DVDFab Passkey Lite Review and Best Alternatives

DVDFab Passkey

DVDFab Passkey Lite is one of disc decrypting tools available on market. When we talk about DVD decryption, many people wonder whether such behavior is legal. Actually, the purpose that film industry encrypts commercial discs is to prevent from illegal copy and distribution. If you just want to remove restrictions from DVD movies for personal use, it is a technology issue but not a regulation problem. It could help you view commercial discs on more platforms; but it still not a perfect application. In this article, we are going to talk about this disc utility and its alternatives. Spend a few minutes; you can learn multiple solutions for DVD decryption.

Part 1. Introduction and review

DVDFab Passkey Lite is a free DVD and Blu-ray decrypter, which integrates both Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray. But, compared to the paid version, It has more limitations. Generally speaking, its features include:

  • 1. Break and erase part of restrictions from DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • 2. Watch any commercial DVDs and protected DVDs without region limit.
  • 3. Cooperate with compatible software to access decrypted DVD or Blu-ray content.


  • 1. All its features are free of charge.
  • 2. It works on both commercial DVDs and Blu-ray discs.


  • 1. It is only compatible with Windows operating system.
  • 2. It cannot remove AACS V112+, BDAV, and AVCREC from Blu-ray discs.
  • 3. This DVD decrypter cannot handle ARccOS and RipGuard from commercial DVDs.
  • 4. It must works with other paid software to watch, copy or rip DVDs.
DVDFab Passkey

Part 2. Best alternatives of DVDFab Passkey Lite

When we are looking for a DVD decrypting tool, we expect it have some fundamental features:

  • 1. Easy to use.
  • 2. Able to break a wide array of DVD encryptions and restrictions.
  • 3. Remove DVD encryptions independently.

1. Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard DVD Ripper could meet all fundamental demands on a DVD decrypting tool.

Tipard DVD Ripper
  • 1. DVD Ripper is a cross-platform alternative of DVDFab Passkey Lite compatible to both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • 2. It has the capacity to remove almost all restrictions from DVDs, including latest encryptions and protections.
  • 3. DVD Ripper is also able to rip any DVD content to hard drives in more than 300 media formats. The compatible portable devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones and game consoles.
  • 4. Users could personalize DVD videos in the integrated video editor.
  • 5. The biggest advantage of DVD Ripper is to produce highest quality output during decrypting and ripping.
  • 6. DVD Ripper is suitable to everyone. Advanced users could get extensive custom options. And for ordinary people, this application will preset and optimize parameters automatically.

2. DVDShrink

Even though DVD Shrink is discontinued development, it is still a great DVD solution on market. Its basic features include:

  • 1. It utilizes a DeCSS decryption algorithm to decrypt DVDs.
  • 2. DVD Shrink could rip and copy protected DVD content to hard drives.
  • 3. This DVD decrypter is able to make region-free or set for any region code on DVD copies.
  • 4. This DVDFab Passkey Lite substitute has the capacity to compress original DVD automatically or manually.


  • 1. DVD Shrink is a freeware.
  • 2. The DVD decryption and ripping speed is faster than most DVD rippers. In our testing, it only takes a few minutes to decrypt and rip hours of movies.
  • 3. The DVD compression feature is useful. It could encode 8GB DVD to 4.7GB DVD.


  • 1. DVD Shrink cannot deal with latest encryption technology.
  • 2. It is only works well on Windows 7 and earlier

3. AnyDVD HD

AnyDVD HD is a commercial DVD decrypting program. Its principal features include:

  • 1. This DVDFab Passkey Lite alternative could remove region code, copy protections, parental encryptions and other restrictions from DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • 2. It also supports to remove DRM from audio CDs.
  • 3. It has the ability to work on-the-fly without storing data onto hard drives.
  • 4. Users could rip DVD content or copy entire disc, including subtitles, chapters and other meta information, to PCs.


  • 1. It supports to copy DVD at 1:1 ratio.
  • 2. This DVD decrypting tool could handle a wider range of encryptions and restrictions.
  • 3. The straightforward interface makes it appropriate for everyone, especially beginners.


  • 1. AnyDVD HD is not compatible with Mac OS X.
  • 2. The output formats are limited.

4. DVD 43

DVD 43 is an open-source DVD ripping program that has the capacity to decrypt DVDs on Windows. Its basic features include:

  • 1. This DVDFab Passkey Lite substitute application could decrypt commercial DVDs with decrypter plug-in.
  • 2. Users could rip any DVD content to local hard drive and remove restrictions at the same time.
  • 3. It also has the capacity to decrypt copy protections and back up entire DVD to PCs.


  • 1. DVD 43 and its extensive plug-ins are all free of charge.
  • 2. The user-friendly interface helps you decrypt and rip DVD easily.


  • 1. It is discontinued developing.
  • 2. DVD 43 is only compatible with Windows 7 and earlier.
DVD 43

5. Pavtube ByteCopy

Pavtube ByteCopy is another commercial optical disc utility. With this DVDFab Passkey Lite alternative, you can get more features.

  • 1. Remove AACS, BD+, UOP and other encryptions from Blu-ray discs.
  • 2. Decrypt and rip commercial DVDs or Blu-ray discs to personal computers.
  • 3. Extract audio tracks and subtitles from encrypted discs.
  • 4. Rip 3D videos from 3D Blu-ray for Gear VR and other VR headsets.


  • 1. It covers a wider range of protections and restrictions.
  • 2. The output quality is good.
  • 3. Supported output formats are diverse.


This program cannot backup DVD as ISO file.

Pavtube ByteCopy


In this article, we have talked about DVD decrypting tools. DVDFab Passkey Lite freeware has the capacity to decrypt some commercial discs. But it must co-work with other software to play, rip and copy DVDs. Considering many people do like to install many programs on personal computers, we identified and posted top five alternative applications. These applications all could work independently. DVDShrink and DVD 43 are able to remove restrictions and rip DVDs to hard drive easily. AnyDVD HD and Pavtube ByteCopy are commercial DVD decrypters and DVD rippers. Tipard DVD Ripper is the best DVDFab Passkey Lite alternative, for output quality is higher than other applications.

July 21, 2017 16:28
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DVDFab Passkey Lite Review and Best Alternatives