Top 5 External DVD Burner to Create DVD

External DVD Burner

To produce thinner and more portable laptops and PCs, some laptop and PC venders have removed built-in DVD drives from their products. So, if you have a latest version laptop, you will need an external DVD burner to create personal DVD. Moreover, even though your PC has a built-in DVD drive that supports to create DVD. And it is more convenient to copy a DVD to blank DVD with both an external DVD burner and the built-in DVD drive. When it comes to how to choose the most appropriate DVD burner, you can get the answer from this article.

1. The best low-end DVD burner: LG Electronics GP65NB60

Price on Amazon: $24.99

LG Electronics GP65NB60 is one of the best-selling external DVD burners on Amazon and eBay. Besides price, this external DVD writer also has many benefits:

  • 1. LG Electronics GP65NB60 has four different colors; you can choose any one based on your preference and the color of your computer.
  • 2. It is slim and portable with 14mm in height.
  • 3. It is compatible with both Windows, from Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 2003, and Mac OS X.
  • 4. LG Electronics GP65NB60 is able to burn both DVD+RW and DVD–RW. And it supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces.
  • 5. Its DVD write speed is up to 8x and not as fast as internal DVD burner, which maximum write speed is 16x.
  • 6. This DVD burner has Cyberlink Software that helps you to burn DVDs, although the program is somewhat complicated and unstable.
LG Electronics GP65NB60

2. The best high-end DVD burner: HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer

Price on Amazon: $229

HP is the most famous hardware manufacturer around the world and HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer shares the consistent high standard of HP. Although it is more expensive than other external DVD burner, HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer is one of the bestsellers on Amazon. The principal specialties of this DVD writer include:

  • 1. It uses ultra-slim design with 13.2 mm at height and 250 grams weight.
  • 2. You can connect HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer to PCs or laptop without extra adapters.
  • 3. It equipped the latest optical writing technology, which allows you to create various DVD discs, like single- or dual-layer DVDs and DVD-RAW.
  • 4. The read and write speed is up to 8x for DVDs and 24x for CDs.
  • 5. HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer is not only a DVD burner, but also a DVD player compatible with TVs and other USB-enabled media players.
HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer

3. The best middle-end DVD burner: Pioneer BDR-XD04

Price on Amazon: $149.99

Pioneer BDR-XD04 is the best middle-end external DVD burner on market that allows you to write videos and other data on DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Pioneer BDR-XD04 is far more a simple DVD reader and burner.

  • 1. The uses compact design with dimensions in 0.55 by 5.2 by 5.2-inches. And the aluminum shell makes it more solid.
  • 2. It supports USB 2.0 interface, so you can connect Pioneer BDR-XD04 to your laptop, PC, TV and other devices via USB cable.
  • 3. Pioneer BDR-XD04 supports a wider range of disc formats, including CDs, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blu-ray discs, and BDXL triple- and quad-layer media.
  • 4. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • 5. The packaged PowerRead provides smoothly playback of various discs.
Pioneer BDR-XD04

4. The most versatile DVD burner: Samsung SE-506AB

Price: $139.99

Samsung SE-506AB is an all-in-one external DVD burner. Besides writing videos, audios and other data on DVDs, Samsung SE-506AB offers more wonderful features. So, it attracted many customers all around the world.

  • 1. Samsung SE-506AB is powered with USB interface. The packaged USB Y-cable has excellent compatibility and stability.
  • 2. You can create personal DVDs and Blu-ray discs quickly and easily.
  • 3. It is not only a DVD writer, but also a DVD reader that allows you to playback DVDs and Blu-ray movies on TV and other digital devices.
  • 4. Samsung SE-506AB is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, including latest version operating systems.
  • 5. Another useful feature is to convert 2D discs to 3D ones.
Samsung SE-506AB

5. The best DVD burner for Mac: Apple USB SuperDrive

Price: $79.00

Apple USB SuperDrive was designed and developed by Apple, so it is compatible with all Mac computers, such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac mini. For Mac users, Apple USB SuperDrive is a necessary accessory, for Apple had abandoned the optical disc as a standard fitting to Mac computers long time ago. The basic features of Apple USB SuperDrive include:

  • 1. You can playback DVD movies, create data discs, back up DVDs and copy video DVDs with this external DVD burner.
  • 2. Apple USB SuperDrive is one of the most portable DVD burners and players on market.
  • 3. Apple USB SuperDrive is able to connect to your Mac computer with original USB cable directly.
  • 4. This external DVD drive supports to read CDs and DVDs and write to CD-R and DVD-R discs.
Apple USB SuperDrive

6. Create DVD with external DVD burner

After you purchase a great external DVD burner, you also need DVD burning software to achieve DVD creation. Some provide software suite as well; however, the packaged software usually has some limits. We suggest you to use a more powerful DVD burning application to enhance the output quality, such as Tipard DVD Creator.

How to create DVD with external DVD burner

Step 1

Connect it to your computer with USB or adaptor; insert a blank DVD and open Tipard DVD Creator.

Tipard DVD Creator

Step 2

On the interface, click on the Add Media File(s) button to import the video clips, audios or other files you want to write on the DVD.

Add Video

Step 3

Locate to right menu section and hit the Edit Menu button to go to menu template window. Here you can choose your favorite menu template and customize with personal elements.

Step 4

After creating DVD menu, back to interface and choose the external DVD burner in Destination.

Edit Video

Step 5

When you are ready, click on the Burn button to write the files to discs.


For many computers, external DVD burner is not an optional device, but a necessary accessory. With a powerful one, you can write digital files to discs, playback various Blu-ray movies and copy a DVD to a blank disc without transfer anything to local hard drive. So, in this article, we share best external DVD burners available on market. LG Electronics GP65NB60 is the most affordable DVD burner and HP External Ultra-Slim DVD/CD Writer is the best high-end DVD writer. Pioneer BDR-XD04 is the most cost-effective external DVD drive. Samsung SE-506AB supports wider range of disc formats and is compatible with more operating systems. And Apple USB SuperDrive is the best external DVD drive for Mac users. If you want to write files to DVD, you can use Tipard DVD Creator to generate highest quality outputs.

June 26, 2017 09:17
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Top 5 External DVD Burner to Create DVD