Can You Play Blu-ray on PS4/PS3/PS5 & Its Best Alternative

Can You Play Blu-ray on PS4/PS3/PS5 & Its Best Alternative

Are you a video game lover with the favored eyes on PlayStation but bothered by this does PS4 play Blu-ray question? Do not let this simple question bother you because we have your most reliable answer. This article will give you the undisputed response not only for your PS4 concern about playing Blu-rays but also to join in the discussions about the PS3 and PS5. Well, as the saying goes, the more, the merrier. And so, we have decided to make this discussion broader to anticipate your next level of curiosity. For this reason, let us already cut to the chase and begin the ball rolling by reading the entire content below.

Does PS Play Blu-ray

Part 1. Does PS5/PS4/PS3 Play Blu-ray

With this kind of question, if the PlayStation gaming console can work on Blu-rays, it is more answerable with a yes. However, we cannot deny that not all PS5 cannot, and there are also reported events that whenever they use the PS4 with Blu-ray it won't play. This is why many people wonder whether Sony's gaming console can or cannot handle Blu-ray discs. Therefore, we have provided you with the specified rejoinder below to provide a clear answer.

Does PS3 Play Blu-ray?

PS3 Blu-ray

Can PS3 play Blu-ray? The answer is yes. This gaming console uses a 1.3 HDMI connector that makes it fit to work on Blu-ray discs. In fact, it is the first video game device that utilizes Blu-ray technologies for its primary storage in the market. However, as time passed, many who tried PS3 discovered some issues they experienced while using it with Blu-rays. On the other hand, the issues still won't contradict the fact that PS3 can play Blu-ray. Meanwhile, many users have seen the most common issues in PS3 when dealing with Blu-ray are the region lock, analog output, controller, and used discs.

Can PS4 Play Blu-ray?

PS4 Blu-ray

Can PS5 Play Blu-ray?

Succeeding the PS3 is the PS4. And if the PS3 can handle Blu-ray, what more is this PS4? Sony developed PS4, a gaming console that uses a built-in Blu-ray drive for its discs. This fact can already give us the idea that this type of PS can play Blu-rays. However, just like the PS3, there are also reported occurrences where the PS4 faced incompatibility issues with the kind of disc we discussed. One of the main issues is the unavailability to launch Blu-ray discs due to the region lock. On the other hand, if you ask about 3Ds and if PS4 will play 3D Blu-ray, the answer is yes. As a matter of fact, in 2014, Sony introduced an updated PS4 system allowing it to work on 3Ds.

PS5 Blu-ray

Finally, let's tackle the capability of the PlayStation 5 with Blu-rays. Can this latest gaming console play Blu-ray? Absolutely! PS5 was introduced in 2020 and is the ninth generation of video game consoles. Yes, it is still one of the hype due to the high-end tech it infuses. Furthermore, this gaming console was presented with two variances: the digital and the standard. The standard version of PS5 is the one that uses an Ultra-Hd Blu-ray drive, while the digital one is disc-less, for it comes without a disc drive. Therefore, if you ask if the PS5 plays 4K Blu-ray, the answer will always depend on the type of PS5 you use.

Part 2. How to Play Blu-ray on PS5/PS4/PS3

As mentioned above, the PS5, PS4, and PS3 all support Blu-ray playbacks. Suppose you have this latest standard version of PS5 and want to see how this console plays Blu-ray. In that case, follow the guidelines shown below.

Step 1Prepare your PS gaming console and turn it on. Now go to its disc drive and insert the Blu-ray disc you want to play. Once inserted, please wait until the Blu-ray shows, then once shown, proceed to the following step.

Insert Blu Ray

Step 2 Once you have inserted the Blu-ray disc into the disc lot properly, you will directly see the Disc Player on your media home. You can start the playback and enjoy 4K Blu-ray on your PS5. For PS4 and PS3, you can only enjoy regular Blu-ray discs. Besides, you can not only use PlayStation 4 to play Blu-ray but also DVD. So, you can take PS5/PS4/PS3 as your Blu-ray and DVD player.

Ps Play Blu Ray Discs

Part 3. Resolve Blu-ray Playback Failure on PS

Although you can play Blu-ray discs on PS4, PS3, and PS5, you can still get caught with some glitches when you take PS4 as a Blu-ray player. Here are some glitches and their fixes, you can troubleshoot it one by one.

Fail to read a Blu-ray disc:When your PS4 fails to read a Blu-ray disc, you can clean how to clean a Blu-ray disc using a clean and soft cloth. Next, you can use the Safe Mode on your PS4 console and select Rebuild Database option to troubleshoot the issue. Then, you can reinsert the Blu-ray disc into PS4 console.

Ps Play Blu Ray Discs

Unwanted PS4 Blu-ray disc ejection: You should turn off PS4 first. Next, unplug your PS4 console and press the Power button for 30 second with the occurrence of two beeps. Re-plug your PS4 console five minutes later and turn it on. Or you can go to Settings > System Software Update on your PS4 to update the system software of your PS4 console to fix the disc ejection error.

Ps Update System Software

Part 4. Bonus: How to Play Blu-ray on Computer

If you are not confident that your PS can play Blu-ray, let us have an alternative way. One of the best methods to play a Blu-ray is by using a computer. We are giving you this bonus part to introduce you to the best Blu-ray player of the year, the Tipard Blu-ray Player.

Key Features:

  • 1. It supports all types of Blu-ray, DVDs, and even ISO files in all media formats.
  • 2. The region free Blu-ray player is super easy and smooth for beginners to get to relish.
  • 3. It enables you to customize the brightness, hue, contrast, gamma, and many other elements of your video.
  • 4. It is available on both Windows and Mac computers
  • 5. This player can even let you take screenshots of your favorite scenes and add effects to your videos.

Step 1Click the download button above to install the player on your computer quickly. Then, launch it once it is ready and insert the Blu-ray into the disc drive. If your computer doesn't have a disc drive, you can alternatively connect an external DVD drive.

Step 2Once okay, hit the Open Disc tab at the center part of the player's interface. Then, select the Blu-ray file from the window that will pop up.

Tipard Blu-ray Open Disc

Step 3As simple as that, you can now watch your Blu-ray movie on your computer screen. Have the freedom to navigate the given playback controls and presets on the interface.

Tipard Blu-ray Player

Part 5. FAQs about Playing Blu-ray on PS

Can PS4 Pro play Blu-ray?

Yes. If you have a PS4 Pro, you can use it to play Blu-rays. To do so, insert the Blu-ray on your PS4 Pro, wait for it to load, then click the start button.

Can I play a 3D Blu-ray using PS5?

No. Unfortunately, PS5 doesn't support a 3D Blu-ray for playback.

Does the PS3 support both Blu-ray movies and games?

Yes. PS3 can play Blu-ray discs and digital videos. You can use PS3 on both games and movies in a Blu-ray if they don't have a region lock.

Which one should I choose: PS5 Blu-ray edition or Digital PS5?

Considering the prices of the two editions, PS5 Blu-ray edition just costs extra $50 than a digital one. In terms of long-run benefits, you should choose PS5 Blu-ray edition because it allows you to play used PS4 discs and borrowed discs from others.

Can the PS2 play Blu-ray?

Unfortunately, you can use the PS2 to play Blu-ray because the Blu-ray disc does not fit physically in the PS2 console. However, you can take PS2 as a DVD player.


There you have it, folks. You may leave the group that does not know if PS3, PS4, and PS5 play Blu-ray. These PS consoles are amazing in providing extra functions like playing Blu-ray movies. However, let's leave them with their primary purpose, which is for video games. Hence, let us turn our eyes to the perfect device for playing Blu-rays, which is the Tipard Blu-ray Player.

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