All Tips for Saving Battery on iPhone

save battery

In our daily life, we use our phones to do almost everything, including take photos, browse the web, online shopping, watch videos, make a phone call, text messages, read iBook and so on. But the common problem for every iPhone users is that the bad battery, and we have to recharge iPhone almost every day. Can I avoid it? Here's how to save battery on iPhone (iPhone 6, iPhone 5s/5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s/4). All these activities can expend your battery power quickly.

As we know, apple enables you to turn off some of the services and features you don't need, it is the useful ways to save your iPhone battery and get your iPhone to use a little bit longer when you're away for the weekend without your charging cable.

Method 1: Turn off background refresh

Go to Settings ->General->Background App Refresh

Disable the Background App Refresh Toggle would help preserve battery life and save iPhone battery.

Turn off background refresh

Method 2: Adjust Display & Brightness

Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness

The lower brightness the better battery life

Method 3: Disable the Location Services and Share Location

Location Services can record your locations wherever you go, but it is not necessary.

To disable this feature, please again go to settings->Privacy->Location Services

Also, you can turn off Share Location option that allows your family and friends know your position anytime.

Disable the Location Services and Share Location

Method 4: Set short Auto-Lock time

You can save battery on iPhone by reducing the waiting time for the iPhone lock automatically.

When you left your Phone somewhere for a while, and forgot turn off the screen. It can be consuming a large percentage of battery.

Go settings ->General->Auto Lock and then set the waiting time to lock the screen to a minimum.

Set short Auto-Lock time

Method 5: Don't Automatic Download Apps

You may don't know your iPhone will update Apps automatically. It is very convenient, but also drains your iPhone battery. Updating apps when you need, and it is capable of saving much of your iPhone battery life.

Method 6: Clean background App

You may open more than one Apps, close apps you aren't using can save your iPhone life.

Method 7: Turn off Wi-fi when you are not using it

It is normal that we always turn on Wi-Fi, although there is no Wi-Fi network. Actually, it will exhaust the battery. It can be saved battery life on your iPhone to close it when you are not using.

Method 8: For better battery life, fetch less frequently

The less often your phone accesses a network, the less battery it uses. To save battery life, you can set your phone to check your email accounts less often.

Click Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Tap on the option of Push to close it.

fetch less frequently

Method 9: Disable Bluetooth

The Bluetooth function is not useful except you are using wireless headsets or earpieces, or sharing data wirelessly. But it also wastes your iPhone battery. If you don't use it, please turn off Bluetooth for extending iPhone iPhone battery life.

To close Bluetooth on your iPhone iPad: You can go to Settings > Bluetooth > Close It.

Also, you can swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to access Control Center > Tap on Bluetooth icon to close it.

Method 10: Notifications

Go to: Settings > Notification Center - Turn off all notifications for unnecessary applications.

Method 11: Limit Ad Tracking

Go to: Settings > Privacy > Advertising - Turn on Limit Ad Tracking

Method 12: Enable Low Power Mode

Go to Settings → Battery and switch on Low Power Mode

Method 13: Disable 4K Video (The latest iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/6s Plus)

Go to Settings → Photos & Camera → Record Video and select the 720p HD or 1080P HD option for 30 fps.

Method 14: Close Siri Suggestions

Go to Settings → General → Spotlight Search and disable the Siri Suggestions switch

Method 15: Reduce User Interface Motion

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motion and toggle on the Reduce Motion switch

These tips to help you extend your iPhone's power, including the tips for the latest iOS 9.3, which has some new features that can drain battery faster than earlier versions. Hope you can enjoy these tricks.

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