Top 10 DRM Removal Software to Get Rid of DRM

Top 10 DRM Removal Software to Get Rid of DRM

Even if you purchase the digital media, you might soon find there are still lots of DRM limitations. It fails to copy and transfer the files elsewhere, what is more, you cannot even use the file on smartphone or tablet. If you are annoyed with the multiple restrictions of the digital media, you can find some DRM removal tools to use the files freely. The article explains the top 10 DRM removals that you can get rid of the DRM protection. You can choose the desired program to help you achieve DRM free files.

1. NoteBurner

NoteBurner is one of the most popular DRM removal programs to remove DRM copy protection. It is able to handle DRM algorithms for iTunes rented movies, TV shows, Apple Music, iTunes songs, audiobooks and even Spotify songs. Just take ripping CD for example, the DRM removal tool install a virtual CD-RW writer on your system that you can then use to remove DRM copy protection. What is more important, the program provides a fast conversion speed with a relatively high quality.


1. Launch NoteBurner and drag the movies into the program.

2. Click the Add Movies button to select and load files from iTunes.

3. Choose the output format or the device type accordingly.

4. And then click the Convert button to remove the DRM protection.

2. Requiem

Requiem is a powerful DRM cracker to remove FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes music, videos and books for free. The program provides easy-to-use and works for almost all kinds of digital content sold in iTunes Store. The DRM removal program is able to generates high quality video files and allows you to enjoy them on multiple non-Apple devices, like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, PSP, HD TV, etc.


1. When you open the program, it will detect iTunes Library automatically.

2. The program will list the DRM protected files and remove the DRM.

3. Once the program finish scanning, the DRM removal tool just copies the file to your computer.

4. And then you can find the copied files with DRM free for any device.

3. Sidify

Sidify is another music DRM removal software for Apple music and Spotify music. The program is able to keep the original lossless quality of the music file. You can also download the music file as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC files according to the different device type.


1. Once you launch Sidify, you can add Apple songs to the program.

2. Remove added Apple Music files to remove the DRM protection.

3. Set Preference for the output format, quality and Conversion speed.

4. Click the Convert button to turn Apple Music song into MP3/AAC/WAV.

4. Tunebite

Tunebite is a music and movie DRM removal program, which is designed and developed to legally remove the DRM protection from music, songs, albums, audiobooks, videos and movies. It is the program to remove DRM protection by recording and converting music to desired files.


1. Once you install and launch Tunebite, you can choose the default format.

2. Click the Add button on the upper right to add DRM protected file.

3. Select the Find DRM icon on the top menu from added collection.

4. Confirm the detail and click the Convert button to remove DRM protection.

5. EPUB Converter

If you want to remove the Kindle DRM from Kindle Books in order to read on other devices, EPUB Converter is the DRM removal to solve the problem. The program will turn the DRM protected files into normal ones, and then you can read iPad, iPhone, NOOK and other reading devices.

EPUB Converter

1. Download and install the program on your computer.

2. Choose the eBooks that you need to convert through the program.

3. Open the DRM removal and click Add button to add the book.

4. Click the Start button to turn the DRM files into a readable format.

6. Calibre

Calibre is another one stop solution for Kindle DRM removal. It is the comprehensive eBook viewer and web new/magazine downloader. And you can also edit the book collection and share your library with ease. It is the desired DRM removal tool for both casual users and experts for free.


1. Install and launch the program. And then setting the parameters.

2. Click the Device button and drag the book to the connected device.

3. Choose Yes button to auto convert the books before uploading.

4. When the conversion finished, the book will be uploaded automatically.

7. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Aimersoft DRM media converter is an audio and video DRM removal tool. It is able to stripe DRM protection from multiple formats. And then turn the files into a compatible format for your smartphone or tablets. It is able to convert both DRM protected and DRM free video and music to popular files.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

1. Add the DRM protected files to the program by clicking the Add… button.

2. Choose the output format according to the device types with Settings.

3. Preview the original video file and select the output path.

4. Click the Start button to convert files to remove DRM protection.

8. SoundTaxi

SoundTaxi provides different editions for DRM removal. Besides the simple and intuitive design to let you remove DRM and acquire the desired format for different devices, the program also provide the batch function for folders and files to convert and unprotect large music collections with just 1-click.


1. Just download and launch the DRM removal program to add DRM protected files.

2. Once you open the files, the conversion starts automatically.

3. Click the Settings menu on the top to get the desired quality.

4. After the conversion, you can click the Play Original and Play Converted to have a comparison.

9. TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover

TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover is another versatile DRM removal manufacturer that supports all formats. You can use the one stop DRM removal solution for all the protected iTunes media. Just use the program to turn the rented movies from iTunes for any other devices.

TunesKit iTunes DRM Remover

1. Download the purchased or rented movies to iTunes Library.

2. And then you can run TunesKit for Mac on your computer.

3. Add iTunes rented files with DRM protection to the program.

4. Start converting iTunes M4V to Windows Media Player video format or other formats.

10. AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter is able to converter audio, video, Audiobook and graphic files to the desired format. The DRM removal software can legally strip off DRM protection from both iTunes purchases and rentals iTunes files and convert them to unprotected video and audio files on Mac OS X.

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter

1. Just download and install the AppleMacSoft DRM Converter on computer.

2. Click the Import button to load the DRM protected file to the program.

3. Choose the output formats, codec, bitrate and other parameters.

4. And then Start Convert the audio or video files to a DRM free file.


Compared to other programs, it is hard to define the best DRM removal programs. If you can download the program to remove DRM protection or even convert the files to the desired format. It should be your choice. If you have any difficult to choose the right one, just download the programs to have a try. Anything you want to know about DRM removal programs, share your information with us in the comments.