The 5 Similar Websites As DVDEmpire

DVDEmpire is one of the most popular DVD and Blu-ray discs retail websites. As video streaming services become more and more popular, many DVD stores that provided DVD sales and DVD rental services have shut down. Now, you cannot find these once popular DVD stores in streets. An alternative solution is online DVD retailers, like DVD Empire. With these online DVD retailers, movie enthusiasts could enjoy the latest authorized movies as soon as possible. But you may wonder: is DVDEmpire website trustable? What about its customer services? We will share the introduction and review about the website in this post based on customer investigation and testing. If you want to learn more choices about DVD online retailers, you can learn some similar sites in this article as well.

Part 1. Introduction and review was created by two computer programmers in 1997. Unlike other online retailers, it tends to focus on customer service and order fulfillment rather than slashing prices. After a decade growth, DVDEmpire announced that it would close the video game division and focus on movie DVDs. Now it has 60 full- and part-time employees. According to the website, there are 2.5 million unique visitors each month. Currently, this online DVD retailer offers extensive video DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Customers can also discover adult videos on its affiliate websites, like and



  • 1. DVDEmpire loads very fast and has an intuitive home page.
  • 2. Customers could shop the DVDs or Blu-ray discs according to disc formats, categories, best sellers and new releases.
  • 3. The checkout process is simple and smooth.
  • 4. Customers could get clarity information about the products.
  • 5. It provides various shipping options.
  • 6. Customer service is better than other online retailers.


  • 1. Prices are higher than other online DVD retailers.
  • 2. The shipping service is not good.
  • 3. Product return is complicated.

DVDEmpire is not the only online DVD retailer on market. If you want to learn more similar websites, you can read the contents below.

Part 2. DVD Planet

DVD Planet is another large online DVD retailer, which was founded in 2004. The retailer said customer would find all of their favorite DVD Planet titles right here and they bring the top entertainment choices at great prices. DVD Planet


  • 1. DVD Planet website needs shorter time to load.
  • 2. Customers could find the DVD or Blu-ray movies based on categories or in search bar.
  • 3. The prices are better than DVDEmpire.
  • 4. All DVDs and Blu-ray discs sell on DVD Planet are authorized.


  • 1. DVD Planet's customer service is not as good as it said.
  • 2. The shipping service is slow.

Part 3. Deep Discount

As its name said, Deep Discount is engaging in offering the best price possible for DVD and Blu-ray movies enthusiasts. Customers could discover the latest video DVDs, Blu-ray movies and music CDs on Deep Discount and compare the price to make better decisions.

DVD Planet


  • 1. This DVDEmpire similar website load time is average level.
  • 2. The prices and discount coupons are attractive.
  • 3. This online retailer offers a wider range of discs, movies and music.
  • 4. The checkout process is ok and accepts various payments, like credit card, Paypal, cash on delivery.
  • 5. Customers could enjoy free shipping on orders over $25.


  • 1. The shipping service is worse. Many customers reported their discs crashed.

Part 4. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers all over the world. The movies and TV section offers thousands of DVD and Blu-ray movies organized in categories. Although Amazon is not a dedicated DVD retailer, customers can find what they want to easily.



  • 1. This DVDEmpire similar website website loads faster than most online retailers.
  • 2. Customers can compare prices cross different sellers and discover the better price.
  • 3. Amazon offers many discount, coupon and free shipping activities.
  • 4. Customers could enjoy a more convenient checkout process.


  • 1. Although Amazon had improved seller management, there are still some stores selling unauthorized DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

Part 5. Movies Unlimited

Movies Unlimited is not only an online DVD retailer, but also managing stores in Philadelphia. This DVD retailer was founded in 1978 and now offers DVD and Blu-ray movies online.

 Movies Unlimited


  • 1. This DVDEmpire similar website provides a wider range of services. In addition to DVDs and Blu-ray movies, customers could also purchase print service.
  • 2. The prices are great and the movie collection is huge.
  • 3. Movies Unlimited accepts various payments, including Paypal.
  • 4. The customer service is nice, even in holiday season.


  • 1. Website is somewhat messy.
  • 2. The shipping is slower than other online retailer.

Part 6. Make a DVD copy

Although DVDEmpire and online DVD retailers offers huge movie database, it is difficult to find out your favorite movies, especially old movies. So, when you get your favorite DVD movies, you'd better make a DVD copy with Tipard DVD Cloner. The biggest advantage of DVD Cloner is to keep the original quality. Moreover, the built-in advanced algorithm is able to bypass the latest encryptions.

How to create DVD copy

Step 1

Insert a movie DVD into DVD drive and launch Tipard DVD Cloner on your computer.

Step 2

Go to the File menu and choose the movie DVD to import it. Locate to middle area of the interface and hit the Full Copy button. Select your DVD drive in the drop-down list of Source and then choose ISO image in the list of Target. Then press the Next button and the Start button in next window to start ripping original DVD.

Step 3

After ripping, reject the original DVD and insert a blank DVD into your DVD drive.

Step 4

Open Tipard DVD Cloner, drag and drop the ISO file you just created into this DVD copier. Choose ISO image in the Source list and DVD drive in the Target list. After settings, click on the Next button and then the Start button to copy the ISO image to blank DVD.

DVD Cloner

With Tipard DVD Cloner, you only need four steps to copy a movie DVD to a blank DVD by one DVD drive.


In this article, we introduced one of the best online DVD retailers, DVDEmpire. If you do not care about the prices, you can trust and purchase movie DVDs and Blu-ray discs on Furthermore, we shared and compared several best online DVD retailers. When you want to find out the latest authorized movies, you can choose a website from the top list. On the other hand, you may need to copy a movie DVD to back it up or play it on more DVD players. We suggested you to use Tipard DVD Cloner to create DVD copies. This DVD copy tool not only could bring you the highest quality possible, but also could remove any encryption and protection.

June 26, 2017 15:03
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The 5 Similar Websites As DVDEmpire