Why Apple TV App is not Working [ Detailed Explanation]

Why Apple TV App is not Working [ Detailed Explanation]

Why is my Apple TV app not working? It is one of the concerns of the users that own iPhones, Macs, iPad, and tvOS. Well, it is annoying when you want to watch movies, but the app is not performing well. If so, grab the opportunity to read the post and learn why your Apple TV app has issues. After that, we will also provide an effective solution to your concern. So, check the post and start fixing your Apple TV app.

Apple TV Not Working

Part 1. Reasons Why Apple TV App is not Working

You may already encounter issues if your Apple TV app is on your iOS, tvOS, or macOS. If one of the problems of your Apple TV app is not working, then it is better to read the post. In this part, we will give various reasons why the Apple TV app is not working on your devices. So, to learn more details about the discussion, you can view the information below.

Looking for the Latest Version

One of the reasons why the Apple TV app is not working is that its version is outdated. With this issue, it is impossible to play movies from the application. With that in mind, the best solution to this problem is to update the Apple TV to the latest version. After that, try to launch the application to know if the problem is solved.

Look Latest Version

Poor Internet Connection

The poor internet connection is another possible reason the Apple TV is not working. As we all know, the Apple TV app requires an internet connection. But it won’t end on that. A strong internet connection is needed if a user wants a better watching experience. On the other hand, it is impossible to operate the application if there is only a poor internet connection. Also, some users use cellular data when using the app. There are some circumstances when the signal is not always strong. With that, the application may stop working instantly. So, when operating the Apple TV app, always consider having a strong internet connection to satisfy your watching experience.

Poor Internet Connection

Requires Subscription Plan

Apple TV application is among the streaming video services that require a subscription plan. You can compare it to other streaming services like Netflix. Ao, you can't use the application if you didn’t yet purchase a subscription plan. For additional information, the Apple TV app can offer a free trial, but it only takes a few days. After that, the app will charge you to continue watching movies using the Apple TV app. Therefore, you can consider purchasing the paid version of the app to solve Apple TV streaming problems.

Subscription Plan Need

Apple ID Account Problem

If you can’t launch the Apple TV app on your device, there may be a problem with your Apple ID account. If your Apple ID account is not logged in on your device, using the Apple TV application is impossible. Apple devices require an Apple ID account to access an application. If you want to use the Apple TV app, you can try inserting your account and launching the application.

These are the various reasons why the Apple TV app is not working on your devices. So, if you encounter such a situation, you can read the information above to know the possible reasons.

Part 2. Effective Fixes for Apple TV App Not Working

After knowing the possible reasons for the problem, it would be best to devise an effective solution. In that case, you can also get possible methods to solve a problem in this post. In the information below, you will see various solutions you can check to solve and fix your Apple TV application on your Apple device, like iOS and tvOS.

Solution1. Check the Internet Connection

If your Apple TV app has a problem loading the content, there is some issue. Before directly overthinking the issue with the Apple TV application, try troubleshooting the Internet connection. As we mentioned above, one of the reasons why the Appr TV app is not working is because of the internet connection. To check the connection, see if the router or modem has complete lights. If some lights are blinking, it means that there is something wrong with the connection. First, restart the wifi and see if it will be okay after a few seconds. Then, connect the device to your Wi-Fi. After that, launch the Apple TV app and see if it's already okay. Always consider that it is important to have strong internet access if you want to operate any programs that require connection, like the Apple TV application.

Check the Internet Connection

Solution 2. Get the Paid Version

When using the Apple TV application on your iPhone or TV, you must purchase the subscription plan of the app. It is necessary to operate and watch movies in the Apple TV application. If not, it would be impossible to use the app. As we have said, you can use the limited free version of the app. However, it will only take a while, and after a few days, you must subscribe, or else the app won’t work.

Get the Paid Version

Solution 3. Turn On Closed Captions

Well, there are times when the Apple TV subtitles are not working. In that case, we also have an effective way to offer. The best thing to do is to navigate to the Setting in the Apple TV application. After that, proceed to the Accessibility option and select the Subtitles and Captioning section. After that, try to return to the movie you want to watch and see that the subtitles are already there.

Turn On Closed Caption

Solution 4. Update the Apple TV App

If the Apple TV app is not working on iPhone and TV, update the application. Some users are ignoring the application and the updating procedure. But we need to consider that there are always some changes in every version of an application. In that case, updating the Apple TV app to fix the problem is recommended. So, you only need to ensure the application is compatible with your device. If not, you can’t update the app. So, the best way is to delete the current application on the device. Afterward, go to the Apple Store and download the Apple TV app's latest version. When done, try to launch the application and start watching a movie.

Update Apple TV App

Bonus: Best Blu-ray and Video Player

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Tipard Blu-ray Player Software

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Part 3. FAQs about Apple TV App Not Working

Why is it important to regularly update the Apple TV app?

Updating an application like the Apple TV app is important. If you don’t update the latest version of the app, there are some issues that you can encounter. Also, if the app is not updated, there is a chance that the application will not work on any device anymore.

Will device settings impact the functionality of the Apple TV app?

Well, there are some circumstances when you need to go to the device settings for the Apple TV application. For example, you want to get a notification from the app or clear the data. Then, you only need to go to the device settings and navigate to the Apple TV app. So we can say that device settings and the Apple TV app have their connection with each other.

How do I clear the cache on Apple TV?

It is impossible on Apple TV to delete the cache. But deleting the application may remove all the cache, including the data. So, if you prefer deleting the cache on Apple TV, we suggest you delete the application that caused the problem.


If the Apple TV app is not working, reading the article is the best option you can do. Here, we will explain why the application is not operating well. Then, we will recommend some effective solutions to solve the problem. So, read the above-mentioned procedure to learn the most effective way to fix the Apple TV app.

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