Best Alternatives for Handbrake to Rip DVD

Rip DVD with Handbrake

It is very convenience for us to rip DVD with handbrake, for which we can see the movie in our laptop, cellphone or other devices. Handbrake assists you to have wide choice to select the output file of the ripped DVD video, which represents you can change the DVD file into various other type of files through it. Besides it also makes it possible for you to rip the DVD data with handbrake. Handbrake also enables you to create your own video, choose your favorite background picture, music and the effect of it.

Part 1: How to rip DVD with Handbrake

HandBrake is software you can download on your Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and some other devices. And if you want to use it you should know that the only place for you to download it is from because there are many unofficial website to mislead you. And it assists you to rip DVD with this software. Just learn more detail about the process as below.

Step 1

Load the DVD files into the program

Insert the DVD you want to rip into your DVD drive, and then launch Handbrake.

Click "Source" button. In the dropdown menu, choose the DVD drive to load the DVD into Handbrake. If your DVD is in DVD ISO image file format, you need a virtual DVD drive to load the DVD. As for DVD folder, you have to check Folder in the Source dropdown menu and choose the VIDEO_TS folder directory to add the DVD to be ripped into Handbrake.

Then Handbrake will start scanning your DVD, and all titles and chapters will be loaded.

Add Files
Step 2

Set destination and choose DVD chapter to rip

After the DVD to be ripped is loaded, you have to define the target video destination. Here you can choose to rip DVD to MP4, M4V and MKV with Handbrake.

Then choose the specific title you need to rip from the Title dropdown menu. Also you can choose to convert specific chapter under one title. Please note that all chapters are chosen by handbrake default settings.

Choose Formats
Step 3

Customize output video settings

On the right part of Handbrake, you can choose presets in order to rip DVD to iPad, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV, Android, and Windows Phone 8 directly.

Advanced editing:

As for advanced users, you can define parameters in the video editing box by clicking tabs including Picture, Filters, Video, Audio, Subtitles, and Chapters.

You can set video image size, add video filters, define video codec, add audio track/subtitle, and import/export DVD chapter under each specific tab.

Step 4

Start ripping DVD with Handbrake

After all output settings are done, hit the green "Start" button to start the DVD ripping process.


Tips: If you have more than one DVD title or chapter to rip, you can add the DVD title/chapter to queue after setting the destination as Handbrake can batch convert these chapters.


Part 2: Rip DVD with 3 best Handbrake alternatives

Top 1: Rip DVD with Handbrake Alternative Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard DVD Ripper is the most efficient converter. There is an amazing conversion profile library, the files is in a smallest size, the speed of ripping DVD is faster compared with ripping DVD with Handbrake. Just find how to rip DVD with Tipard DVD ripper as below.

Step 1

Load the DVD files to DVD drive

Hit "Load Disc" button to start load the file you want to rip. And you can rip the video into 3D or 2D formats for which you can play the video in different devices. You can also load the video by click "DVD Disc", "DVD IFO Files" or "DVD Folder".

Load DVD

Step 2

Select the suitable output file type

Hit the "Profile" arrow then choose the format through the list of "Profile". Or it is available for you to input the format you want to rip into in the quick search box then you can choose it from the showing list.


Step 3

Edit for ripped videos

If you want to change the effect of the video, you can dine the "Effect" button, for which you can change the effect of the video. If you want to change the length, click "Clip", and then choose the suitable length. You can get a better result than simply ripping DVD with Handbrake.


Step 4

Rip DVD to video formats

After finishing the last two steps you can hit the "Convert" button to start ripping DVDs, and it will be finished ripping in a really short time. And you can also see the progress from the progress bar.


Top 2: Rip DVD with Handbrake Alternative VCL Media

VCL Media Player supports all kinds of multimedia files, no matter audio or video formats. The program support Mac, Linux, and Windows. What is more, it is a free alternative for Handbrake to rip DVD files. Here is the detailed operation guidance for capturing DVD with VCL as the Handbrake alternative.

VCL Media Player

Slide 1: Load DVD to VLC Media Player

Hit "Disc" tab and then choose the DVD drive. If you want to convert a commercial DVD you should set VCL to skip the DVD DRM protection or it will record the menu in return.

Slide 2: Convert DVD into Video format

If you don't need to change the video, you can just click "Convert/Save". If not, you can click "Show more options" and then you can see what you want to rip DVD files with VLC.

Slide 3: Save the output DVD files

After you click "Convert" there will be a page for you to choose the destination of the converted file and you need to choose the suitable name for the ripped videos. And then you need to select the suitable output file type.

Slide 4: Review the progress

After all these done, there will be a progress bar for you to see the progress of the converting video, which will show you the speed of ripping. It should be an excellent free Handbrake alternative to rip DVD discs.

Top 3: Rip DVD with Handbrake Alternative WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper is another Handbrake alternative to rip DVD disc on Windows. The program is designed for ripping DVD which helps you to backup DVD to hard drive with better protection. And it is available to download to all the system and you can rip DVD to different formats jut as Handbrake.

WinX DVD Ripper

Step 1: Load the DVD to the program

After download and run this software you can inset the DVD to your computer and load the video by hitting "DVD Disc" button. Or if the video is in the folder, click "DVD Folder".

Step 2: Choose the suitable output file

When DVD finishing loading, enters the start and end time in the box. And then choose the output file you prefer, you can choose from MP4, MPEG, MOV and etc. If you want to get the extra music, don't forget to save the MP3 music at the same time.

Step 3: Choose the output folder

Select the output folder by hitting "Browse" button, and then choose the suitable destination folder you want to store this video.

Step 4: Convert DVD to video format

After all these done, you can start convert the DVD with handbrake alternative by clicking "Start", which you can find it in the main interface. And there will be a progress bar in the page.


The article introduces the method to rip DVD with handbrake and 4 best alternatives. Each one has its own advantages. After reading this article supplies 5 good choices to you when you want to rip DVD and audio which makes it possible for you to watch your favorite videos on your cellphones. If you still have any problem about ripping DVD with Handbrake and alternatives, you can feel free to share more information in the comments.

October 25, 2017 09:33
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Best Alternatives for Handbrake to Rip DVD