4 Best Methods on How to Track An iPhone

Erase iPhone

In many occasions, it is pressing need to know the location of friends or family members. Perhaps, leaving your iPhone accidentally or being stolen and you have no idea where to find it. Therefore, getting an access to locating other with iPhone is an indispensable technique. Though there are various apps for tracking an iPhone, you may think it is too much bother with complicated operations. Read on and you will find how to track an iPhone by phone number and other methods from the article.

Part 1: How to track an iPhone by Phone Number

Have you ever considered to tracking an iPhone is via the phone number? Amazing, all you need to do is typing the phone number in a search box, and then the information will show instantly on the website. The method to track an iPhone by phone number is based on web technology, which only provides the information of the iPhone owner. You cannot use the information to get the lost iPhone. For reference, "BustACheater", "peoplefinders" and "SPOKEO" are 3 websites alternatively. The section just takes "BustACheater" for an example.

Phone Number

Step 1: Go to the BustACheater. BustACheater is able to track iPhone users' in the United States with name, location, address, owner information and more.

Step 2: Import the phone number in the search box. And then website will search over 60 social networks for status updates, photos, relationships, and profiles.

Step 3: Click the "Search" icon to track all the information for the iPhone owner. Just make full preparation for some unexpected information beforehand.

Note: For an instance, BustACheater uses proprietary deep web technology and is available for US phone number only. Please prepare yourself for the unexpected potential location shocking. Moreover, you can only track the iPhone with the SIM card unchanged.

Part 2: Track an iPhone location secretly with Find My Friends

In some cases, you may want to track the location of an iPhone from the other iPhone without attracting others' attention. "Find My Friends" should be the default solution to track an iPhone, locate iPhone on a map, set off an alarm, lock the iPhone and more. Just learn more detail about the process as below.

Find My Friends

Step 1: Make sure both your iPhone and the target iPhone is running iOS 9, the "Find My Friends" app is already set on the device as a stock app. (If any iPhone is on iOS 8, you can download the app on app store.)

Step 2: Turn on the "AirDrop" from the control center to make yourself visible to "Everyone" before starting the operation above.

Step 3: Open the app and tap the bottom of the table. Enable the "Share My Location" function from the list.

Step 4: Also, choose "Share My Location from:" "This Device", for the same iCloud account may be used on the other devices.

Step 5: Tap on "Add" on the target iPhone in Find My Friends, and select your contact icon. Then hit "Share Indefinitely" to share the target iPhone's location to you without limit all day long.

Step 6: When you back to your iPhone, you will be asked to accept the track of the target iPhone or not, click "Accept". Meanwhile, hit on "Don't Share" when asked whether share your location with the other.

Note: Actually, being really furtive depends on you not being caught by the target phone owner. It is advisable to hide their "Find My Friends" app to avoid being discovered of being tracked.

Part 3: How to Track lost iPhone with Google Timeline

Google Timeline or formerly known as Location History, which is able to maps out all location data that has been collection from iPhone. Google stores all that locations for your iPhone with a good looking interface. You can use the information to track the lost iPhone accord to the important data.

Google Timeline

Step 1: Enter Google's Timeline. And then select the period of date you need from left panel, or simply hit on "TODAY". If you just lost iPhone, you can track an iPhone location from the timeline.

Step 2: Check the timeline on the left side and all recorded points in the map. And then you can check the last location but also when your phone was last connected to Google.

Step 3: After that track the lost iPhone to find whether it is still moving. If the iPhone is lying there waiting to be picked up, it should be good news. Or else, you have to contact the authorities to retrieve the stolen iPhone.

Part 4: How to Track iPhone And Dominate via iCloud

Just similar to Google Timeline, iCloud is the default solution about how to track an iPhone online. What is more important, you can track iPhone without downloading apps. In the majority, the method is applied to the situation when your iPhone is lost or stolen. The tracking result can be shown on a map that is clear for the owner the track of the iPhone.


Step 1: Bind your device with your iCloud account. And sign in to iCloud from another iPhone or a computer.

Step 2: Open the "Find My iPhone" stock app, tap on "All Devices" and click the stolen or lost iPhone.

Step 3: The track of the iPhone is display on a detailed map, and there are 3 icon buttons write "Play Sound", "Lock", "Erase iPhone". (The functions of the three are respectively set off an alarm, lock the iPhone, clean up the date of the iPhone.)


Keeping the track of an iPhone is not only indispensably applied to getting the lost iPhone back, but also great for retrieving your friends around or in a distance and helpful to get in touch with your friends swiftly. Moreover, how to keep tabs on the children is common concerned by the parents. The methods above provide a real time monitor for parents to track their children's iPhone for safety. Efficient and low-cost way for tracking an iPhone is an urgent demand of public, so these hot tips may even be gradually applying to other fields. Any question about the methods are welcomed to share the details with us in the comments.

October 13, 2017 11:35
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