MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review: Special Feature, Pros, Cons & Alternative

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review: Special Feature, Pros, Cons & Alternative

Many devices where you can access and play files exist worldwide and keep evolving each time. In these circumstances, the compatibility of the devices is getting strict because of many updates from their security.

Let's talk about the DVDs that you may have at your home. The compatibility of the mentioned type of disc became rare in this generation. Some computers do not have a built-in DVD player to read them. If so, purchasing one is the best thing you can do. However, some individuals prefer to rip the DVD to store digital files on the computer.

Various DVD ripping tools exist online, but have you heard about MacX DVD Ripper Pro? If not, scroll down below for more information.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Part 1: What's Special of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

When purchasing a third-party tool, a specific feature may catch your attention so that you can decide to buy it. If so, what makes MacX DVD Ripper Pro stand out? As per surveys, users love the maximum 5-minute ripping speed of the mentioned software. It will not depend on the file size of the DVD it stores.

Moreover, this software can rip multiple malfunctioned DVDs, whatever happens. It includes the damaged and unplayable DVDs on the DVD players. It can save and extract your DVD files and turn them into digital files for your computer. In this case, the tool is very convenient if you have damaged DVDs, you lose hope of ripping.

Part 2: Detailed Review of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

As an introduction, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an exclusive tool for ripping DVDs on your computer. Some users are confused about the supported operating system of this software because of its name. The fact is that it supports the latest versions of macOS and Windows operating systems. If so, you can experience MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows and Mac. The good thing about it is that it is designed to have an intuitive interface. The main reason is that the novices are first-time ripping experiences.

Simple GUI of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Key Features:

  • • It supports multiple file formats, including AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV.
  • • It bypasses copy protection that it will find on the DVDs.
  • • It uses lossless conversion, meaning you will not lose the quality of the DVD files.
  • • It offers presets for popular devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.
  • • It supports batch conversion in minute time intervals.


  • • It has a user-friendly interface that will be beneficial for first-time users.
  • • It supports fast conversion speed, regardless of the size of the DVD files.
  • • It has a Preview feature you can use before the process.
  • • It offers allows you to choose your desired subtitles and audio streams.
  • • You can use its basic editing tools before and after the ripping procedures.


  • • It lacks various features for the Windows operating system version.
  • • Its free version contains only limited features for the ripping process.
  • • The legality of the software will vary depending on your country's laws.
  • • Users often experience bugs and glitches while using the tool.
  • • It does not support Linux, ChromeOS, and other operating systems.


Before purchasing or using a DVD-ripping tool, the software's price must be considered before deciding. If so, what is the pricing of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro? Frankly, the pricing of the mentioned software is expensive. It is not suited for users who will only use the software occasionally. The screenshot below can serve as a basis for viewing the MacX DVD Ripper Pro's pricing.

The software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the experience of using the tool or experience malfunctions. However, there are many procedures you must face before you receive your money back.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Pricing

Part 3: The Best Alternative to MacX DVD Ripper Pro

There are various options you can choose from if you think that MacX DVD Ripper Pro is skill-demanding and expensive. One of the best alternatives to the software is DVD Player.

This software is way faster in ripping your DVDs because it supports 30x conversion speed. If so, any DVD file-size ripping process can be done in a minute or a few seconds. In addition, its interface is more straightforward than expected because each tool it contains has names according to its functions. Also, Tipard DVD Player offers a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Tipard DVD Ripper Interface

Moreover, this tool offers a toolbox feature that contains additional tools for the files you will extract from the DVDs. It includes the Media Metadata Editor, 3D Maker, Video Enhancer, Video Compressor, and GIF Maker features. Tipard DVD Ripper also supports basic editing tools before and after ripping. Some editing tools it contains include cropping, adding watermarks, adjusting video effects, and more. It also has a Merge Into One File feature, which you can use to merge the DVD files into one file. In addition, the tool is available on Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Part 4: FAQs about MacX DVD Ripper Pro

How often is MacX DVD Ripper Pro updated?

Having frequent updates is one of the strengths of MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Its manufacturer often uploads and offers updates for the software to ensure it works smoothly. In addition, it levels up the compatibility of the ripping tool for the new updates of each operating system it supports.

Is there technical support available for MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

Yes. MacX DVD Ripper Pro has a technical support team you can contact when you encounter software malfunctions. You can contact them through emails, online forums, and more. The good thing about them is that they are available 24/7.

Is MacX DVD Ripper Pro legal to use?

The legality of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro will vary for many reasons. Some countries prohibit ripping DVDs for personal use. In contrast, some countries do not prohibit ripping DVDs for any purpose. It depends on the law created about ripping the DVDs regarding copyright infringement.


The MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac or Windows benefits users who want to rip their DVDs. In this post, we have mentioned the software's advantages and drawbacks. We hope you find this information helpful in deciding whether to purchase or try to use it. If the software does not satisfy your needs, feel free to use its leading alternative: Tipard DVD Ripper.

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