Can Xbox One and 360 Play Blu-ray: Learn the Best Guide For You

Can Xbox One and 360 Play Blu-ray: Learn the Best Guide For You

Do you have an Xbox One and want to play Blu-ray? Then we will solve your problem. The article will offer you the most impressive methods on how to play Blu-ray on Xbox One and 360. In addition, aside from Xbox One and 360, you will also get an idea of how you can play Blu-ray using your computers. So, if you are willing to know all about this discussion, then it would be best to read this article.

Does Xbox One 360 Play Blu-ray

Part 1. Does Xbox One and 360 Play Blu-ray

Can Xbox One PLay Blu-ray?

Can Xbox One play Blu-ray? Definitely, yes. Blu-rays are viewable on Xbox One. Blu-ray discs may be played on the Xbox One, which also has built-in compatibility for DVD and Blu-ray. Although the Xbox One is a great gaming console for various games, there are other things outside video games. Things like television, movies, and other things.

Can Xbox 360 PLay Blu-ray?

Unfortunately, no. The Xbox 360 does not support Blu-ray discs. The Xbox 360 cannot play material from Blu-ray discs, unlike its more recent consoles, the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One; instead, it will simply display the phrase Open Tray on the screen.

Part 2. How to Play Blu-ray on Xbox One and 360

How to Play Blu-ray on Xbox One?

Since Xbox One can play Blu-ray, maybe you want to learn the methods. This part will give you enough procedures to try to play your Blu-ray using Xbox One. For additional information about Xbox One, Microsoft created the Xbox One, a home video game console. It is the third system in the Xbox series and the Xbox 360's successor, unveiled in May 2013. Now you know what Xbox One is, so follow the steps below to start playing Blu-ray using Xbox One.

Step 1The first thing to do is to open the Xbox console and select the Xbox button from the menu. After that, click Home. Go to the Xbox Store to download and install Blu-ray.

Install on Xbox

Step 2Turn on the Xbox One. Place a Blu-ray or DVD of your choice in the Xbox One disc drive afterward.

Step 3The Blu-ray player software should automatically launch after you insert the disc into your console's disc drive and begin playing the disc. This way, you can already play Blu-ray using the Xbox One.

How to Play Blu-ray on Xbox 360?

Since Xbox 360 cannot play Blu-ray, we will give you the best solution you can try. One of the best ways to play Blu-ray is to rip Blu-ray to Xbox 360-supported video. In that case, use Tipard Blu-ray Converter. With the help of this downloadable program, you can rip Blu-ray to make it playable. You can follow the simple steps below to learn how to rip Blu-ray using Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

Step 1Download and install Tipard Blu-ray Converter on your computer. Afterward, launch it after the installation process. Click the Download button below.

Step 2When the interface shows up, select the Ripper option and click the Load Blu-ray option to load the Blu-ray disc you want to rip.

Ripper Load Bluray

Step 3After adding the Blu-ray disc, navigate to the Rip All to option and select the desired output format. You can choose the MP4 format.

Rip All to

Step 4After choosing the output format, start ripping by clicking the Rip All option on the lower right part of the interface. After the ripping process, you can save the final output on your desktop.

Rip All Save

Part 3. Easy Way to Play Blu-ray on Computer

Since only some have an Xbox One, playing a Blu-ray on other programs is challenging. If so, we will give you the best way to play Blu-ray using your computer. To play Blu-ray effectively, use Tipard Blu-ray Player. This offline program enables Blu-rays to be watched on your device, particularly computers. You won't have any issues playing Blu-ray, DVDs, and other media with the assistance of Tipard Blu-ray Player. Also, this offline tool makes Blu-ray playback simple. Simple steps are all that is required to play. The program also allows you to change the audio tracks, subtitles, and other settings. Another good thing about the program is capturing or taking screenshots while watching with just a single press.

In addition, Tipard Blu-ray Player offers a user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for users, particularly beginners. Furthermore, Tipard can give you high-quality images and videos, making it pleasing to watch. Regarding accessibility, you can download the offline program on both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can use the basic procedure below to play Blu-ray on your computer using Tipard Blu-ray Player easily.

Step 1To access the Tipard Blu-ray Player, click the Download button below. If you are a Windows user, click the Windows version. If you are using a Mac, then click the Mac version. Run the program after installing it on your computer.

Step 2Insert the Blu-ray disc you want to play and watch on the Blu-ray disc driver or the driver device. Note that the Blu-ray disc driver is different from the DVD Driver.

Insert Blu-ray Disc

Step 3After launching the Tipard Blu-ray Player from your computer, the program interface will appear. From the interface, click the Open Disc option. After that, find the Blu-ray disc you inserted in the Blu-ray disc driver. Then, select it.

Open Disc Option

Step 4Then, you can already play and watch Blu-ray. If you want to insert subtitles to your video, go to the Control tab on the upper interface and select the Subtitle track. Also, to pause/play the video forward or backward, go to the lower center part of the interface. You can also click the Snapshot icon to take a screenshot while playing the video. Lastly, go to the bottom-right corner of the interface to adjust the volume and watch in full-screen mode.

Play the Video

Part 4. FAQs about Does Xbox One and 360 Play Blu-ray

Does the Xbox One S can play 4K Blu-ray?

Yes, you can. First, download the Blu-ray player app and enable the console's 4K playback functions. Start the console by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. Choose Settings > Display & Sound > Video Output next. Under the Advanced Video modes, choose the Allow 4K checkbox. Turn on the search bar, then enter the Blu-ray player. After that, download and install the software on your Xbox One S. The 4K Blu-ray disc is now ready to be put into your Xbox One S so you can start watching the movie. Once the disc is in, select Play Disc from the main menu to continue.

How to play 3D Blu-ray movies on my Xbox One?

The method is simple when playing 3D Blu-ray movies on Xbox One. Turn on 3D on the Xbox One. Go to Settings>Display & sound on your Xbox One. After that, select Calibrate HDTV. Your console will then direct you through the remaining steps. Put the 3D Blu-ray disc into the Xbox One, then return to Display & sound, locate the Video fidelity tab, and choose the Enable 3D checkbox. Now, 3D Blu-ray movies should be streamable on your Xbox.

Can you watch other forms of 4K content on Xbox One?

Absolutely, yes. The Xbox One is capable of much more than just playing Blu-ray movies. Via services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, they can access 4K video. Hence, you can still experience the finest 4K on your Xbox One even if you don't own any 4K Blu-ray movies.

What is the best way to play Blu-rays on Windows 11/10?

If you desire to play Blu-rays using computers or Windows, use Tipard Blu-ray Player. This offline program lets you play Blu-rays without encountering any troubles. In addition, while watching, the program can provide a nice video quality, making it more enjoyable to watch. Moreover, you can also use this program to play DVDs, aside from Blu-rays.


To sum it up, this article gave you the solution you want, especially if you want to know how to play Blu-ray on Xbox One and 360. However, if you don't have an Xbox One console, it is impossible to play Blu-ray. In that case, use Tipard Blu-ray Player. You can download the program on your computer for free. With the help of this excellent program, you can play Blu-rays instantly.

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