Top 10 Video2mp3 Similar Websites in 2017


Video2mp3 is a free website. Its principal feature is to transform online videos, such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, MOV or AVI, to MP3 and download it to any digital devices. As an online converter and downloader, it is easy to use. On the other hand, it also provides add-ons to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. So music enthusiasts could embed it to their browsers and grab the audio from any videos online with one click. However, there are some negative online reviews related to piracy. Users are worrying it is illegal and disabled someday. Therefore, this article will introduce some tools similar to Video2mp3. Just pick up the desired website or tool to get the MP3 files with ease.

1. Tipard Screen Capture Tipard Screen Capture is a high quality audio recorder. Although it is a desktop program, many people are attracted by its powerful features and simple operation. So if you need to convert online video files to MP3 and save it to hard drive frequently, Screen Capture is a smart choice. Tipard Screen Capture

The principal features of Screen Capture include:

1. It is a user-friendly audio program.
2. Screen Capture is available for Windows XP/7/8 and Windows 10.
3. This audio recorder has the ability to record system audio and your voice from microphone.
4. This Video2mp3 similar tool could record the sound from any online sources, like videos, online calls, games, and so on.
5. The preview section will show the length of the audio in real time.

2. Listen to YouTube

Listen to YouTube

Listen to YouTube could grab any songs from YouTube quickly, as well as videos. The free version has some limits about supporting formats. And if you want to enjoy the full version, you have to pay for it. Listen to YouTube has not constraint about the length of MP3 outputs, so you can use it to grab audios from online lectures and other talks. This Video2mp3 similar website provides two options, standard quality and high quality. You can decide the quality of the MP3 files.

3. Zamzar


Zamzar is a dedicated online converter. It could help you to convert audios, videos, images and other files into different formats. It supports a wider range of input and output formats. When you need to listen to some music offline, you can search the songs online. Enter the webpage link in URL box of Zamar, no matter the webpage contains video or audio. After select format to convert to MP3 and type in your Email, This Video2mp3 similar website will send the result as an attachment.

4. FLV2MP3


FLV2MP3 is another useful online converter. It allows users to convert online videos to MP4, AVI or MP3 before save them to computers. Then you can enjoy your favorite music at anytime and anywhere. The interface of FLV2MP3 is very concise. After drop the page link contains video file in URL box and select output format, it will do all things for you. FLV2MP3 also has a plugin for Firefox. This Video2mp3 similar website is totally free.

5. Vidtomp3


Vidtomp3 is another popular online MP3 converter. It will help internet users to transform online video files to MP3 before downloading. The biggest advantage of Vidtomp3 is easy-to-use. Once paste video page link into URL box and click the download button. Then this Video2mp3 similar website will complete transformation and download process as soon as possible. Another advantage is to support wide range of video sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, iFilm, MegaVideo, Dailymotion and more. Vidtomp3 is a safe and legal converter.

6. Benderconverter


Benderconverter is 100% free to charge. It has a straightforward interface. And you can convert videos and audios following the guidance. This Video2mp3 similar website provides extensive options related to output formats, including MP3 and video formats for different digital devices. Everyone could enjoy its fast transformation and download services without registration and sign in, although you can only do this for two times per day. If you need to convert many songs in one day, you have to pay for it.

7. OnlineVideoConverter


As its name said, will help users to convert online videos to MP3 or convert uploaded videos to MP3 online. Once you enter the link into URL box and click on Start button, OnlineVideoConverter will complete the transformation process automatically. Then you can enjoy your favorite songs on your computer offline. This Video2mp3 similar website offers an extension for Google Chrome, so Chrome users could transform media files within Chrome directly. All the services that OnlineVideoConverter provides are free, no matter the website or the extension.

8. Getvideomp3


According to Google Safe Browsing survey, Getvideomp3 is a safe website you should take into consideration. Once you open the website, you will find out it is really straightforward. All you need to do is to drop a page link in the URL box and click the Snoop button. It will detect the video contained and convert it to MP3 file. Then you can download it to your digital devices and enjoy it. This Video2mp3 similar website supports a long list of websites.

9. AnyThing2MP3


AnyThing2MP3 is a popular online MP3 converter among YouTube users and a popular music downloader among SoundCloud users. It supports a wide range of websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Facebook, SoundCloud and so on. You can find all the websites supported in its home page. If you have an ad blocker in your browser, you have to disable it. And AnyThing2MP3 may show some advertisements to exchange the free services. This online converter will grab MP3 from source code file of webpages, so this Video2mp3 similar website can guarantee the MP3 output in highest quality.

10. Online-Convert


Online-convert is an all-in-one online converter website to get MP3 files. This Video2mp3 similar website supports to transform online videos to MP3 files as well. Compared to other online converter, Online-convert provides more parameters, like audio bitrate, sample rate and audio channels. Another unique feature of Online-convert is to crop a part of audio from the input files. If you are looking for a versatile online converter, Online-convert seems a good choice. And you can enjoy all the features for free.


Based on the introductions above, you might discover that there are many websites similar to video2mp3. And some of these similar websites integrate unique features. Online-convert, for example, is not a simple MP3 converter. It has the abilities to convert anything, from images to videos, from audios to documents. Some websites, like FLV2MP3 and OnlineVideoConverter, provide extensions of browser as well. So users could enjoy their free service without visiting their websites repeatedly. Finally, if you pay more attention on the quality of MP3 files, Tipard Screen Capture may be your best choice. If you have any query about the similar websites as Video2mp3, you can feel free to share more information in the comments with us.