Top 10 Free Booster for Android to Optimize Android Devices

Booster for Android

When your smartphone get stuck for sending messages in rush hours, too sluggish to complete the game, or even find the power of your phone is running out in a rapid speed, you should take Booster for Android to optimize Android phone now. What should be the best Booster APK for Android? Read the following list to learn more about the best programs that optimize your Android phone as profession.

Top 1: Android Booster FREE

The booster for Android is used as a multiple tool. Android Booster FREE has provided as fast as possible to speed up your device, save energy, clean up the cookies and uninstall unnecessary apps. In addition, Android booster contain other tools like Privacy Protector, File Manager, Virus Scanner, App Manager, Network Manager, Battery Manager and Cleaning Reminder which makes a stronger function for your Android. Follow the methods below and you will find how easy this booster can help with your Android.

Android Booster FREE

Top 2: DU Speed Booster

What appeals to customers first is by its exquisite UI design of Booster for Android app. And the most attractive feature is the built-in antivirus security feature in this application. The DU Speed Booster can speed up your device; boost your game speed and average cleaning the junk files by a click of the stimulus. The program is not for Android only but also available for iOS system. There are various icons displayed on the home table that convey the multiple features within the Android Booster support.

DU Speed Booster

Top 3: Memory Booster

Memory Booster for Android is an excellent Booster for Android with RAM optimize. You can get rid of the running apps on the background both automatically and manually. Different with the most of Android booster optimize the system by compelling memory out of RAM, Memory Booster for Android free up the storage space premising the security. What's more, it will periodically run to enhance the speed of your Android to make your device run more smoothly and steadily. To manipulate the app well, follow the article to learn methods.

Memory Booster

Top 4: Volume Boost

The booster for Android emerges to the fore by its special interface. The small and simple design of its interface makes it displaying on the table of your device that provides a great facility. Volume Boost for Android is mainly aimed to movies, audio books, music, etc. You will find quality of your sound is highly optimized including in your headphone, in the alarm, in the music and movie playing. But just pay attention to the risk that the Android booster for audio might damage the device when you boost volume, especially for a prolonged amount of time.

Volume Boost

Top 5: Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is an All-in-one booster app for Android. The program includes the features to kill selected tasks, RAM cleaner, CPU lagging monitor, App or Game killer, Anti-virus, Android optimizer and more other features. What is more, the program is also able to manage your Android phone by quick install and uninstall. The only thing you need to do is long press the task you want to stop or choose the force stop option. And then the boost APK for Android will stop the task and optimize the program according to your requirements.

Advanced Task Manager

Top 6: Booster & Power Saver

Just as the name of the Booster for Android, you can use the compact tool to boost Android phone, clean up the junk files and manage applications. Booster & Power Saver has an easy to use interface, which is able to manage the apps and keeps the storage space organized. And you can also add the frequently used apps to whitelist. As for the power saving features, the Android booster APK is able to detect the battery status in real time, and then show the usage time. As for the case, you do not have to worry about the speed and the energy of your Android phone again.

Booster & Power Saver

Top 7: Android Assistant

If you are running out of space, Android Assistant should be the ultimate Booster for Android you need to take into consideration. The program only has 1MB in size, but has 18 special features, monitor status, process manager, cache cleaner, system clean, power saver, file manager, startup manager, batch uninstall, battery usage, volume control and more other features to optimize the performance of the Android phone. The Android booster also sort out the data on your Android phone, which you can find the files you much easier than ever before.

Android Assistant

Top 8: 1Tap Cleaner

If you have used the Android phone for a period of time, 1Tap Cleaner should be the best Booster for Android to optimize the performance. It is able to clean cache files, browsing history, call logs and other information. What is more, the Booster APK for Android also empty a lot of internal memory space that are used by other files. Instead of cleaning the data from different applications and complicated process, you can use 1Tap Cleaner to optimize the phone just within one click. It should be a great app removes cache and other files in a high efficient.

1Tap Cleaner

Top 9: Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Singal Speed Booster should be one of the most important Android boosters. In consider of the Internet speeds. Compared to the other Booster for Android tablets, the program has only one ultimate features that wins tens of thousands of downloads. It just boosts the signal and connects Internet again to speed up. If you are frustrated about the Wi-Fi environment or need some solution to optimize the speed of Internet, you can download the program to enjoy a fast surfing browsing experience on your Android phone or tablet now.

Network Signal Speed Booster

Top 10: LauncherPro

LauncherPro should be the booster for Android to manage applications of Android phone. It has the super-smoothing scrolling feature, animated screen preview, up to 7 home screen, and you can also access to the app drawer in 2D and 3D. If you cannot open the program, you can also download ClearDefaulthome or Howe Switcher. And then you can manage all the tasks in a wise and easy way. The Android booster APK just instantly provides RAM space to that app without decreasing overall system performance.



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