How Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. When you upgrade to Spotify Premium with US$9.99/month, you should know what you get with the Premium service. Is there any method to get Spotify Premium for free? If you are looking for some coupon codes or other methods to get Spotify Premium free, you can read the article to get the best solution accordingly.

What You Can Get with Spotify Premium

What are the differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium? Before you go Premium, you have to get more information about the extra service with Spotify Premium first. When you have an account of Spotify, you can have shuffle play for the massive collection of music from computer, iPhone or Android devices. Just check more detail about what you can get with Spotify Premium.

  • 1. AD free. If you are frustrated with the loud audio ads with the free version every couple of tracks, you can enjoy a free AD when you go Premium.
  • 2. Unlimited skips. It is important to use Spotify Premium on iPhone or Android phones. You might be forced to listen to everything in Shuffle mode without a favorite one.
  • 3. Listen offline. When you get the Premium on iPhone or Android, it unlocks full access on your mobile device. You can listen to any song at any time on your phone.
  • 4. Play any track. As a premium user, you are able to access to exclusive content and early releases. What's more, you can also have the Spotify Connect feature that lets you stream your music to any Spotify subscribed device in your wifi network.
  • 5. High quality audio. In order to enjoy a high quality audio with the music streaming, you also have to upgrade to Spotify Premium service.

If you are satisfied with Spotify Premium service, you can get US$0.99 for the first three months, and then US$9.99 per month after. You might find there is a large amount of money after the first three month. And then you have to search for free Spotify Premium Codes.

Solutions Get Spotify Premium for Free

When you want to enjoy the soft lyric without the annoying loud audio ads, access all the playlists without extra download, you have to subscribe Spotify Premium service. But not everyone is willing to shell out US$10.00 for the service. As for the case, you can check the websites that claims to provide free Spotify Premium codes. enables you to get free spotify premium code with online spotify code generator. In order to get the Spotify Premium codes, you have to download extra applications on your Computer or Mac. What's more, you also have to share the websites to Facebook and Twitter in order to unlock the content the codes. The Free spotify Premium codes Generator don't cost you any money and generate free codes for the premium subscription at Spotify.

spotify-premium-code-1 provides exclusive Spotify Premium codes of 2016. Whether you need 3 months, 6 months or one year, the website provides online Spotify Premium code Generator that enable you to get the code without spending your single penny. With the first come, first serve deal, you can also download the pre-generated premium codes, already generated by our App and saved on cloud space at autopilot mode.

spotify-premium-code-2 has more service types, including 1-month spotify premium code duration compared to the other services. The website claims that all Spotify Codes generator via its servers, has been tested across Spotify Servers to make sure all codes are working perfectly fine before the retrieval of the premium codes which are display to you for downloads. With this measure in place, all code has been proving to work in less than 48 hours after retrieval.

spotify-premium-code-3 provides software that is working on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Once you download Spotify Premium code generator and start the program, the program will auto updating the database with the fresh code. The site also includes hacks and cheats for Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and the popular Flappy Bird game. Except for the Spotify Premium code, you can also access to other program from the website.


Different from the other Spotify Premium codes websites. Spotifypremiumfree2014 claims that all official Spotify premium codes are bought from trusted websites and legit sellers, who will not harm your platform with viruses. You have to select the worth of your codes that will enable you to download that amount of code. The Spotify premium code generator will then take you to the download page where you can select any of the free Spotify premium codes available for you.


Download Spotify Music for Free

Many websites claims to provide Spotify premium codes, which are actually fake and are attractive traffic on the site. What's more, when you install some programs to get Spotify premium codes might install tons of malware on your computer. What's more, you might soon find the website is not available when Spotify detect the websites.

Is there any alternative method to get Spotify Premium for free? It is highly recommended to download the music from Spotify, and then you can enjoy the program with any player of any device. Tipard All Music Converter for Mac should be your best choice to download music from Spotify, YouTube and other online stream websites. You only have to copy and paste the URL of the Spotify link of a song, and then copy and paste the link to Tipard All Music Converter for Mac, you only have to choose either MP4 or MP3 to download Spotify Music for free.


Except for the above features, you can also access to the following features to achieve a better service than Spotify Premium. Just learn more detail as below.

  • 1. Convert audio/music to MP3 or other formats with zero loss on Mac, you. Just as the Spotify Premium service, you can also enjoy the high quality music with any device in any format.
  • 2. Extract any audio files from MP4 or online Spotify music or YouTube video. You can extract and convert any background songs and audio files from all different formats into MP3.
  • 3. Adjust audio settings and merge/trim audio length. In order to put out the best result, you can also trim the unnecessary or ad parts in order to get the best Spotify music.
  • 4. The program also provides the best user experience and easiest operation. It always helps you achieve the services much better than Spotify Premium subscription service.


When you need to go Spotify Premium, you can go through some websites for Spotify Premium codes without malware first. And then you can check whether the free service is available. Tipard All Music Converter is another solution you should taken into consideration, you can download songs from more than 3,000 websites in the best quality without any extra charge. If you have any query related to the topic, you can feel free to let us know in the comments.

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