Why Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is the best Alternative to iTunes

iTunes Alternative

We have been using iTunes since the day iPod came out. As the default tool for managing files, you might find many restrictions for iTunes. If you are looking for iTunes alternatives, you can find the Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is the best replacement for iTunes.

Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is an easy to use program. It is not only an iTunes alternative for iPhone, you can also transfer photos from computer to iPad. You can also easily manage playlist, photos, videos and songs without iTunes.

iTunes Alternative Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate VS iTunes

Features iTunes Tipard
Organize video, music, photos and ebook
Sync multiple devices of Apple simultaneously
Support all Apple devices and operation systems
Play music files
Manage Jailbroken Device ×
Convert audio/video to iDevice compatible format ×
Sync multiple formats between devices to computer ×
Delete music, video, podcasts, iTunes U, audio book and playlists ×
Backup different formats to computers ×
Access Apple devices freely ×
Use the iDevices as an USB key ×

You can easily find the iTunes alternative much better than the iTunes. It can manage the different formats easily, access Apple devices freely and use them as the USB key, sync different formats between all devices. Just download the best alternative for iTunes to learn more detail about the program.

How to use Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate as the iTunes Alternative

Step 1

Access Apple devices freely

When iTunes not working, it should be a frustrated experience. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate can access Apple devices with USB connector easily without iTunes. As the best iTunes alternative for iPhone, you only have to launch the program with the devices.

Connect iPhone
Step 2

Sync all formats between devices

Actually not all formats can be transferred by iTunes, even you can transfer formats to iTunes from computer. You are not able to export files to computer with iTunes. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate just makes the whole procedure as easy as a piece of cake without iTunes.

  • 1. iTunes Alternative to transfer files to computer
  • 2. iTunes Alternative to sync files between devices
  • 3. Transfer the iDevices files to iTunes
Step 3

Manage iDevices files on computer

iTunes might enable you to play media files, but the iTunes alternative empowers you to manage the files, to create the playlist, to add music for free, to edit the contacts and so on.

  • Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the best iTunes alternative.
  • You can access iDevices easily, sync the files between different devices and even preview and manage the files on computer.
  • Just download the alternative for iTunes to have a better experience for your Apple devices.
  • Highly compatible with iOS 18
October 30, 2018 14:13
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Why Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is the best Alternative to iTunes