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How to Download MP4 Videos from Dailymotion on PC, iPhone and Android

“I have a habit of watching to news and shows on Dailymotion every day; however, it makes me irritated when the internet speed is not good enough, how can I download Dailymotion to MP4?” No one wants any disturbance in the seamless watching experience of a favorite online video.

As a video sharing platform, Dailymotion is well-known for the HD picture quality and the large amount of content. However, you may be facing challenges when downloading contents from the platform. This guide will show you 5 verified ways to get what you want.

Dailymotion to MP4

Part 1: Best Option to Download Dailymotion to MP4 on PC

As you know, you cannot get any option to download MP4 videos from Dailymotion on computer. Tipard Video Downloader is a video downloader available to Dailymotion and can meet your need.

1. Download videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.

2. Extract online media files from URL.

3. Convert multimedia files to MP4 and other formats.

4. Support almost all video and audio formats.

5. Easy to use and no requirement of technical skills.

In brief, it is the easiest way to download Dailymotion to MP4 video files on computer.

How to Download Dailymotion to MP4

Step 1

Install Video Downloader

Launch the best Dailymotion to MP4 downloader after you install it on your computer. Click the Paste URL button at the top left side to open the new download dialog.

Step 2

Extract file from video address

Search for the video you want to download on Dailymotion in a browser, and copy the video address, which is the content in the address bar on the top ribbon. Paste the video address into the URL box and click the Analyze button to extract media files from the address.

Step 3

Convert Dailymotion to MP4

A Dailymotion address may contain several media files with various resolutions and formats. Check the desired resolution and format on the list. If there is no MP4, select Automatically Convert tospan> and choose MP4 from the drop-down list. Click the OKspan> button to start downloading Dailymotion to MP4 immediately.

Note: The Dailymotion to MP4 downloader supports batch download as well. You can start another downloading once the process above is done.


Part 2: Download Dailymotion to MP4 with Online Apps

Web-based video downloaders are a convenient way to download Dailymotion to MP4. They only available to unencrypted videos. Chrome extensions are another method to get your favorite videos from Dailymotion and save in MP4.

Method 1: Convert Dailymotion to MP4 with Zamzar

Zamzar is a collection of web apps. It can convert Dailymotion videos to MP4 online. The drawback is to process video files no more than 150MB per conversion.

Step 1

When you find a video on Dailymotion that you wish to download. Open a new tab in browser, copy and paste https://www.zamzar.com/ into the address bar, and hit the Enter key to open the page.

Step 2

Click select link and put the video address into the box. Expand the Convert To drop-down list, and select MP4.

Step 3

Finally, hit the Convert Now button to convert Dailymotion to MP4. When it is done, download the result.

Zamzar Dailymotion

Method 2: Download MP4 from Dailymotion via Downloader

Downl0ader is another online video downloader app available to Dailymotion, YouTube, etc. Though the success rate is low, it is worth to try.

Step 1

Go to https://www.downl0ader.com/dailymotion-video-downloader in your browser once you discover the desired video on Dailymotion.

Step 2

Simply copy the Dailymotion video address and paste it into the Enter the video link field.

Step 3

Hit the Download button, and download the MP4 file when prompted.

Method 3: Save Dailymotion MP4 Videos in Chrome

There are a lot of Dailymotion MP4 downloader extensions for Chrome and Firefox, such as DownloadHelper, SaveFrom.net helper, Ant Video Downloader, DownThemAll, etc. They can detect the multimedia files on the web page you are browsing and add the download option to each of them. We use DownThemAll as the example to show you how it works.

Step 1

Search for DownThemAll in Chrome Web Store and install it. Alternatively, install it from here directly. Then it will appear on the toolbar at upper right side as a blue arrow icon.

Step 2

Visit Dailymotion website in your Chrome and open the video you want to watch offline. After video buffering, click the arrow icon to detect all media files.

Step 3

Select the MP4 format and proper resolution. Click the Start Record button to start saving Dailymotion to MP4.

For more Dailymotion downloaders, you can refer to this post.

Part 3: Download Dailymotion to MP4 on Mobile

The good news is that Dailymotion offers the watch offline option for a part of videos within the app. So, you can download videos from Dailymotion app for iOS or Android. Bear in mind that the videos can be stored for a maximum of 30 days and then will be deleted automatically. Another drawback is that you can only watch the videos within the Dailymotion app.

Download Dailymotion
Step 1

Run the Dailymotion app from your app drawer. It is free in App Store and Play Store. Sign in your Dailymotion account.

Step 2

Open the video, or you can search for it with the magnifying glass icon at the bottom. Then tap the More button with a three-dot icon to display more options.

Step 3

Now, tap the Watch Offline button to begin download the video from Dailymotion to your memory. When it finishes, you will get a confirm message.

Tip: If you get an error alert, it means the video cannot be downloaded. Not all videos in Dailymotion app are available to download.

Step 4

To view the downloaded video, go to the Library tab and tap Watch Offline. Then all videos you have downloaded will show up.

Part 4: FAQs of Dailymotion to MP4

Where can I download Dailymotion videos?

On mobile devices, you can download videos within the Dailymotion app directly. If you want to do it on Windows or Mac, you have to use a third-party Dailymotion to MP4 downloader application.

Why can't I see videos on Dailymotion?

According to Dailymotion, videos may be not playable due to a slow internet connection speed or a slow processor. Dailymotion is a video streaming platforms and it requires a good internet connection, especially on mobile devices. When either is your case, the video may not play at all or it is too large to play immediately. You should wait for it to completely be buffer or download it directly.

Is Dailymotion illegal?

Websites like Dailymotion, YouTube and more are all legal. Sometimes the contents they host is not. Users upload videos like movies, TV shows or music videos, which are copyright protected. In such cases, it is illegal to distribute them.


This article talked about how to download Dailymotion videos to MP4 format for watching offline. Though it is convenient to find various video types on Dailymotion, you cannot download videos officially. Fortunately, there are some Dailymotion downloader applications available. Tipard Video Downloader, for example, is able to extract media files from Dailymotion video address and convert it to MP4 format directly. If you encounter other troubles related to Dailymotion download, please write it down below this post.

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March 30, 2020 09:15