How to Make iPhone Ringtones without iTunes

iPhone ringtone maker

Apple hasn't made the process easy since it wants to sell you a ringtone from the iTunes Store. If you refuse to pay for an iPhone ringtone from the iTunes store, then why not create your own through iPhone Ringtones Maker for iPhone. It's easier than you think and takes mere minutes. You will know how to turn any song to ringtones on your iPhone freely. There is a pretty simple way to turn any song to ringtones and this article will show you how to set iPhone ringtone freely.

Tips: To make iPhone ringtone used Tipard iPhone Ringtone Maker software

  • Step 1: Install iPhone Ringtone Maker Software
  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone and computer by cable
  • Step 3: Choose source file
  • Step 4: Generate iPhone ringtone
Step 1

Install iPhone Ringtone Maker Software

To download and install iPhone Ringtone Maker, you just need to double click iPhone Ringtone Maker installation file; then follow the instructions to finish the installation.

iPhone ringtone maker
Step 2

Connect your iPhone and computer by cable

After connected iPhone and computer, you will see the following screenshot.

Connect iphone
Step 3

Choose source file

Connect your iPhone to PC via Apple dedicated data line, then you can choose the source file that your want to generate ringtone from. You are allowed to choose video, audio and DVD file as the source file, as well as the format of the destination files will be set as M4R automatically.

  • A: Choose video or audio
  • On the interface, just click "Add File" Button to choose your favored video and audio files.

  • B: Choose DVD disc or folders
  • On the interface, just click "Load DVD" Button to choose your favored DVD movie.

Choose source file
Step 4

Generate iPhone ringtone

You can convert a complete song or video file to iPhone ringtone, or you can trim the length of the source file by setting the start and end time. After editing, choose the output folder, then check "Import to iPhone" box. In the end, just click "Generate" button to make personalized ringtone.

After generation, the finished ringtone file will be transferred to your iPhone immediately. Plus, you can rename your ringtone by clicking "Manage Ringtone" button.

Firstly, click the ringtone file that you want to rename, and then input the new name in the "Ringtone Name" box, and click "Rename" button to finish this step.

In addition, by clicking Export button, you can even export the ringtone file to your PC for safety. Plus, by clicking Remove button, you can delete unwanted ringtone files.

Generate iPhone ringtone
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