Top 10 Websites for Free Movie Downloads on iOS/Android Devices


Movie applications are available for Android and iOS platforms. But it is difficult to download the content, especially when you have low speed Internet connection. In order to have a nice visual experience, it is recommended to download free movies for Android phone or iPhone first. The article provides the best free movie download sites that you can get latest movies for free.

Part 1. The Best Method to Download Free Movies

When you found some favorite movies, you might want to find the best free movie download sites. Actually you only need to use Tipard Video Downloader to download free movies or download TV shows without registration or membership. It empowers you to download free movies from YouTube, Facebook and hundreds of other websites. What is more, the program is able to convert downloaded free movies in AVI or other formats to MP4 or MOV for your Android phone or iPhone with the original quality.

Why Choose Tipard Video Downloader

  • 1. Download YouTube videos, and other online sites to download the latest movies free.
  • 2. The versatile conversion features enable you to use the free movie download to anywhere you want.
  • 3. Enhanced video quality to make sure you can enjoy a nice visual experience with great quality.
  • 4. A simple and elegant user interface, which you only need to copy and paste the link of the movie to download the file.

Part 2. Top 10 Websites for Free Movie Downloads

There are lots of free movies downloads sites available that you can download thousands of movies for free. But some of free movie download sites served malware or adware that you do not want. Here is the list of free movie download sites to get your favorite Hollywood, Tamil and other movies for free.

1. InternetArchive

If you do not want to download free movies legally without breaking any law, you can use Internet Archive. It is a digital collection of all movies that in public domain and can be used either individually or commercially. What is more important, there are more than 2 million legal free movies with anime, action, sci-fi and other themes that you can download without any problem. It should be one of the best resources to download movies free.


2. Divx Crawler

Divx Crawler is the first and most reliable source for free movie download on Internet. The movie collection is updated with a regular basis without any sign up or advertising. Just as the name of the website, you only able to download videos with Divx codec, which is AVI format. You should need to convert the format into MP4 or MOV in order to playback the movies on Android phone or iPhone instead.


3. Megashare Movie

As a new free movie download site, Megashare Movie is one of the best choices for Hollywood movie fans. There are different types of new movies, such as Action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary and drama. It is easy to access the desired free movies from the user-friendly site structure. If you do not have any idea about the desired movies, you can also take the IMDb Rating or TMDb Rating for reference.


4. Gingle

In order to download some Bollywood movies or for Indian people, you can get them from the free movie download site of Gingle. Gingle is the best free download portal to download the latest movies, favorite music and listen to online radio station or even online games. You do not have to register or have an account before using the excellent services. Just request any new movies that you need to Gingle, you might find it will be there soon.


5. Ganool

When you want to download free movies with excellent quality, just take Ganool into the first consideration. Compared to other free movie download sites, you can not only search movies by Genre, country, year or even check the top movies from the provided list, you are also able to download movies according to the quality. You can always download movies with various quality, such as Bluray, DVD Rip, 1080P, 3D, 480P or 720P with any topic or theme from the website.


6. Free Movie Download

If you are not familiar with the name of Free Movie Download, you might know the name of the free movie download site formerly used as HttpFilm. Just click the different categories with 18+, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance and Mystery from the website. There are different download size and format, which you can choose the suitable format before download the favorite movies.


7. YouTubeinmp4

It is the website that you can download free movies for Android phone or iPhone directly. YouTubeinmp4 is one of the most commonly used websites to download MP4 files, which can be used for smartphone or other devices directly. Actually you only need to enter the URL of the movie on YouTube to download movies free in MP4 with a great quality and precision. Of course, you can also download movies free onto Windows or Mac in any other format according to your requirements.


8. SeeHD.Club

Even if you download movies free, you might only find combined trailers instead of the whole movie. As for the case, you can try to download free movies and TV shows with full length. It is easy to locate the latest and authentic download button to get the movie on PC or mobile. It is a website with simple design and fewer advertisements. Just check every detail when you need to download free movies on the website.


9. Tube+

Tube+ provides a revolutionary way to watch your video. The site has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. You can find a chart that shows the movies that got highest number of votes in a specific period of time. You can download movies free on this site in high video quality with provided links. If you need to find your favorite movie, just search for the one with search box and download it.



When you access MySuperMovie, which will direct to now. You can always find the latest free movies to download from the website. If there is any new movie, you can always get the download link from the website first with a daily update. And the free movie download site contains a great collection of Kannada, Hollywood, South Indian, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi Movies.



Whatever the website you choose to download free movies, you might find the AVI format is the most frequently used format. In order to use the free movies to your Android phone or iPhone, you need to convert the files to MP4 or MOV instead. What is more important, the smartphone has a limited space for the download free movies, you have to compress the video to a certain degree in order to playback the whole series. The All-in-One Tipard Video Downloader should always be the best choice for you. If you have any query about the free movie download sites or want to share more free movie download websites you have explored, you can share the information in the comments.

Top 10 Websites for Free Movie Downloads on iOS/Android Devices