Something about Amazon Movie Rental You Should Know

Something about Amazon Movie Rental You Should Know

Amazon is the largest retailer online in the world, there are billions of deals sale everyday. Compare with other online sellers, Amazon sells not only real goods, but also online sources. For instance, you can go to the cinema to enjoy the new release movies, or to watch at home by Amazon movie rental with few dollars. Though there are still some differences between watching movies online and in 3D effects. But you just need to at $0.99 to view classic Amazon videos online. It is really a deal. Even though some Amazon movie rental costs higher, it will up to $3.99. So there are many people renting movies on Amazon per day.

Part 1. How to Rent A Movie on Amazon

Now it is time to know processes of renting Amazon videos. You can use 1-click ordering to buy or rent Amazon video title from the browser. If you decide to buy Amazon videos, once you purchase it, you can find it from the Video Library without time and devices limitations. In another word, the purchased videos can be viewed no matter you log on mobile phone or PC. As for renting movies on Amazon, you need to do as the following steps.

Rent A Movie on Amazon
Step 1

Open Amazon site on browser, and then search to specific movie on Amazon to rent. You can launch Amazon app and do the same operating too. If you have no idea which Amazon video to rent, you can find Departments under Amazon logo, and then open Rent or Buy under Amazon Video menu.

Step 2

Select the video title to open. You can look through movie description by the way, or to read comments below to know the Amazon movie to rent in advance. Moreover, Tap Watch Trailer to see movie parts by the way.

Step 3

Click Rent Movie HD option to purchase Amazon movie rental. If you have Amazon movie rental promo code, you can paste it during renting Amazon movie online to have a discount.

After finish Amazon video renting process, your Video Library will add the certain movies automatically. You can watch it within 24 hours with Wi-Fi connection. Even though you have something to do during video watching, it is OK to pause and resume again. The only thing you need to know before is that, rented Amazon movies are not able to download out of 24 hours, as well as video renting.

Part 2. Tips of Amazon Movie Rental

This part will introduce you small tips to find Amazon videos to rent, and some problems you may face of renting. For instance, Amazon video on demands offers two ways to get movie rentals. The first choice is to watch online videos on computer. And the second selection is to download to a PC or to a TiVo DVR. Moreover, you need to install Unbox Video Player from Amazon first, to view downloaded Amazon movie rental on PC.

If you have many movies to rent on Amazon, you can try Prime Video, to stream thousands of TV shows, movies and Award-winning Originals without purchasing external dollars. For people who have no targets to watch movies, you can turn to Channels to view recommended hot movies. Moreover, there are two parts to get free to watch videos on Amazon, which are Kids & Family and Documentary. So if you want to kill time without spending a dollar, you can watch Amazon movie rental free. Furthermore, Amazon video on demand does not support on Mac, iPod or iPhone.

For people who need to download Amazon movie rental offline, you cannot save Amazon videos directly. Open rented movie online, and then select Download to PC or TiVo DVR option instead of Watch online. After that, you are able to watch the downloaded movies on Windows computer within the next 30 days.

Part 3. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

There is one-stop media downloading and converting editor you can get on Windows computer, which is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. You are able to drag online video and audio files to download, and then convert their media formats as well. Of course, you can upload video files from computer for editing and adding specific effects too. So what can Tipard Video Converter Ultimate does, to enhance videos of better experience?

Main Features of Converting Videos on PC

  • 1. Synchronize external subtitles to videos.
    You can use the built-in search box to find high quality subtitles and add to videos directly.
  • 2. Add external audio track and multiple-audio track.
    The soundtracks can be added as background music and etc. Moreover, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate support most popular audio formats, like MP3, WAV, AAC and etc.
  • 3. Rotate video direction and enhance higher video quality.
    You are able to reduce video shaking, and correct video direction to satisfy vision habit.
  • 4. Edit video files with built-in video editor.
    You can add watermark, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and do other more things to add special video effects.
  • 5. Download streaming videos and convert into MP4 or MP3.
    Tipard Video Converter can extract music from videos, and then transfer to mobile phone.
  • 6. Rip and convert DVD to high quality video files.
    You can output downloaded videos into other media formats you want. In addition, if you have repeated video files to output, you can use batch conversion to save more time.

How to Download Online Videos

Step 1

Tap Download option in the tool bar.
You can see the Add URL window, type YouTube URL to the blank, and then click Analyze option.

Video Converter Ultimate
Step 2

Select Load Disc menu or tap Add File button in the toll bar.
Load Disc support users to upload DVD videos, and Add File aims to normal video files.

Load Disc
Step 3

Select video formats to convert to
Click the video file and then choose Profile button, choose which video format you want t o convert. Or you can batch convert video files by tapping Apply to All option.

Download Video
Step 4

Choose Convert big blue option.
You can see converted video files, or to pause and resume when your wireless connection is not good enough.


Before converting videos, you can click Video Enhance and Edit buttons to trim, merge and add video effects, to output new video files to download. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate offers free trial to users to experience best video and DVD conversion, and transfer converted videos to iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices easily. So no matter you want to download streaming YouTube videos, or convert DVD files, just turn to Tipard Video Converter Ultimate for better video enhancing experience.