The Best Ways to Play DVD on Wii

Wii Play DVD

The article provides different ways to play DVD on Wii. You can find the methods to solve the problems for playing DVD on Wii. You can choose the most effect way accordingly. Thanks to Tipard, the best DVD ripper, you can find it easy to achieve the requirement.

When you wanna play DVD on Wii, you might take the following things into consideration first, or else, you might find it complicated or fails to play DVD on Wii.

  • 1. How to unlock the Wii? Make sure you can read more detail before you unlock the Wii.
  • 2. How to play DVD with different regions?

Method one: Rip DVD to Wii format

It should be the most effect way to play DVD on Wii. You can simply rip DVD to Wii compatible format and use Tipard DVD ripper for ripping a DVD to play on Wii Console. You can regardless the method to unlock the Wii or DVD from different regions.

  • 1. Load the DVD to Tipard DVD Ripper.
  • 2. Choose "Wii" format from the "Profile" dropdown list.
  • 3. Rip the DVD file to format playable for Wii Console.

You can copy the file compatible with Wii console to the SD card and use the SD card to play DVD on Wii.

Method two: Unlock Wii to play DVD

When you want to unlock Wii, you can play DVD on Wii as well as other video and audio format, or use homebrew games/classic console on Nitendo Wii. But there are some risks for unlock Wii, it might also ruin the Wii.

It is recommended to use the following programs for unlocking Wii to play DVD.

  • 1. Wii Unlocker Ultra
  • 2. WII Unlock Plus
  • 3. Homebrew Installer
  • 4. Homebreware

Method three: Use Homebrew to play DVD on Wii

It is another cool tool to play DVD on Wii, but it might be a little complicated to install Homebrew Channel. You need to install the DVD Player as well as Homebrew Channel in order to play DVD on Wii.

  • 1. Download "libdi" and "mplayer". You can find the resources from Internet.
  • 2. Find a ".dol" file downloaded as "DL" and rename the file to "boot.dol". After that place it in a folder in the "apps" folder of your SD card.
  • 3. Add the "mplayer" downloaded to the "apps" folder onto your SD card.
  • 4. Running the software, when you open up homebrew channel, you can find the "mplayer" to play DVD on Wii.

It might be complicated to install Homebrew Channel, you can find more detail from the link. You can find it easy to use Tipard DVD ripper to copy the Netflix file to Wii.

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