15 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android to iPhone

FaceTime for Android to iPhone

With the development of Smartphone, the communication of the world has totally changed. And video calling is nothing new when it comes to Smartphone, and FaceTime is a typical example. However, FaceTime is a video calling application that inbuilt in iPhones and Android users are not allowed to use it. So what if you are an Android phone owner and you want to chat with your friends with iPhone? Don't worry. Here is our list of 15 best alternatives to FaceTime for Android to call iPhone. Maybe you can take into consideration.

1. Skype

Price: free for download, cheap for video call

Features: It is the most popular video chatting application, which is not only for mobile users, but also used for computers and tablets. Once you install the video call application, you can use it as alternative of Facetime to make call from Android to iPhone. Skype provides excellent sound quality for both Android and iOS users.


2. Viber

Price: free for download

Features: One of the greatest features is its clean and concise interface design. And it can automatically sync with the contact list. Its HD quality audio and video calling along with the option of chatting also leaves users a deep impression. You can make video calls from Android to iPhone as Facebook with ease.


3. WhatsApp

Price: As always, it is free.

Features: It is a popular platform that supports you to text chat, voice call and video call with your friends. Additionally, your chats can be encrypted for security conscious, which is really useful for both Android users and iOS users. Actually you only need to use the Internet connection as FaceTime to call from Android to iPhone.


4. Google Hangouts

Price: It can be downloaded free of cost, too.

Features: Google Hangouts is the most powerful Facetime alternative for Android. And it supports users to send text message, audio calling as well as FaceTime between Android and iPhone with a single or group of people. It should be one of the most recommended applications for video calls on Google.

Google Hangouts

5. Line messenger

Price: It is available for free.

Features: It is the easiest alternative to FaceTime on Android. What's more, you can share your favorite pictures, such as your selfies, with your online friends and accept their likes. Also, you can add comments to the pictures of other contacts when they share. It is more than a communication solution as FaceTime for Android to iPhone, it also has powerful social media features.

Line Messenger

6. Tango

Price: The platform is completely free but it has in-app purchase.

Features: It is the oldest video chat application and it supports you to make free video callings as FaceTime for Android to iPhone. It is a social platform rather than a video chat app cause it features text chats, free video calls, free voice calls and so on. It should be a popular application for Android users.


7. OoVoo

Price: Of course, it is free of cost.

Features: OoVoo has one of the best group video chat function of any of the apps on this list, easily supporting calls with more than a dozen people. In addition, its audio quality is really excellent so that you can hear less noise when you make FaceTime call from Android to iPhone.


8. Facebook Messenger

Price: Free of charge

Features: Facebook Messenger is easy to operate. And it has thousands of loyal users, which means that you can make Facetime from Android phone to iPhone of your friends without using a brand new service. When you have installed Facebook on Smartphone, you do not need to install other programs to make a video call.

Facebook Messenger

9. KakaoTalk

Price: Free, as usual.

Features: What the app attracts people is making video calls as FaceTime between android and iPhone without any cost. It is especially popular in Korea areas. KakaoTalk is making video calls between android and iPhone without any cost. What is more, you can also find frequently updates for the program.


10. Cabana

Price: It is available for free, too.

Features: Cabana is a little different from other FaceTime apps for Android to call iPhone. This is technically a video messaging platform where you can record videos and send them to people. Of course, you can also have video chat with up to 5 of your friends while watching video together.


11. Yahoo Messenger

Price: It can be downloaded free as usual.

Features: Just similar as Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger is very popular previously. The program is frequently used for business people, which you can send SMS, voice and video calls all at once. If you still have lots of friends in your Yahoo account, it should be a nice option to make FaceTime call from Android to iPhone with Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger

12. Google Duo

Price: It is free for both Android and iPhone users.

Features: The greatest specialty of this app is that it's cross-platform, which means your iPhone friends can get on board as well. It's easy, free, and it works really well. Different from the other FaceTime alternative for video call between Android and iPhone with a group of people, Google Duo only supports 1-1 video calling.

Google Duo

13. JustTalk

Price: Free with in-app purchase.

Features: While you chat, share images via JustTalk, you are given the option of doing other things like doodling on the screen. And it is a great alternative to FaceTime on Android to make call for iPhone. You can make a private video call or enjoy the video chat within a group of people with the program.


14. Camfrog

Price: It can be downloaded free of cost.

Features: The interface of Camfrog is very clear and concise, and it's easy to operate. Thus both Android and iPhone users can make FaceTime easily. It is free live webcam video chat room software for all the operation systems, you can also find the social media features within the program.


15. Imo

Price: It can be downloaded free of cost.

Features: This app needs very little data and you don't have to worry your privacy will be exposed. And it provides clear facility and is quite simple to use. It is a Facetime alternative for Android to iPhone, you can enjoy messages and video call between family and friends free of charge.


FAQs of FaceTime for Android to iPhone

Can an Android video chat with an iPhone?

Yes. For stating a video chat between Android and iPhone, you just need the video chatting apps. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Messenger, WeChat, etc., are the video chatting apps that let you launch a video chat between Android and iPhone.

Can you FaceTime without an iPhone?

Yes. FaceTime is available for Mac. Mac users who can use FaceTime to contact other users who are using Mac with FaceTime. However, you cannot use FaceTime to contact the users who are using Android phones.

Is Google Duo better than FaceTime?

From the appearance, Google Duo is similar to FaceTime. However, Google Due has more distinct differences from FaceTime. Google Duo is the app that you can download or not, While FaceTime is the built-in to the dialler of iOS users, which means, you can start a video chatting between the users using different operating system. Another novel addition to Duo is the Knock Knock feature that allows you to see a live video of your caller before you answer. As for the group video chatting, FaceTime supports the calls at 32 people, while Google Duo only supports 12. The better one is decided by what you needs.


All the FaceTime alternatives for Android to iPhone mentioned above can be easily downloaded. So, you don't have to be worried about if you want to make a video call as FaceTime from your Android phone.

November 23, 2017 16:38
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