How to Play Back PiYo DVD without DVD Player

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With the improvement of living standards, many people are increasingly concerned about their health status, they want to take exercise and keep fit. However, not everyone has the time or money to go to the GYM. As for the case, take exercise with PiYo DVD from eBay should be a nice solution. But you might be restricted to playback PiYo DVD before TV set in the bedroom. Is there any way to playback the DVD without DVD Player? Just learn more detail about the solution from the article.

In addition to a good workout DVD, we also need to know how to rip it, so that we can arbitrarily use it anytime and anywhere. Then the question is coming, how should we rip it? Next, I'll give a detailed look at PiYo Workout DVD and how to rip it.

Part 1. Introduction to PiYo Workout DVD

PiYo DVD is a sports system developed by Chalene Johnson, a well-known sports coach in the United States. This set of DVDs is very detailed and useful. You can learn how to burn fat through effective exercise from it, in order to get a more perfect body, and make yourselves more flexible and more powerful. PiYo Workout DVD contains the most popular two kinds of exercise: Pilates and Yoga. But it does not like the traditional Pilates and yoga action, which means that you need to maintain for a long time. It accelerates all the actions and reduces their intensity, so you can burn your calories to a great extent. In addition, it also includes some aerobic exercise, stretching and strength training. It allows you to take a deep breath, balance, stretch, strengthen and relax at right time.

1. Advantages of PiYo Workout DVD

  • • The design of PiYo DVD is very complete. All of its training is from simple to difficult, step by step, so that everyone can be a good adaptation.
  • • While burning calories, it can minimize the pain associated with your high-impact exercise.
  • • It is a good combination of Pilates and Yoga, which other workout DVD cannot do.
  • • Relative to the other workout DVD, the price of PiYo Workout DVD is lower.
  • • You are free to use the exact course and music, and you can create and make your own course and music.
  • • It is designed to increase flexibility, stability and strength.

2. All aspects of PiYo Workout DVD

Part Name Time Content
Align: The Fundamentals 40 min This is the most basic point of exercise. We can make a more perfect action through the PiYo workout DVD.
Define: Lower Body 25 min It can help us to adjust the muscles of the lower body, so that our hips, legs will become tighter.
Define: Upper Body 20 min It can exercise our upper body muscles, make our shoulders more broad, make our back more solid, make our arms stronger, and make our chests tighter.
Sweat 35 min This is due to the accelerated rhythm of the Pilates and Yoga, as well as the high strength of the strength training caused. It can carve our muscles and burn our calories.
Drench 45 min This is a stamina exercise. It can maximize the speed of our burning fat, and exercise our every piece of muscle. In addition, it can speed up our metabolism.
Sculpt 30 min This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for different periods of time. It can make our muscles produce endurance and change our stature.
Strength Intervals 25 min Each of PiYo DVD's intensity intervals is 25 minutes, and no other equipment is needed. As a result, our body can get a good exercise.
Core 30 min It is mainly to exercise our core muscle groups, such as our belly, waist and so on.
Buns 25 min This series of workouts is mainly exercising the buttocks and the whole back of the body, so that the hip shape is better, and the bodyline is more perfect.

Part 2. Top methods to rip PiYo Workout DVD

Method 1: Best DVD Ripper to rip PiYo DVD without quality loss

Tipard DVD Ripper is a very good DVD ripping tool. It can help you rip PiYo Workout DVD into MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MP3, etc, so that you can more easily watch the video contents. It includes over 300 formats, and the quality of videos is very good, and the speed of ripping is very fast. In addition, it can also be customized settings such as clipping video, cropping size, adding watermark, and so on.

Step 1

Load PiYo DVD to the program

Click the "Load Disc" button to load the PiYo Workout DVD; or select "DVD", "DVD Folder" or "DVD IFO File" from the "Load Disc" drop-down list.

Tipard Load DVD

Step 2

Select the output format

Click the "Profile" drop-down arrow to select the 3D or 2D formats as you need. Or you can enter the desired format directly in the Quick Search box.


Step 3

Rip PiYo DVD to video

Click the "Convert" button to start burning the DVD to the video.


Method 2: Rip PiYo workout DVD with WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper is completely Free DVD ripping software which can rip your PiYo DVD into a hard drive. It supports all types of DVD discs, ISO files and folders, and can convert DVDs to WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264 and some other formats. This software has been in the market for 11 years, with more than one million users.

DVD Ripper

Step 1: Load PiYo DVD

Insert the PiYo DVD into the drive, and then click the "disc" button to load the contents.

Step 2: Set Output settings

Click on the output file settings to select the file formats you want.

Step 3: Specify the output folder

Specify the output folder and click "Run" to start ripping. Upon completion, you successfully rip the PiYo DVD.

Method 3: Convert PiYo DVD to any video via Magic DVD Ripper

Magic DVD Ripper is convenient and powerful ripping software, which can convert DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI (Xvid, DivX), WMV, MP3, MPEG2, MP4 and some other formats. What's more important, there will be no loss of quality.

DVD Ripper

Step 1: Download Magic DVD Ripper

Download Windows DVD ripper software from its official website and install and start it.

Step 2: Load PiYo workout DVD

Insert the PiYo DVD into the computer DVD-ROM, and then click the "disc" to load the contents.

Step 3: Select formats

Zoom up and down on the "Output Profile Category" and select any of the output formats you want.

Step 3: Start ripping

Make a personal setting and press the "run" button.


When you purchase the PiYo DVD from Amazon, beachbody, fitnessrocks or eBay, you can take some excises. PiYo Workout DVD has caused a wave of panic buying around the world. Both men and women are beginning to use this DVD. In order to take full advantage of DVD, you can rip them for videos, and then you can take excises whenever and wherever you want.

October 31, 2017 16:20
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How to Play Back PiYo DVD without DVD Player