Top 5 Keepvid Alternatives to Download Video Online


Keepvid is one of the most important online video downloader for movies and music from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch TV and other 1,000 websites. As the frequently update of Facebook and other media sites, you always need a Keepvid alternative to download video online. Just learn more detail about Keepvid alternatives from the article now.


Enable KeepVid Web Downloader

  • KeepVid is easy to use solution to download video online for free. But in order to make sure you can use the web downloader, you should make sure you have met the following requirements.
  • 1. Java installation. Keepvid is impossible to save online videos without running Java.
  • 2. Disable Ads Block Plugins. There are numerous ads come along with Keepvid when you download video online.
  • 3. Change DNS server or use VPN if KeepVid is down because your ISP has slow DNS server or the ISP block your access to KeepVid via DNS web filters.
  • 4. Disable or uninstall Firewall software and clear temporary cache and cookies on browser, after that you can open again.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Ads or the above solutions do not work for you, you need to choose the Keepvid alternative to download the desired video online.

KeepVid Alternative for Mac and Windows - Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

The Best KeepVid Alternative for desktop users is Tipard Converter Ultimate, which is able to download video online from YouTube, Viemo, Facebook and more than 1,000 other website. Tipard Converter Ultimate provides the easy solution to download videos online without ads, DNS or ISP block.

  • 1. As the KeepVid alternative, the program is able to download video from online streaming sites with the original quality within 1-click.
  • 2. Batch downloading multiple video files online in high speed with any block.
  • 3. Convert files between different formats and even any 4K Ultra HD video, 1080P HD and SD video.
  • 4. Rotate video and enhance the video quality according to iPhone or Android devices.
  • 5. Multiple excellent features to further edit the download online videos to desired video.

How to Download Online Video on Mac

  • 1. Launch the KeepVid Alternative
  • When you download the KeepVid alternative program from the official website of Tipard. You can install and launch the program as the screenshot.
  • screen
  • 2. One Click to Download Online Videos
  • Copy and paste the URL of the online videos to the KeepVid alternative, in order to batch downloading for all the desired files, you can add more URLs to let the program download all the files for you.
  • add-online-video
  • 3. Convert Video Format Or Extracted Audios
  • If you need to use the video on another device or use the audio files only, you can convert the files downloaded to MP4, MP3 or other formats with high quality.
  • convert

KeepVid Alternative for Web Downloader – SaveVid

SaveVid is another online video downloader as free KeepVid Alternative. Just as KeepVid, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe and other popular online video Streaming. What is more, SaveVid also provides the latest videos, most popular video for the past 24 hours and latest music. You can view or download the selected videos from the online video downloader directly. Here are the main features of SaveVid.

  • 1. Downloading and saving videos becomes easier than ever.
  • 2. Convenient Downloading, Regardless of Format.
  • 3. Save-Vid is a 100% FREE Video Download Site.
  • 4. Download video online without extra programs.

KeepVid Alternative for Browser Plugin – is an easy and fast method to download videos from website. When you need to choose a KeepVid Alternative, a convenience way should be taken into consideration. When you install Helper extension, you can open a new page with the video download links in various formats. It is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

  • 1. The integration script allows downloading online videos with a Download Button.
  • 2. As KeepVide Alternative for browser plugin, you can access videos with different browsers directly.
  • 3. Super easy and convenient method to download video from online video streaming.
  • 4. Download videos from more than 40 websites as well as social media networks.

KeepVid Alternative for PC – YTD Video Downloader

As an alterative of for PC, you can use the video downloader to get videos from more than 60 online video streaming, including YouTube. You can also download HD or high quality videos. When you need to download some videos from Windows program, you can download YTD video downloader to check whether it works for you.

  • 1. YTD Video Downloader interface includes a tabbed format for easy downloading, converting, and playing.
  • 2. The new Activity tab allows you to keep track of multiple downloads and conversions in real time.
  • 3. The KeepVid alternative is able to download full playlists as opposed to just one video.
  • 4. Easily download videos from online streaming and convert to the desired formats.

KeepVid Alternative for Mobile Device – TubeBox & TubeMate

You might use mobiles more frequently to download YouTube videos or other websites. When you need to find the KeepVid alternative for mobile device, you can use Tubebox for iOS or TubeMate for Android.

  • TubeBox
  • TubeBox is a full feature iOS client for YouTube and DailyMotion. It should be the right KeepVid alternatives on iPhone or iPad. Not only for download the favorite videos and play anywhere or even online, but also remote controls of the program.
  • tubebox
  • 1. Watch and download video files to iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy offline.
  • 2. Supports background playback, HD formats, and offline video playing.
  • 3. Sync favorites/playlists/subscription with YouTube account.
  • 4. Easily search the desired videos by keyword or category.
  • Tube Mate
  • When you need to choose an alternative of KeepVid on Android phone or tablets, you can download Tubemate on Google Play to watch or download the high quality videos without any charge. And then you can view videos offline with ease.
  • tube-mate
  • 1. Watch full HD high quality for movie gadget or the most popular months and weeks.
  • 2. Unzip the downloaded clips on YouTube senior and Support the subtitle language settings resolution.
  • 3. Download videos online with a high speed and automatically saved to the SD card.
  • 4. Shared the fastest useful friends know more people.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned KeepVid alternatives ensure you to download online videos with the desired solution. When you want to download online streaming from mobile or tablets, there should be many restrictions for the download format, the video size, the batch functions and so on. As for the KeepVid alternative for web downloader or browser plugin, the ads and Java installer are the major problems to use these solutions.

Compared to the other solution, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the all-in-one solution that can download video online in extremely high quality. And what is more, you can also batch download, convert videos and enjoy high resolution files easily.

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Top 5 Keepvid Alternatives to Download Video Online