How to Download iMovie for Free on Mac and iOS Devices

iMovie Download

iMovie is an excellent program to edit video clips for Mac or iOS systems. In order to download iMovie for free, you might have to jailbreak on iOS device first. The article explains the best iMovie alternatives and the detail ways to get iMovie for free. Check out more detail from the article now.

The Best iMovie Equivalent for Windows: Tipard Total Media Converter

When you are looking for iMovie fro Windows, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is your right choice. It has the similar functionalities as iMovie and has a user-friendly interface. What's more, the program is able to convert DVD and other video formats that are not supported by iMovie.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate
  • 1. The powerful converting function supports DVD, video formats and fashionable portable devices compatible formats. You can extract the video clips as resource from anywhere you want.
  • 2. The amazing editing functions should also be mentioned. Except for the basic editing functions, such as trim, crop, split, combine, add text or watermark, you can also convert video to 3D video.
  • 3. With the advanced NVIDIA CUDA & AMD APP encoding technology, you are able to enjoy the 6X faster for converting speed now.
  • 4. Enhance the video quality and customize the settings for the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, video bitrate and customize the settings of Audio encoder.

As for the Mac users, you can also use the program to convert videos from different channels to the compatible format of iMovie. It should be the best converter and edit to go with iMovie.

How to Get iMovie for Free on iOS device and Mac

Here is the good news for the users purchased after September 1st 2013. Apple announced that they would make the iOS versions and Mac of their iWork apps, iPhoto and iMovie for free. You can find iPhoto is updated to Photos several months ago. If you still have not get iMovie for free, you can check whether you are meeting the requirements.

  • 1. The device must have been purchased after September 1st 2013.
  • 2. You should install iOS 7 or later operation system.
  • 3. As for the Mac computer, you need Mac OS X Mavericks or above operation systems.

Here is the download link for iMovie if you still cannot get iMovie for free or remove iMovie by accident. In order to make sure you download iMovie for free, you need check whether you have to pay US$4.99. Here is the guidance for the first time launch and manually download.

Download iMovie for first time launch

Usually after you set up for your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can access the iMovie in iPhone for free. The Apple Store will download all free apps made by Apple for the first time you launch the Apple Store. Once you meet all eligibility requirements, you can get iMovie for free when you access App Store.

  • 1. Launch Apple Store from Mac or the Home screen of iPhone/iPad.
  • 2. For the iOS device, you can tap on Download All of the pop up screen to get iMovie for free.
  • 3. As for the Mac operation system, you can search for the program from App Store. And then click the Get Button to download the program for free.
  • 4. Enter the Apple ID and Password to download iMovie program on your Mac or iOS device now.

Download iMovie manually in Apple Store

If you have deleted iMovie previously or accidently dismissed the popup the first time you launch the App Store. You can also get iMovie, iWork apps and Photos back in one place by following steps.

  • 1. Launch Apple Store from Mac or the Home screen of iPhone/iPad similar as the initial download.
  • 2. From the Featured tab, scroll down and tap on the New to App Store? Tile under Collections.
  • 3. And then you can access to all the Apps Made by Apple from the scroll down towards the bottom.
  • 4. You can get a list of all the Apple applications. Click the Free icon of iMovie to download iMovie for your iOS device.

For Mac users, which do not have a collection list for Apple applications, you can search for iMovie directly for another download. The method can also be used for iOS device if you still cannot find iMovie.

What can you do with iMovie

Once you get iMovie for free, you need to learn more detail about how to take advantage of the excellent free program. Here are the most important features you should know about iMovie.

  • 1. As for iPhone users, you can import video straight from iPhone to iMovie, and then you can also access the video on Mac. For more and more footage are taken by iPhone, it is helpful to edit videos in iMovie directly.
  • 2. Another feature specifically for videos taken by iPhone is the Stabilization effect on shaky video. When you add a clip to Timeline, you can click on Adjust > Stabilize > Stabilize Shaky Footage.
  • 3. If you just get the latest version of Mac Book Pro, you can also use the Magic Trackpad multi touch gesture to edit the videos of iMovie within your fingerprint.
  • 4. When you need some professional program to further edit the iMovie videos, you can also use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. All the programs support iMovie projects.
  • 5. Create an instant reply for good action shots. The Instant Replay option adds a second version of the clip at the new speed with an Instant Replay graphic.
  • 6. No only the photographs on iPhone or Mac, you can also access Facebook directly to add resource to iMovie for further editing.
  • 7. When you use multiple Apple device, you can also use iCloud to sync the project files or just use the iMovie to sync files between different devices with ease.
  • 8. Sport Team editor is feature for sport events. Sports Team theme video be sure to check out the Sports Team Editor. Found under Window > Sports Team Editor you can get a menu for your team.

Except for the above gorgeous features, you can also access to the basic editing functions within iMovie without problem. And there are multiple transitions, pictures and effects within iMovie, which you can use freely without extra download. When you are not convenient to use iMovie on your travel, the iMovie for iOS device enable you to edit the files on the go.


Here is the way you can get iMove for free and take advantage of the excellent program. It should be a long article to explain all the nice features of iMovie in one article. You only have to download iMovie for free and explore more functions according to your requirements.

The major drawback of iMovie is the supported format, which only supports MP4, MOV and limited formats. In order to import other formats or even the DVD files to iMovie. Tipard Total Media Converter is the right choice for you. If you have any query related to get iMovie for free, you can contact me with more detail information.

January 22, 2021 15:26

How to Download iMovie for Free on Mac and iOS Devices