Top 10 Photo Recovery Apps on Android

Top 10 Photo Recovery Apps on Android

People search for photo recovery app Android for many reasons. A business man, for example, deletes an important meeting photo for mistake. He must want to find out the photo as soon as possible. And many mother reported that children usually erase pictures when they play games with mothers' Android phone. Moreover, people have to reset to factory settings when Android phones crash or infect virus. If they want to images return, they also need a photo recovery app Android. We have tested most popular photo recovery apps on market and identified the best one. And today, we are going to share the results in this article.

Top 1. Tipard Android Data Recovery

Tipard Android Data Recovery is the best photo recovery app for both PC and Mac. Although you delete the pictures on Android phone, they do not disappear from the deep memory card. Only when you rewrite some data on the same area stored the pictures, they will be wiped from memory permanently. Android Data Recovery utilize advanced algorithm to scan your smartphone and recovery the data in deep layers.

Tipard Android Data Recovery
  • 1. It can help you to recover photos on a non-rooted Android phone easily.
  • 2. Besides pictures, it also has the capacity to recover deleted contacts, messages, videos and other media files from both memory and SD card.
  • 3. Android Data Recovery is compatible with all Android devices, no matter brands and venders.
  • 4. You can use this Android photo recovery application to restore any deleted photos with one-click.

In a word, Android Data Recovery is worth to use, if you want to get your photos back.

Top 2. Undeleter

Undeleter is not only an Android photo recovery, but also an Android data restore app.

  • 1. Scan and recover erased files from memory and internal storage, including photos.
  • 2. Retrieve pictures and other data from corrupted or formatted memory cards.
  • 3. It could get multiple deleted files back, including pictures, videos, music, archives, ebooks, SMS and call logs.


  • 1. It is free of charge.


  • 1. You have to root your phone first.
  • 2. For average people, this app is too complicated.

Top 3. 4EXT Recovery Control

4EXT Recovery Control is a popular photo recovery app among Android users.

4EXT Recovery Control
  • 1. It could get back all photo deleted within two weeks.
  • 2. This app offers more custom options to let you control the photo recovery process.
  • 3. It supports a wider range of file formats, like BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and more.


  • 1. 4EXT Recovery Control has a great customer service.


  • 1. It needs root access.
  • 2. 4EXT Recovery Control is a paid app.

Top 4. Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a reliable photo recovery APK for Android devices.

Data Recovery
  • 1. It could restore deleted photos and videos to photo gallery.
  • 2. The recovery data supported by this app includes photos, contacts, music, SMS, call logs and videos.
  • 3. This Android photo recovery app also has the ability to backup data from memory to SD cards.


  • 1. It does not ask users to root Android phone.


  • 1. You have to see ads to exchange free features.
  • 2. The recoverable photos are limited.

Top 5. Rashr - Flash Tool

Rashr is a flash tool and able to flash deleted images from internal or external storage.

Rashr - Flash Tool
  • 1. It could recover thousands images on Android phone.
  • 2. You can save recovery photos to memory card or external cards.
  • 3. This Android photo recovery app allows you to download recovery data to PC.


  • 1. It supports all popular audio formats, except WMV.
  • 2. The interface is straightforward and simple to navigate.
  • 3. XLD has the capacity to lossless CD ripping.


  • 1. The program only can decode one file at a time.
  • 2. The custom parameters are limited.

Top 6. GT Recovery

GT Recovery is another versatile photo recovery program for unrooted Android devices.

GT Recovery
  • 1. It could retrieve deleted photos by scanning Android phone storage.
  • 2. More data recoverable includes videos, SMS, music, contacts and other files.
  • 3. You can preview the scanning photos before retrieve them.


  • 1. It is totally free without ads
  • 2. GT Recovery has a PC version for unrooted phone.


  • 1. This app only works on rooted Android devices.

Top 7. Restore Image

As its name said, Restore Image is a dedicated photo recovery app for Android.

Restore Image
  • 1. It is able to return the deleted images on your Android phone.
  • 2. Restore Image allows you to decide the location to restore the pictures.
  • 3. You can select any pictures to restore or recover all pictures as you wish.


  • 1. It does not need rooted phone.


  • 1. If you want to remove ads, you have to pay for it.

Top 8. Photo Recovery Shop

Photo Recovery Shop is a simple picture recoverying tool for Android devices.

Photo Recovery Shop
  • 1. This app could recover erased or lost pictures without PCs.
  • 2. It works well on Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony phones.
  • 3. You can get back lost pictures from internal and external storage.


  • 1. If you restore the recovery photos to SD card, you do not need to root your Android device.


  • 1. It only supports limited smartphone versions.

Top 9. DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery is another image recovery tool available to all Android devices.

DiskDigger photo recovery
  • 1. Retrieve lost images from memory card or external storage.
  • 2. Upload all recovery pictures to Google Drive, Dropbox or send them to email.
  • 3. You can customize the location to save the recovery pictures.


  • 1. This app works well on both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • 2. It is free to download.


  • 1. The recovery image quality is poor.

Top 10. Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use photo recovery app available to non-rooted Android devices.

Photo Recovery
  • 1. It can recover the recent deleted images on Android phone.
  • 2. You can recover and restore lost pictures with one-click.
  • 3. Photo Recovery supports to retrieve various image formats, like PNG, JPG and GIF.


  • 1. Photo Recovery is easy to use.
  • 2. It is free without ads.


  • 1. The recovery pictures have poor quality.


Delete important pictures in mistake? Want to return the pictures you have erased a year ago? Feel crazy when your child wipe your photo gallery? We learned your demands and identified best photo recovery apps for Android devices. You should understand that Android photo recovery apps could only scan cache and apps on a non-rooted device. If you just delete the picture recently, you can try the simple photo recovery tools, such as Photo Recovery, DiskDigger photo recovery, Photo Recovery Shop or Restore Image. If you have rooted you phone, you can use the sophisticated apps, like Undeleter, 4EXT Recovery Control, Data Recovery, Rashr or GT Recovery. If you want a powerful and intuitive tool, Tipard Android Data Recovery should be the best choice.

July 27, 2017 13:53
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Top 10 Photo Recovery Apps on Android