Top 10 Scary Movies in The World on iTunes

Top 10 Scary Movies

Unlike other movie genres, which are suitable to watch together whenever. If you watch scary movies and sit with friends, you may be thrilled twice because of his or her screaming actually. Have you ever experienced that your friends' response may terrier than the real horror-film? In my advice, pull your curtains to make your room dark, and then prepare the soft pillow to hug, or you can watch scary movies with your pet. Snacks may not be necessary, as most people will not have the desire to sit down and have some popcorn. Or you can leave some classic horror movies, to see during Halloween. Well, that's all for watching horror films preparation. And now, let us begin top 10 scary movies of all times introduction.

Part 1: Top 10 Horror Movies You Should Not Miss

The following scary films I introduce are mainly suspense and psychological genres, based on horror movies, and some may contain religious beliefs. After watching so many good horror films on iTunes, I sort out top 10 scariest horror movies, and hope you enjoy them too.

Top 10. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

IMDb Rated: 8.1/ 10

The little boy has the sixth sense, so he can see and talk to spirits, and it is the cause to make him to be social withdrawal. His mom brings him to see the disheartened child psychologist. With the patience and time they spend together of helping spirits, the little boy smile again. And the psychologist solve his headache problems as well, he accept the reality that he had dead already.

The Sixth Sense

Top 9. Resident Evil (2002)

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson

IMDb Rated: 6.7/ 10

A virus has escaped from the secret facility, and has its name “The Hive”. The staff was infected and they bite each other. And the “Animals” they studied have released. Though the complex computer shuts down the base, it is too late. The parent corporation sends in an elite military unit, and they meet Alice, who is the survival of nerve gas with amnesia. The left task for them is to save the world, with exciting tumble and high-tech equipment. If you want to save the world as well, then come and see Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil

Top 8. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Director: Drew Goddard

IMDb Rated: 7.0/ 10

Five teenagers with a cabin in the wood, when they entered in, they are isolated with the outside world already. The cellar door flings itself open, which cause their curiosities to investigate. Well, with the deeper cabin exploration, one of their members Dana awakens the family of deadly zombie killers through one book. And now, the horrible everything begins.

The Cabin in the Woods

Top 7. The Conjuring (2013)

Director: James Wan

IMDb Rated: 7.5/ 10

At the beginning of this terror movie, it tells people that the nightmarish terror is real happened. In 1971, the family moved to a dilapidated farmhouse, in which occur terrifying horrors. The paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are invited to help families terrorized by the bark presence in the farmhouse. Behind the evil and satanic haunting, the background is also worth to be digging out. It is the top horror movies of religious belief in recent years.

The Conjuring

Top 6. Insidious (2010)

Director: James Wan

IMDb Rated: 6.8/ 10

At the beginning, the family is looking for help, to awaken their son, who has been fallen in a coma after the mysterious incident in the attic. But they do not know that their son's spirit has been slavering by the devil in the house. To end up the endless sleep, the paranormal team starts to rediscover the past, to get the key to get their son back. The Insidious horror film has its sequel, you can watch them together, to seek what happened to the family, including the son and father.


Top 5. Orphan (2009)

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

IMDb Rated: 7.0/ 10

To comfort to wife who has lost the baby, the husband decide to adopt the 9-year-old girl, Esther, from the St. Marina Orphan, who looks elegant and smart as she pretend to be. So they love Esther as their other children do. But they do not know how evil Esther she is. Esther starts to kill the girl who laugh at her, and the nun who investigate on her, because of the suspicion from the wife. At last, during the battle between the wife and Esther on the frozen lake, she fakes to be the timid child, and asks the wife "mom, help me!" is the most monstrousness segment I thought.


Top 4. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Director: Jonathan Demme

IMDb Rated: 8.6/ 10

It is the American horror-thriller film, which starts with the interview between FBI trainee Clarice Starling and the serial killer Hannibal Lecter, who is the former psychiatrist. To solve the serial murder case, which includes the daughter of the Mayor, she asks help from Hannibal Lecter. Wanna to know what happened? You can open the scary movie on iTunes to seek by yourself.

The Silence of the Lambs

Top 3. The Skeleton Key (2005)

Director: Iain Softley

IMDb Rated: 6.5/ 10

A young hospice nurse gets a new job, to take care of the man at the Terrebonne plantation house. With the snares all around her life, she was entangled in the supernatural mystery. And the most important point is that once she became to believe in the hoodoo rituals, the former inhabitants are able to take place her body as themselves, and turn her spirit into the old and weak body instead. If you start to believe something ridiculous before, then you just get into the trap, which is created for you specifically.

The Skeleton Key

Top 2. The Shining (1980)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

IMDb Rated: 8.4/ 10

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", remember? It is the signal of Jack to be crazy. With dozens of paper printed with only once sentence. After that, Jack carries an axe and began to chase his wife and son, in the isolated hotel in winter. The little boy has the Shinning talent, which can inform people outside the hotel what happened. And it is the important method to save them.

The Shining

Top 1. Identity (2003)

Director: James Mangold

IMDb Rated: 7.3/ 10

Identity is the psychological thriller mystery film, based in the isolated remote Nevada motel. The convict Malcolm Rivers, Malcolm's psychiatrist Dr. Malick and other ten strangers have to stay in that house, because of the huge rain and broken car. The night is not peace as usual, as the murder takes place one by one, and it is hard to find who kills them. Nobody can escape yet. As for me, the first time I watched the horror movies, I fail to discover the meaning it want to express.


Part 2: Watch Scary Movie from iTunes on Smart TV

Have you ever considered watching the scary movies on Smart TV instead of Apple TV or iDevice? Because of the DRM protection of iTunes, you might fail to playback these movies on other devices. In order to watch them on Smart TV, you have to remove the DRM protection of the iTunes scary movies and convert into the compatible formats. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be the best option. Just learn more detail about how to turn the DRM protected iTunes movies into the DRM free one for your smart TV.

Step 1: Import the Scary movie to the program

Just click the Add File button to add the movies of iTunes to the program. After load the movies to the program, the program is able to detect the content for the DRM protected videos.

Add Video

Step 2: Select the output format

When you need to playback the videos on smart TV or other devices, you can choose the output format as MP4 or directly choose the format for the device. And then adjust the parameters in order to have the best result.

Select the Output Format

Step 3: DRM removal for the iTunes video

And then you can click the Convert button to remove the DRM protection for the iTunes scary movies. You can enjoy the movies on the smart TV or other devices now.

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