Top 3 Methods to Convert URL to MP3 with Ease

URL to MP3

Enjoying music is a good way to entertain or relax. Music databases, such as SoundCloud and YouTube, collect millions of songs. But they only permit people to listen to music online. Considering the poor mobile Internet connection in some places, it is inconvenient to enjoy audio streams. To prevent from piracy, most online music services will turn MP3 to URL. So when you want to download your favorite music, you have to convert URL to MP3 and download it to local hard drives. That sounds quite complicated. However, programmers have developed some converters to help you solve this problem. And this article will introduce 3 different ways in details.

1. Convert URL to MP3 on Windows

Tipard Video Downloader is an easy-to-use downloader. If you need to convert URL to MP3 frequently, Video Downloader is the best choice. Firstly, it could read a wide range of websites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook and more. Moreover, Video Downloader has the ability to convert URL contains videos to MP3. And when you want to convert multiple URLs to MP3 files, Video Downloader is useful since it is a multi-thread downloader. It is easy to convert URL to MP3 and download it to computers with Video Downloader. You only have to do a few clicks to achieve the desired MP3 files.

How to convert URL to MP3 with Video Downloader

You can install Tipard Video Downloader on your computer before converting URL to MP3. And then you can follow the process to get the desired MP3 files with ease.

TP Video Download
  • Step 1 Turn to any browser. Visit the music stream websites or databases and search for your favorite song to convert.
  • Step 2 Copy the page link contains the audio or video to download.
  • Step 3 Open Video Downloader and click on Paste URL button.
  • Step 4 In the Add New Download page, paste the link in URL box. Video Downloader will detect the media file automatically.
  • Step 5 Select Automatically Convert to option and find out MP3 in the drop-down list. Then Video Downloader will convert the media file in URL to MP3 spontaneously.
  • Step 6 After settings, click on OK button to start to grab and convert. If you need to download multiple MP3, just repeat step 2 to step 7.

Finally, you can find all the URLs have been converted to MP3 and saved on your computer. If you want to use the MP3 files for iPhone or other tablets, you can transfer the MP3 files to other devices.

2. Transform URL to MP3 on Mac computer

There are some media players that have the ability to convert URL to MP3 and download the audio files to your computer, like VLC Player. It is an open source media player available to Mac OS, Windows and Linux. So Mac users could use VLC Player to transform and download the music to local drives. The process is a little complex. You can follow the steps below.

VLC Player

How to Transform URL to MP3 with VLC Player

  • Step 1 Open Safari or other browser available and search for your favorite song in websites, such as YouTube.
  • Step 2 Once you find your favorite song, copy the address of the webpage.
  • Step 3 Launch VLC Player and select Open Network Stream in Media menu to continue.
  • Step 4 Click on Network tab in Open Media window and paste the address in the URL box to convert URL to MP3.
  • Step 5 Tap on Play button, VLC Player will read the media file in this address.
  • Step 6 Keep the media file play or pause and select Codec Information in Tools menu to open the media information window.
  • Step 7 Hold down Command+A and then Command+C to select and copy the text in Location. Then close the window.
  • Step 8 Select Convert/Save in Media menu and paste the text copied from Location in the URL box again to convert.
  • Step 9 Click on Convert/Save button.
  • Step 10 In convert settings window, select Audio-MP3 in the Profile drop-down list and click on Browse to set a destination.
  • Step 11 Finally, click on Start button to complete the process.

3. Grab MP3 from URL online

Many people prefer online services to desktop programs. There are many websites has the feature to convert URL to MP3, like Zamzar, video2mp3, Vidtomp3, YouTube-mp3, AnyThing2MP3, flvto and so on. Although there are a few differences between these online converters, like the range of websites supported, the processes to grab MP3 from URL with on these websites are similar. When it comes to guidance, I will use Online-Converter as an example.

Online Converter

How to convert URL to MP3 online

  • Step 1 Access in any browser on computers.
  • Step 2 The interface of Online-Converter is like a collection of converters, including audio converter, video converter, image converter and more.
  • Step 3 Located to audio converter section to convert URL to MP3 and click on Go button to redirect audio converter page.
  • Step 4 Select Convert to MP3 in the left side ribbon to continue.
  • Step 5 This online converter supports to convert the files from local drive and convert.
  • Step 6 Back to browser and visit your favorite music websites, like SoundCloud.
  • Step 7 Search for your favorite music and copy the page link of the song to convert.
  • Step 8 Turn to Online-Converter and paste the page link in the URL box.
  • Step 9 There are some parameters in optional settings, including audio bitrate, sampling rate and audio channels. You can reset these parameters or use the presets.
  • Step 10 If you just want to convert part of the songs, you can enter the values in trim audio.
  • Step 11 After settings, click on Convert file button to start transforming.
  • Step 12 When it finishes, you can save the MP3 file to your computer.


Based on the introduction above, there are at least three ways to convert URL to MP3 and save it to our computers. Online converters are the most convenient way to grab MP3 from URL. However, there are some negative aspects, like security problems. You might download some virus along with MP3. Moreover online converters are not always successful. On the other hand, some media players also embedded the features to transform. But as you can see, the process is somewhat complicated. You have to pay more patience to complete the whole process step by step. Finally, dedicated programs, like Tipard Video Downloader, seem the best way to convert URL to MP3. It is not only convenient, but also fast.