Apple iPad Pro VS Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Which Tablet is Better in Commercial

Apple iPad Pro VS Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 play an important role in business and productivity. If you just compare iPad Pro and Surface pro 4 from the outlook, it is hard to tell which will be better. So to make it clear which tablet brand is more suitable, and what its advantages are, you can read the following iPad vs Surface review of pros and cons. It can be your important considerations for further iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro purchasing. To begin with, I will show you some obvious comparisons of iPad Pro and Surface Pro.

Part 1. The Comparison on Basic Features

#1. iPad Pro

Display: 9.7 inch/ 12.9 inch

Size: 9.4 × 6.6 × 0.24/ 12 × 8.7 × 0.27

RAM: 2 GB/ 4 GB

Storage: 32GB/ 128 GB/ 256 GB

Port: lightning

#2. Surface Pro 4

Display: 12.3 inch

Size: 11.5 × 7.9 × 0.33

RAM: 4 GB/ 8 GB/ 16 GB

Storage: 128 GB/ 256 GB/ 512 GB/ 1TB

Port: USB 3, Mini DisplayPort, microSD card reader

And the price of iPad vs Surface Pro varies too, because of the above tablet comparisons. iPad Pro has 4 colors to choose, from silver, space gray, gold and rose gold. But you have to buy Apple pencil for $99 in addition. And iPad Pro charges from $ 599 to $ 1129, refers to storage, display and connectivity. As for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you can get surface pen in the box, and the prices start from $799 to $ 1699.

1. Performance and Portability – iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4

2. Keyboard and Pen - iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4

3. Battery and APPs - iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4

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Part 2. iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 in Performance and Portability

From the above iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 versus lists, you can see that Surface Pro 4 has larger RAM and storage room, for people to store more files. Of course, you can enlarge iPad Pro storage with extra purchase, to satisfy documents storage space. But the RAM of iPad Pro vs Surface Pro indicates you that Microsoft Surface Pro enables users to run more applications simultaneously.

Performance and Portability

As for design of Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4, there are still some differences you can distinguish, for people who are chasing more designable interface and tablets. iPad Pro has round corner and lighter appearance, versus Surface Pro 4, just similar with other Apple devices. And Surface Pro is a common rectangle digital device. So if you hold iPad Pro versus Surface Pro 4 long time to compare, it is true that iPad Pro is better to hold.

Part 3. iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 in Keyboard and Pen

Only with keyboard and pen can a tablet be consisted into lightning PC. For iPad Pro users, buying additional Apple pencil and keyboard is necessary. Apple pencil looks like real pencil for you to draw. Therefore, you can design with Apple pencil accurately. Moreover, Apple pencil announces that users can get gorgeous color saturation and resolution, to view vivid images. And the pen of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seems kind of rough of nib. But you are able to set customizable settings with Surface pen, such as turning the on-screen pointer and etc. in addition, Microsoft Surface Pro pen has eraser button and other functional features. Therefore, the pen comparison of iPad Pro versus Surface Pro 4 is hard to tell. It depends on which part you aims.

Keyboard and Pen

Apple iPad Pro will charge you $149 or $ 169 for two tablet sizes. Your iPad Pro's smart keyboard cover does not offer touchpad. The Surface Pro 4's keyboard costs $129, and you can similar experience of typing on laptop. With built-in touchpad and backlit keyboard setting, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard has more competitive ability, compares with iPad Pro's keyboard cover.

Part 4. iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 4 in Battery Life and APPs

Apple iPad Pro announces that it will work up to 10 hours, while Microsoft Surface Pro expresses that the video playback will up to 9 hours. It may not be clearly enough to show iPad Pro vs Surface Pro tablet result, thus, there is a research for you, to know the real hours two tablets can work, in daily life. The researchers open Wi-Fi and start surfing the Internet continuously, to test battery ability. The brightness is 150 nits, and other unnecessary apps are closed. The battery research shows that Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch tablet can work 10 hours and 53 minutes, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro lasts 10 hours plus 4 minutes. As for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, it can run only for 6 hours and 4 minutes. So in case you have emergency commercial work to do outside, taking the Surface Pro charger will be better.

Battery Life and APPs

iPad Pro runs iOS 9.3 operating system, thus many people install apps just as other iOS mobile devices do. The real fact is that you can get millions of applications from the App Store, and it is cheaper than Android alternatives. In addition, there are many apps aims for touchscreen devices. As for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the operating system is Windows 10. So you can install Windows desktop software on Surface Pro 4 tablet for easy taking in commercial work. As a result, the winner of iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 of battery and apps is Apple iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro VS Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Which Tablet is Better in Commercial