3 Best Ways to Burn Your ISO to a DVD: Features and Complete Steps Included

3 Best Ways to Burn Your ISO to a DVD: Features and Complete Steps Included

This article will teach you how to burn ISO to DVD using the remarkable default ways on Windows desktops. But what is ISO in the first place? According to the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia, an ISO is the image of the content of a disk from an optical disc. In addition, an ISO file can also be an archive that contains the content from ripping a DVD or Blu-ray. Even though an ISO file is an output that comes from an optical disc, you can still have it back to a disc by burning it.

Therefore, if you prefer watching the movie in an ISO file on a larger screen, then burning it to a DVD will be a good choice. After reading the entire article, you will realize that burning a file to DVD has the same ease as you make ISO from DVD.


Part 1. How to Burn ISO to DVD Defaultly on Windows

To manually burn the ISO file on your Windows 10, you can rely on the simple steps below.

Step 1Place the DVD into your optical drive, then search for the ISO file you want to burn.

Step 2Now right-click the ISO file and choose the Burn Disk Image option.

Step 3Eventually, the burning process will start.


Please note that this step is only applicable to Windows 10 computers. Hence, here are the three best ways to burn files to DVDs on Windows that you can use.

1. Use Tipard DVD Creator

If you want to experience creating a DVD out of various videos in different formats that include ISO, then try this amazing Tipard DVD Creator. It is one of the to-go programs for Windows that lets you grab it easily. This DVD creator caters best to burning DVDs and, at the same time, adding audio tracks, subtitles, and chapters to them. In addition, it also provides you with free customization menus such as buttons, texts, frames, backgrounds, pictures, and music, along with the editing tools like a trimmer, cropper, watermark maker, effect adjuster, and filter makers to make your DVD contents a blast.

Moreover, if you decide to burn Windows 10/11 ISO to DVD using this Tipard DVD Creator, you will be glad to know about the kinds of DVDs it supports. It can support the DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, and DVD-RAM. So yes, you do not need to worry if you can move your ISO to the kind of DVD you have at home, for it surely will.

Key Features:

  • • To create a DVD via burning.
  • • To Add subtitles and audio tracks into a DVD output.
  • • Merge, and split the chapters.
  • • Customize DVD menus.

How to Burn ISO to DVD on Windows 11/10

Step 1The first thing you need to do is to get the program onto your desktop by clicking the free Download button below. Then, simply follow the prompt installation procedure.

Step 2Now insert the DVD into your optical drive, and fire up the software you newly installed. On its interface, click the DVD Disc tab option, then hit the Add Media button to import the ISO file you want to burn.

DVD Creator Add Media

Step 3Once the ISO is uploaded, you have the option to edit it. How? Click the Power Tools button to let the tools be presented. Once done, click the Next button.

DVD Creator Editing Tools

Step 4As simple as that, you can now proceed to burn the DVD from ISO by hitting the Burn button.

DVD Creator Burn DVD

2. Use Tipard DVD Cloner

Another helpful program from Tipard is the DVD Cloner. This software lets you, as its name suggests, clone or copy your DVD folder and ISO folders and produce it the same as it is in an optical disc. That being said, you can use it to clone an optical DVD to a DVD without a hassle. Aside from that, you can also use it as a DVD burner as it acts as one, and it can bring you your favorite movie on a physical disc in nicely high quality. Meanwhile, this Tipard DVD Cloner provides you with three modes for cloning your DVDs, which are the Full Copy, Customize, and Main Movie modes. And for its additional practical features? Well then, you can select writing speed, copy numbers, source size, and color with its color bar feature. Thus, if you want to burn ISO to DVD on Mac aside from Windows using this amazing DVD Cloner, then feel free to follow the instructions below.

Key Functions:

  • Clone DVD folders, ISO, and discs into a blank DVD.
  • • Burn DVDs.
  • • Back DVD contents without losing the quality.
  • • Edit DVD contents.

How to Burn DVD from ISO With DVD Cloner

Step 1Run the Tipard DVD Cloner on your computer after installing it. Then, click the File button on its main interface and navigate to the Select Source button to upload your ISO. Please note that the DVD should be inserted before installing the tool on your desktop.

Step 2Now, select the target size and other settings you want your DVD to get involved with. Then, click the Next button to proceed.

DVD Cloner Next

Step 3As quick as that, click the Start button on the next window. Then, wait for the burning process to finish, and check the DVD.

DVD Cloner Burn

3. Use ImgBurn

There is also this ImgBurn, lightweight software that enables you to freely burn DVDs from ISO for free. It is available on all Windows computers, including the 10 OS. Furthermore, its ability to burn DVDs gives you various options that you can enjoy navigating on its interface. However, unlike the previous ones, you will need to understand it entirely first before you will be able to say that it is user-friendly. Thus, if you want to know how it works, you can rely on the given simplified steps below.

Key Functions:

  • • It creates and verifies disc images.
  • • Burn disc images in various DVD formats.
  • • Customize to fine-tune the burning process.
  • • Copy discs directly.

How to Burn DVDs with ImgBurn

Step 1Run the free tool after installing it. Then, on its interface, click the Writer Image File to Disc option.

Step 2After that, select the ISO file you want to burn when a window pops up. After that, choose a burn speed, then toggle the Verify box to verify if the disc is identical to your ISO.

Step 3Then, the process will start. Wait till it finishes and check the output after.


Part 2. FAQs about Burning ISO to DVD

Will an ISO file play on a DVD player?

It depends on the player you use. A regular DVD player cannot play an ISO file unless the ISO is saved in a flash drive that a DVD player supports playing.

Can Windows Media Player burn ISO files?

Unfortunately, Windows Media Player doesn’t have the built-in feature to burn DVDs. Therefore, you will need third-party software like the Tipard DVD Creator to burn your DVDs from your ISO files.

What is the ISO format for DVDs?

The ISO format for DVDs is ISO9660. It is the standard format system for optical discs that includes DVDs.


This article is a good reading tool for learning how to burn ISO to DVD. It contains the 3 best solutions you can use on your Windows desktops while following each given step in your task. All three have remarkable capabilities in producing a burned DVD, but if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful software for this, then the Tipard DVD Creator is the one to choose.

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