your iCloud passcode? This part is mainly on how to change iCloud password on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Change iCloud Password

1. Unlock your iOS device, go to "Settings" app, scroll down to "iCloud". Tap your Apple ID column and choose "Password & Security".

2. In the "Password & Security" screen, you can change iCloud password as well as security questions. Tap "Change Password...".

3. Verify your identity information and answer the security questions . When you identity is verified, you can reset the iCloud password.

In this article, we mainly discuss how to reset/change a iCloud forgotten password. If you are interested in how to restore from iCloud backup, our site can also provide you some useful tips.

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