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Free Kindle Books

Reading is not only the hobby to kill time on subway, but also the method to transform you in gradual increasing status silently. No matter which kind of books you have read, they will be reflected on your behaviors and thoughts as time went by. It is books, which builds up you, and it is also you who choose those books. The above words are hard to understand, right? In more direct explanation, reading is the task you should insist as long as you are alive. For some people who do not have too much spare money to spend on Kindle eBook reading, and it is true that some eBooks are not cheaper, here I have collected best 12 free Kindle books sites, to download and read free eBooks online. You can read with the help of the headline, above each eBook free site group.

Part 1: Amazon Free Kindle Books to Download

1. Kindle Unlimited ("Free" Kindle books per month)/ Kindle Store (Top 100 free Kindle eBooks)

The EPUB file is a kind of popular and freely available eBook standard, short for electronic publication. It is an open standard format, which can support more hardware eBook readers than any other similar file format. It has been around for a long time, due largely to its flexibility, and you may find many apps to help you handle these files.

If you buy the Kindle unlimited license, then you can borrow thousands of Kindle books for free per month. Though they will be removed once you do not continue buying Kindle unlimited card. I want to express the idea that if you have the habit to read every day, the kindle unlimited servei can offer you higher standard reading sources.

There is Top 100 Free list under Amazon Best Sellers menu, with which you can read free classics online. Be careful that some Kindle free books here is just available for Audiobook with Kindle Edition words under book names.

Free Kindle Books Download Link:

Kindle Unlimited

2. Gutenberg (54,000 free eBook to download)

Gutenberg offers free eBooks online read and download service, with thousands of volunteers to donate and organize world's great literatures and classics. Older EPUB and Kindle books have expired already. So all books in Gutenberg free Kindle book online site are legal.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


3. (free texts to download)

All textbooks are free to download and transfer as Kindle books in, including accounting, career & study advice, economics & finance, engineering, languages and many other skill text books. And you can get a 30-day free trial of its Premium e-reader, to gain the license to enter the business eBook library online.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


Part 2. EPUB Reader for Windows

1. (booklist with eBook free download link)

It looks more like a blog, which recommend you some good eBooks in different themes. And all you can get in are all free Kindle eBooks, with long paragraph descriptions, or even equipped with the video, to share personal feelings.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


2. (detail eBook comments to introduce the whole Kindle book)

There are 4 main parts in, which are $0.99 eBooks, featured book, free kindle books and kindle daily deal. Once you enter into free eBook source page, you can see online books with simple descriptions, with which you can have a brief impression of the whole free eBook before reading or downloading.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


3. eReaderIQ (popular freebies with accurate description)

There are complete eBook genres offered in eReaderIQ, with thousands of free online books you can get. If you have searched the Kindle free book here before certain time period, you can find it by the Free Since part, to locate where the location it is. Be notice that free eBooks here may have time limitation. So download immediately once you see free eBooks you like in eReaderIQ.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


Part 3: Borrow or Exchange Kindle Books

1. OneDrive (borrow free Kindle eBooks from your library)

OneDrive has collected over 2 million eBooks, audiobooks and videos already, and has linked over 30,000 libraries more than 40countries. In another word, OneDrive is your personal library, with which to borrow eBooks as in real local public library does, without time limitation.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


2. Booklending (replace your book with the borrow one)

Compares with other online eBook libraries, Booklending is more like a site to exchange book sources. If you want to download one book to Kindle, you need to upload a new one, to serve as the book fee. Of course, all your Kindle book download process is free of charge. And there is free risk to lend a book to others in Booklending as well.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


Part 4: Get Free Kindle Books in Limited Time

1. Vessel Project (Available limit free Kindle books)

Like a supermarket to sell discount products, right? But I have to admit that it is a good way to attract fixed reader, to update the free book site daily, to seek free Kindle book source to download. The good aspect is its sorted booklists, contains similar themed eBooks in it, for time limited free book download online in Vessel Project.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:

Vessel Project

2. BookBub (offer free and time limited free eBook sources)

When you enter the online, you can see its long and comprehensive categories on the left pane, which can meet the book genre you like. Then turn your eyes on the right pane, you can search directly, or to view following book recommends, some are free permanently, while some are free with time limitations.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


3. OHFB (free Kindle book for a sale in limited time)

After you register with your email address on OHFB, the Kindle book download site will send an alert when the deals come. So you can save time of searching online, and to get one hundred free books online to read and download in OHFB.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


4. (send you freebies and discounts through email daily)

Get daily email from Bookgorilla of discounts and free Kindle books bestsellers, based on your reading preferences. If you want to find deep discounts of latest books, you can turn to Bookgorilla to see cheaper or not.

Free Kindle Book Download Link:


With the above 12 free book sites online, you can search and download free books to Kindles and other reading tablets. If you have anything unclear or other good free eBook sites to share, please contact to let us know, we are looking for your respectfully advice.

July 07, 2017 03:12
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