Top 5 Alternatives for DVD Copier of 2023

DVD Copier

There are many reasons to copy DVD with DVD copy software, like DVD Copier. A DVD, for example, has a laser layer to read and write data. As the numbers of playback increases, the laser layer will be worn until it cannot be read. So, people usually need to back up their favorite DVDs. On the other hand, commercial DVDs are protected by region code and other encryptions. If you want to make a DVD playable on any DVD player, you also need to copy DVDs to new discs. Copying DVD involves many requirements, such as image quality, copying speed, and so on. And an appropriate DVD copy tool could simplify the process and produce expected results. Therefore, we will share the review of DVD Copier and the best alternatives in this post.

Introduction & review

DVD Copier is one of the high rank DVD copy software. It is able to scan your DVD and choose the burner as the target spontaneously. And users could customize DVD copying, like copy the full disc, only transfer a movie, copy DVD 9 to DVD 5 and more. Of course, DVD Copier is not perfect DVD copy software. You can read the overall review about this program below to learn more.

DVD Copier


1. DVD Copier has extensive features, such as copy DVDs in 1:1 ratio, rip DVD as ISO image, burn media folder on a blank DVD.

2. This DVD copy application could help you to remove any type of encryptions, like region code, CSS, PuppetLock and more.

3. For advanced users, more custom options and parameters are available in a configuration window.

4. The latest version supports most DVD burners and DVD formats.

5. DVD Copier is one of the fastest DVD copy software and its DVD copy speed is rather impressive.


1. The price is higher than other DVD copy software.

2. The quality of outputs is not as good as the developer statements.

The best alternatives of DVD Copier

Targeting the shortcomings of DVD Copier, we identified some best alternative software in this part.

1. Recommend: Tipard DVD Cloner

If you are looking for the most cost-effective DVD copy application, Tipard DVD Cloner seems to be a great choice, because this DVD Copier alternative has many benefits:

Tipard DVD Cloner

1. As DVD Copier, Tipard DVD Cloner has plentiful features related to DVD copy. You can compress DVD 9 to DVD 5, convert DVD to ISO image or media folder, and burn ISO file or media folder to DVDs.

2. This DVD copy program provides many custom options, like copy DVD in 1:1 ratio, just transfer main movie or any part of the DVD.

3. Its interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. No matter tech savvy or ordinary people can grasp its usage quickly.

4. You can decide the copy mode and writing speed as you wish within this DVD clone program.

5. The image quality produced by Tipard DVD Cloner is among the high rank.

6. DVD Cloner is compatible almost all disc formats, various burners and both Windows and Mac OS.

In a word, Tipard DVD Cloner is a worth to use DVD copy application.

2. DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is one of the most popular DVD copy software on market. Although it is a freeware, DVD Shrink is more powerful than some paid DVD copy programs.

DVD Shrink


1. DVD Shrink has the capacity to copy entire DVD to ISO image or media folder.

2. This DVD copy program is totally free without ads, malware or spyware, if you download it from trustable sources.

3. DVD Shrink is able to compress DVDs more than 50 percent.

4. This DVD Copier alternative ignores most DVD protections and encryptions. So, you can use DVD Shrink to rip most commercial DVDs.


1. The latest version was updated in 2004.

2. DVD Shrink cannot burn DVD, so if you want to copy DVD to DVD, you also need to install a DVD burner.

3. This DVD copy program is able to compress DVD; but the cost is lower quality.

3. DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is a high end DVD copy program. You need to spend more for enjoying its awesome features.

DVD Cloner


1. DVD Cloner has two modes: Express and Expert. For average people, Express mode could simplify the DVD copy process. And for advanced users, they can get extensive custom options under Expert mode.

2. This DVD Copier alternative is able to circumvent any encryption that prevent from copying, playing or ripping commercial DVDs.


1. DVD Cloner spends longer time to copy a DVD, partly because it extracts ISO image and then burn it to the blank DVD, but not copy DVD directly.

2. When you want to rip ISO image from a DVD, the process is complicated and confusing.

4. DVDFab

DVDFab is one of the best DVD copy software you can buy on market.



1. This DVD Copier alternative has an intuitive interface integrated all necessary features in category.

2. No matter you copy the DVD in 1:1 ratio or compress a DVD 9 to DVD 5, the image quality loss is marginal.

3. Besides copy a DVD to a blank disc, DVDFab also supports to rip DVDs to ISO images or media folders.


1. The cost of better quality is you have to spend longer time to copy a DVD.

2. It takes a while to learn all the features of this program.

5. Xilisoft DVD Copy

Xilisoft DVD Copy has the capacity to create a copy of your favorite DVD or back up DVDs.

Xilisoft DVD Copy


1. This DVD Copier alternative is easy to use. You can find all tools and features on the interface easily.

2. You can copy DVDs under three modes, full copy, main movie and custom mode.

3. The built-in CSS decrypter is able to remove any protections that prevent from DVD copy and convert.

4. The output quality is great; no matter you copy or compress a DVD.


1. This DVD copy application does not support to copy a DVD onto two smaller-capacity DVDs.


In this article, we shared the introduction and review of DVD Copier, one of the best DVD copy software. Although it has some shortcomings, its benefits are large. But if you feel DVD Copier cannot meet your requirements, you can learn more alternatives in the second part. We recommend and compared several best DVD copy programs as well. DVD Shrink is the only freeware on the list, but you have to install another DVD burner to complete the process of copy DVDs to blank discs. DVD Cloner has extensive features, although its price is higher than other DVD copy applications. DVDFab could produce high quality output, but the cost is lower speed. And Xilisoft DVD Copy is an easy-to-use DVD copy program. Finally, Tipard DVD Cloner is the most cost-effective alternative. You can enjoy its excellent features and create highest quality outputs.

June 23, 2017 09:45
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Top 5 Alternatives for DVD Copier of 2023