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3 Best HTML to MP4 Converters to Download and Convert HTML to MP4 with Ease

HTML5 specifies a new standard for embedding an MP4 video in a web page and can be adopted as an alternative to Adobe Flash. If you are interested in some MP4 files online, how do you convert or download HTML to MP4? The article shares 3 frequently used methods to extract the MP4 files from HTML files. Just learn more about the detailed process and choose the desired one according to your requirement.


Part 1: How to Convert HTML to MP4 on Windows

Freemake Video Converter is a free HTML to MP4 converter for Windows that allows you to convert any video, audio and image format. It enables you to download the online streaming videos from YouTube and other websites to MP4 within clicks.

Step 1Once you have installed the video converter, you can launch the program on your PC. Go to YouTube and copy the link of the video file you want to convert from the HTML web page.

Step 2Click the Paste URL button and paste the HTML address into the program. When you want to convert HTML to iPhone or other MP4 compatible device, you can choose the option accordingly.

Step 3After that, you can click the Download & Convert button to convert HTML to MP4. It also provides the basic tools to enable you further edit the videos within the program in clicks.

Freemake Video Converter

Part 2: How to Download HTML to MP4 on Mac

Handbrake is another free HTML to MP4 converter that capable of converting HTML to MP4 files. It does not support any of the other HTML5 video formats. But it has extra features to edit the MP4 files, such as title, chapter selection, chapter making and more others.

Step 1Once you have installed Handbrake on your Mac, you can launch the program and click the Source option to load the HTML files into the program you want to convert.

Step 2Choose the Output Settings as the MP4 File option and select the Web optimized option. After that, you can also tweak the video codec, video quality, Frame rate and more.

Step 3You can click the Start button to begin the HTML to MP4 conversion. It just takes a few seconds to extract the desired MP4 or even device presets from the HTML page accordingly.


Part 3: How to Extract MP4 from HTML Online

Free online HTML to MP4 converter is one of the best choices to extract the videos. ZAMZAR is an HTML5 video converter that enables you to get the desired videos, images, document files, music, eBook and more other file formats.

Step 1Launch the HTML to MP4 converter online, you can enter the URL of the HTML page into the column. But it removes support for the downloading of YouTube videos and more others.

Step 2Choose the format to convert files to MP4. After that, you can click the Convert To option and unfold the drop down list to select the MP4 format from the mp4 option from the Video formats.

Step 3Click the Our Term to learn more about the terms and agreement for the conversion. After that, you can click the Convert button to convert HTML to MP4 for free within few seconds.

Free online HTML to MP4

Best Method to Convert MP4 Files as Profession

When you want to further edit the MP4 files, or transfer to your Android phone, iPhone or other devices, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is an easy method to convert DVD, video and audio files to more than 500 file formats. Moreover, you can also edit the videos or even add video filters with ease.

  • 1. Convert MP4 to video, audio and the optimal presets at 60x faster speed.
  • 2. Preserve the full and original video quality when converting the MP4 files.
  • 3. Compress the MP4 video by tweaking the resolution and change file format.
  • 4. Edit any video file with cropping, rotating, watermarking, adding filters, etc.

Part 4: FAQs to Download and Convert HTML Files

What is the Best Alternative Method to Download HTML to MP4?

As for YouTube, Vimeo and other online streaming websites, which has an encryption method to protect the videos, in order to find a workable method to download HTML to MP4, you can take advantage of the video recorder to capture the desired video accordingly.

Can You Convert HTML5 Creative to MP4 Along with Audio?

In order to convert HTML5 Creative to MP4 with H.264, you can convert the HTML5 within 30MB online with HTML5ANIMATIONTOGIF.com. It also enables you to tweak the FPS, duration, bitrate, record with audio, creative size and more others.

Is There a Method to Convert HTML File to MP4?

Just as mentioned above, you can enter the URL to convert the file to MP4. Is there a method to drag-n-drop the HTML to MP4? You can take the online tool https://convert.world/convert-html-to-mp4 into consideration.


When you want to convert or download HTML to MP4, you can learn more about the best HTML to MP4 converters from the article on different platforms. If you need to use the converted MP4 files on other devices, such as smart phone, Xbox and others, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be the best media converter you can take into consideration.

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April 24, 2020 08:05