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iDVD Download

iDVD, which is developed and rolled out by Apple, is a dedicated DVD creating application for Mac OS X. Although iDVD is discontinued for a while, it is still considered the last step of Apple's iLife suite. Initially, iDVD is compatible with the Mac computers with SuperDrive. From iDVD 6 onwards, it is not preinstalled on Macs shipping with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. Currently, you cannot find iDVD in Mac App Store or the latest version of iLife suite. But this DVD maker is still available in the iLife '11. Many people still prefer to use iDVD, partly because it contains over one hundred themes for DVD menus and other useful features. In this article, we will share the methods to download iDVD on Mac.

Part 1: The best alternative for iDVD

Although iDVD is discontinued, you can get iDVD in iLife '09 or '11 suite. But for different versions of Mac, the compatible versions of iDVD are different.

iDVD Download for Snow Leopard

If you have installed iDVD on your Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you can update iDVD to version 7.1.1. The update for Snow Leopard is still available to download on the iDVD version 7.1.1 page.

iDVD Download for Mountain Lion

The last iDVD version available for Mountain Lion is iDVD version 7.1.2. The prerequisite is you have installed iDVD on your computer. Then you can go to iDVD version 7.1.2 download page and update iDVD for Mountain Lion free of charge.

iDVD Download for Maverick

Mac OS X Maverick does not support iDVD, so you cannot install or update iDVD on Mac OS X Maverick directly. The alternative solution is to purchase the iLife suite contained iDVD or use an alternative application, such as Tipard DVD Creator for Mac.


Part 2: iDVD features on Snow Leopard/ Mountain Lion/ Maverick

Considering Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Maverick can only use the different versions of iDVD; we will discuss the feature differences between iDVD versions.

iDVD feature on Snow Leopard

The last available iDVD version for Snow Leopard is iDVD version 7.1.1. The added feature in this iDVD version is delivering iPhoto slideshows to iDVD and burn on discs. Other useful features include create an iDVD project for DVD making; integrate iPhoto images into iMovie movies for DVD burning and more. In short, the iDVD for Snow Leopard is sophisticated but with extensive well-designed themes for making variety of discs.

iDVD feature on Mountain Lion

The last iDVD update available for Mountain Lion is iDVD version 7.1.2. Apple improved the iPhoto slideshows importing feature and other hardware issues in this update. With iDVD for Mountain Lion, you can create customized themes, decorate DVD menus and buttons, make and write slideshows for DVD projects and more.

iDVD feature on Maverick

You can get the iDVD app in iLife '9 or '11 suite in Mac OS X Maverick. Since Apple had not updated iDVD in 2011, the features included in the iDVD available to Maverick are similar to Mountain Lion.

Part 3: Install iDVD

If you want to install iDVD to new Mac computers running Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion or Maverick, you have to purchase iLift '9 or '11 disc on Amazon or eBay. Then you can follow the steps below to install iDVD to your computer.

Step 1

Insert the installation disc into your optical drive. When the pop-up window shows up, you should read the introduction and then click on the Continue button.

Step 2

On the agreement dialog, you can tap on Agree to move on.

Step 3

Next, you need to select the location you want to install iDVD and then press the Continue button.

Step 4

If you are ready, click on the Install button, then hit Customize and choose iDVD from the app list.

Step 5

Finally, click on the Install button to start installing iDVD to your computer.

When the installation finished, you have to register the iLife suite to activate iDVD.

After iDVD installed and activated successfully, you can go to Apple official website and get the last iDVD update available for Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion or Maverick.

Install and Download iDVD

Part 4: The best alternative for iDVD

Since Apple had not supported iDVD in 2011, iDVD was not a pre-installed utility for Mac computers anymore. If you want to get iDVD, you have to spend nearly $100 to get the iLife disc. Is there any cost-effective alternative could provide the similar features of iDVD? The answer is Tipard DVD Creator for Mac. This utility not only provides the similar features with iDVD, but also offers more useful tools.

  • 1. DVD Creator for Mac is able to burn iMovie movies to disc and create DVD movies from MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV and other video formats.
  • 2. The home videos recorded by iPhone, iPad, camcorder and other portable devices are compatible as well.
  • 3. DVD Creator for Mac is available to almost all Mac OS X, including the latest version, and you can download it from Mac App Store directly.
  • 4. There are extensive templates and themes for customizing DVDs within DVD Creator for Mac.
  • 5. These utilities also offers some basic video editing tools, such as trim and merge videos, crop images, add watermark and video filters.
Tipard DVD Creator for Mac

In a word, Tipard DVD Creator for Mac is one of the best iDVD alternatives available on market. Compared to iDVD, Tipard DVD Creator for Mac provides more extensive features and is easier to use.


In this article, we talked about a utility for DVD making on Mac, iDVD. As a system utility, iDVD was once a popular application among Mac users. It is compatible with iMovie, iPhoto and Quick Time very well. But as Apple increasingly encourages users use its cloud service to store and deliver data, iDVD became out of favor. Finally, Apple announced that they would give up iDVD in 2011. In this post, we shared the method to install and update iDVD; because it is still compatible with some Mac computers equipped SuperDrive. Moreover, iDVD download and installation has become more complicated, because it was not pre-installed anymore.

On the other hand, if you need a similar tool to create DVDs on Mac, you can trust Tipard DVD Creator for Mac. We posted the basic features of DVD Creator for Mac. If you like, you can explore more interesting features of Tipard DVD Creator for Mac and share below this article.

July 05, 2017 07:23
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Download iDVD and Alternative to Burn Video to DVD