5 Best Alternatives for DVD Studio Pro

DVD Studio Pro

Apple had discontinued DVD Studio Pro in June, 2011. It makes sense, when you consider Apple's business routine. Apple encourages users to deliver, storage, share files through the cloud service. Moreover, Apple has integrated the basic DVD authoring feature into Disk Utility, Finder and Photos app. Now, DVD Studio Pro has disappeared on Mac computers, because current Mac OS is not compatible with this DVD making program. For some users, it is still a solid application, although it has gone. So, in this article, we will share the introduction of this DVD authoring application and provide the best alternatives available on market.

Part 1. Introduction of DVD Studio Pro

The most basic feature of DVD Studio Pro is to write different file formats to DVDs.

  • 1. Create a project with videos, images and audio files and burn entire project to DVDs.
  • 2. Merge video clips and blend audio tracks with videos on timeline.
  • 3. Implement CSS and set copy protection for DVDs.
  • 4. Design subtitle and interactive menus for DVDs.
  • 5. Create multiple language versions of DVD menu.
  • 6. Plentiful transition effects available to decorate the video project.


  • 1. Support drag-and-drop command.
  • 2. Compatible with all file formats on Mac computers.
  • 3. Extensive transition effects and DVD menu editing tools.
  • 4. Well compatible with other Mac apps.


  • 1. This professional DVD burning application is expensive and unaffordable to ordinary people.
  • 2. It takes longer time to burn a DVD than other DVD burning software.
  • 3. it is discontinued and unavailable.
DVD Studio Pro

Part 2. The best alternatives of DVD Studio Pro

DVD Studio Pro is unavailable on market, so it is necessary to discover the best alternatives for Mac OS X.

1. Tipard DVD Creator for Mac

Tipard DVD Creator for Mac is professional DVD authoring application that could meet all your requirements to create DVDs; no matter you are a tech savvy or an average user.

Tipard DVD Creatorfor Mac
  • 1. You can write almost all video file formats to discs, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV and HD videos.
  • 2. DVD Creator for Mac supports various DVD formats as output source, including DVD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD folder and ISO files.
  • 3. There are extensive DVD menu templates and elements available to design personalized menu for DVDs.
  • 4. Before writing videos on DVD, you can polish video clips by video editing tools, such as trim, crop, watermark, video effects and filters.
  • 5. Its intuitive interface and well-designed features simplify the process to author DVD on Mac OS X.
  • 6. The built-in advanced algorithm is able to generate highest quality outputs.

2. Disco

Disco is a dedicated Mac disc burning application and the best free alternative of DVD Studio Pro.

  • 1. Compatible with all Apple supported internal and external DVD burners.
  • 2. Write files on rewritable DVDs or erase rewritable DVDs.
  • 3. Support both single layer DVDs and dual layer DVDs.
  • 4. Extract ISO images from discs or files and write ISO images to DVDs.
  • 5. Create audio CDs with Quick Time supported files.


  • 1. The drag-and-drop command is supported.
  • 2. The interface is intuitive and user friendly.
  • 3. This application is free of charge.


  • 1. Developer discontinued updating since 2011.
  • 2. The output quality is not as good as other best alternatives.

3. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an all-in-one DVD creator released by Apple.

Final Cut Pro
  • 1. Final Cut Pro is not only a DVD creator, but also a video editor.
  • 2. The magnetic timeline is able to close up the gaps between video clips.
  • 3. This DVD Studio Pro alternative has the capacity to blend videos, images with audio files on timeline and burn them on DVDs.
  • 4. It provides plentiful video transitions.
  • 5. You can create 3D titles for DVDs within Final Cut Pro.


  • 1. Import unlimited files with various formats.
  • 2. Optimize for MacBook Pro.
  • 3. Extensive video and audio editing features.


  • 1. The price is much more expensive than other DVD authoring applications.

4. Disk Utility

Disk Utility is a system utility for Mac computers. Apple has integrated DVD authoring feature into this utility.

Disk Utility
  • 1. Rip ISO images from Apple supported DVD drive and back up DVDs.
  • 2. Write ISO images to DVDs.
  • 3. Burn files on local hard drive to discs.
  • 4. Mounting, unmounting and eject disc volumes.
  • 5. Verify a disc and repair discs.
  • 6. Erase rewritable DVDs.


  • 1. Disk Utility is the simplest way to create DVDs on Mac.
  • 2. Every Mac users could use it without installation.
  • 3. This DVD authoring application provides all basic DVD authoring features for free.


  • 1. Limited features and no custom options.
  • 2. The output quality cannot be guaranteed.

5. DVDStyler

DVDStyler is another free DVD authoring application compatible with Mac OS X.

  • 1. Create DVDs with various file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP2, MP3, AC-3 and more.
  • 2. Add subtitles and audio tracks to DVDs.
  • 3. Design interactive menu with templates or personal elements for DVDs.
  • 4. Create photo slideshow and store on discs.


  • 1. This DVD Studio Pro is an open source application and free of charge.
  • 2. It is compatible with a wider range of input formats.
  • 3. DVDStyler is easy to use.
  • 4. The output quality is great.


  • 1. DVDStyler does not offer video editing features
  • 2. The speed of burning DVDs is slower.


Based on the introductions above, you might learn the basic features, advantages and disadvantages about DVD Studio Pro. Considering it is not available on market, we identified and shared some best alternatives for DVD Studio Pro. If you need a DVD authoring application for Mac computer, you can choose one from the best list based on your situations. Disco is a free DVD burning application for Mac OS X. Although the develop stop updating, you can use it to create DVDs easily. Final Cut Pro is another utility developed by Apple. The biggest advantage of Final Cut Pro is awesome video editing features. Disk Utility is a pre-installed utility that supports basic DVD authoring features. DVDStyler is an open-source DVD burning application compatible with Mac OS X. And the most cost-effecive alternative is Tipard DVD Creator for Mac.

June 27, 2017 11:29
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5 Best Alternatives for DVD Studio Pro